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Be Wherever You Are by FretsMakesMusic

Be Wherever You Are

Be Wherever You Are


This song became very important to me after a wonderful night I spent with someone very special. One of the most magical things about that night was walking to the park and laying in the soft grass gazing up at the stars together. It's hard to really put into was an amazing experience.

This song kinda popped into both of our heads at the end of the evening and as I thought about it more, I heard this version in my head and decided I needed to create it. I spent a lot of time energy and love trying to get this as close as possible to what I heard that night.

I hope you all enjoy it : )



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    Wow, this is beautiful. I have to share your cover with my husband. He's really into Steven Universe, and I feel like this is going to make it a special song for us too.