Something's coming... by Frazzle

Something's coming...


18 March 2019 at 03:07:17 MDT

Just a little announcement, and a bit of a look behind the curtain:

There is a pin-up calendar in the making for 2020, which will go into print hopefully in May, and should be sold starting Summer. This calendar is a little different than what you may expect from me: Not so much focusing on the display of "T&A", but more on awesome self-reliant women who hold their grounds. The theme will be Aviators, throughout time. From early flying attempts, through the two Big Wars, on to today, and beyond to Sci-Fi. Fixed wing, rotary - mostly anything that flies.
Of course, as you know me, there will be a bit of cartooniness involved, same as a bit of erotic spark, but the general tune will be "Damsel in Distress? cocking shotgun sound More like Damsel Who Kicks Ass!!".

It is currently in inking state, working out the details. Hence this little WIP showing my approach to ink work.
Stay tuned!