Pokemon In Love by FrostbackCat

Pokemon In Love


24 February 2015 at 03:23:06 MST

Hades + Pandora: Who would've thought that Pandora the dragonslayer would have her heart warmed by the innocent Hades.

Solstice + Sparkles: Solstice has had a hard life after evolving. But Sparkles came into her life and showed her some much-needed love.

Fireworm + Cornbread: This unlikely couple have such polar-opposite personalities. A rambunctious dragonite with an unusually prim and proper slowpoke. But despite their arguments, they definitely complete each other.

Matches + Opal: These two become an official couple after they evolve, but I couldn't help but draw them in their secondary evos. Opal the mail carrier Pokemon teaches the grounded charizard how to fly. Love blooms.

Gwendolyn + Melon: Gwendolyn was never interested in a relationship until she met Melon. It's just an innocent crush now, but who knows what will happen later?

Toodles + Indy: Toodles had fallen for the young vaporeon Indy a long time ago, but she really grew up. And the ever-bashful Toodles has noticed.

Mr. Bucket + Tiamat: Eventually Tia will somehow fell in love with this doof of a swampert. What he lacks in smarts, he makes up for in affection. Bucket is a perfect double-battle partner for Tia.

Meebit + Soybean: Meebit and Soybean have been a couple for a long time and are still happily together, even if their trainers don't cross paths often.

Shampoo + Gusty: Dragon-shipping! Two Pokemon with hearts as big as theirs, it just makes sense for them to be together.

Meatloaf + Iced Tea: Meatloaf met Iced Tea, the wild glaceon on the ranch where he stays. He's taken very good care of her. Now they have an adorable eevee kit who aspires to be a fire-type like dad.

Most of these Pokemon are mine.

Opal belongs to dracofeathers

Tiamat and Iced Tea belong to bluekazenate

Meebit belongs to fluffikitten

Solstice belongs to Keiko

Indy belongs to jubilations:


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