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"...when life gives you lemons..." by Frazzle

"...when life gives you lemons..."


13 August 2017 at 12:05:09 MDT

Just a little sign of life - I know I have been terrible on answering watches and favs/likes, or even comments, during the last weeks and months. My heartfelt apologies for that! But once they started piling up, it was hard to keep track, or at least start somewhere. You know I usually thank people for every fav and for watching. Please know that I am very thankful for your support, and am very happy that you enjoy my work. Thank you very much!

The reason for being a bit out of sight as of late is mainly that things have been a bit "interesting" during the last one and a half years. I am a 2D animator (handdrawn/full), and perhaps you noticed things shifted a bit more towards either cheap Flash/Library stuff or 3D in regards of advertising and TV. The industry became quite a rat race (hrr hrr), and hanging in there requires quite some energy investment, leaving not much for my spare time. Apart of that, life obviously found it intriguing tossing some other obstacles and unwanted detours my way, and suddenly we have August 2017 (hey, where are the flying cars?).

Don't worry, I am fine - ya know, rats are survivors ;-) I just need to pick myself up and dust myself down, put some ducttape here and there, and I will be back on track anytime soon. Just so you know why I have been so silent lately.
I will be at EF though - if you like, come by at the Dealers Den and say hi, I would very much enjoy that!
Might have to nuke the messages here (which are beyond 1,500 as of now - impossible for me to answer). But that comes with another post.

So much for some background info, now let's see if I can get this thing up and running again. Cheers! :D
Thanks again for your support! This whole thing would be nothing without you fans, and I will forever be grateful for that. You keep me going, folks!

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