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About me
♀ | 22 Years | 5'2" | Germany | Bisexual | Single ♥ | Artist & Gamer

My real name is Sabrina, but I prefer to be called Soka.
I am a self taught artist from germany, who loves to draw furry and anime art.
Sometimes I draw R-18 related things too!
I mostly use digital media, since I'm not so good in traditional art..
I can't see well, even with glasses.

Feel free to ask me things if you want to know something :3

Warning: I am highly Beyblade obsessed XD



Fullbody (no background)
€ 15.00
Fullbody (with background)
€ 20.00


Fullbody (no background)
€ 20.00
Fullbody (with background)
€ 25.00


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    thanks for the watch^^

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    Thanks very much for following me here and on Soundcloud! :D

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      You're very welcome~ :3
      I've been following you on furaffinity too and saw your journal with all those links X3

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        Yay! I'm glad I posted it now! x3

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    Na Soka? Auch hier nochmal ein neuer Account? xD