Swiss Cave Trio by Frazzle

Swiss Cave Trio


29 December 2017 at 04:04:55 MST

This piece here is actually a large poster-size motif, done for Metalkittieh, Zake and Tilondrion on FA. These three often hang out and go on various adventures (also in RL), and one of these is visiting caves in the Alps region. Therefore Tomkitty asked me to draw these three in such a scenario.
Thought I'd come up with a bit of a scoobiedoo'ish touch to it, telling a little story. The otter guy was a tough job - first time I drew one, and if you stay within "otter shape" (and not borrow too much from wolves or other canines), it is weird trying to make him look tough and daring. Otters, and especially the ones in the reference videos, are just totally cute, with their squeaky voices and gestures. Awww. Also, another first time: Dragon Tilondion as anthro.
Hope the surprise was a nice one :)