fursona mood board meme by friday

fursona mood board meme


29 April 2017 at 03:37:58 MDT

I saw this on instagram and made one just for fun, but I was on my phone when I saw the meme and made my own, so I only used images that were on it ^^;;

the only image I can claim credit to is the center image, everything else I found on Line Deco (a mobile app) or on tumblr

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    The top left is from a Miyazaki movie, I think...................until I saw the Kangaskhan, I almost thought the lower left was from a very old school RPG. chuckle

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      you're correct! the top left is a shot from Kiki's Delivery Service, and the bottom left is from an rpg, but I don't think the mystery dungeon series isn't that old yet xD

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        Yeah............the Mystery Dungeon series is one I've never played yet, so I didn't know what the graphics look like. But it looks like the RPGs I used to play on my Genesis and Sega CD system! XD

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          I highly recommend the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series, it can be tedious at times, but the plot is surprisingly good (especially the first game)

          Lucky! I don't have either of those systems ;o; even in my childhood I wasn't really aware of Sega systems until they were already dead >m<;;;

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            Yeah.......I wound up buying Sega systems for the silliest of reasons. After I got a job and could upgrade my gaming system from an Atari 2600 (yes, seriously).......I chose a Genesis over the SNES because it's Power Rangers game looked better! XD But after discovering all that Sega had, I'm still glad I bought it. :)

            If I ever find one of the Mystery Dungeon games, I'll have to give it a try! :D