Save the oceans! by Frazzle

Save the oceans!


16 February 2019 at 05:44:43 MST

Let's stay with the "Plastic In The Oceans" topic for a second. Always make sure to not leave behind vinyl or pvc pool toys at the beach. Always take care to properly discard them!
This bad kitty seems to be kinda eager on the job, and has gotten her hands on a really delicate, rare, and sure pretty expensive specimen of a pool toy horse. Are ponies still POP'ular? 0:)

Done for Unico, based on a sketch I have created back in 2005, which he now wanted to have as a poster to hang up on the wall. Thought I'd toss in some vacation look and feel.
Bad girls for the win! ^^


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    he's going to pop.