Just chillin' by FreyzIngardt (critique requested)

Just chillin' (critique requested)


27 March 2013 at 00:33:18 MDT

Wooo, an awesome collab with Damefortune! She's shown me a couple of tricks for SAI, which I have readily implemented here. She did the sketch and linework, and I'm doing colors and shading.

Just Jacob and Gwen--interdimensionally related siblings that meet as Jacob travels to an alternate timeline--chillin' out and learning a bit about one another, I guess.

Jacob apparently dislikes shirts and loves screwdrivers of all kinds, by the way.

Gwen looks great in orange and blue, omgaaaaaaah <3

I kinda wanted to Rule34 these two, to be honest, but they're just too cute hangin' out together like this. I don't think I'll draw them together quite like that after all. Though, Gwen, maybe...

Still need to do shading, and then it'll be done! It's been an interesting experience, coloring linework, and it was very fun. I've only ever done two other full-digital works before this, so it's a bit out of my element, but I think doin' stuff like this will probably help me improve in the long run!

EDIT: You can see Dame's original Lineart version Here: https://www.weasyl.com/submission/161144 !

Gwen is (c) to Dame.

Jacob is (c) to both of us.

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    came out nicely ^^

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    We need to do more collabs. :3

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      Yus, yus we do. x3 This turned out fantastically, heehee!