I never know what to put in these things.. But lets see. You can call me Foxxian, Iv been drawing ever since I can remember, as corny as that may sound its pretty true. I draw all kinds of things, humans, furries, fantasy stuff, I might dabble a little in scifi every so often.

I also like to dabble in photography, landscapes, and photographing my dolls. I am an avide BJD (ball jointed doll) collector. Iv been collecting dolls since 06 and I have 14 dolls.

I think that is all for now. Thanks for stopping by!

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"Ticket system"

on 5 July 2016 at 12:51:49 MDT

I just need to rant.. get this out of my head. So on a site someone was posting nasty inappropriate photos that go against the ToS of the site.. Just nasty real life crap.. I dont usually report anything, since well this site has no straight forward way of reporting people.. no report button on photos, the user page.. no clear way of going about it.. So I send a message to one of the staff informing them of this issue, and all I get back is "You need to use the ticket system to report this sort of thing"


This is why I dont usually report anything.. I really like the site, but the staff is shit.. and what ticket system? Where is this system? On the forum Im not apart of? I have no idea.. but yeah, dont think I will bother any more.

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    I wish you'd keep updating this account =)

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    Thank you for accepting. :3

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    *pounces and gnaws*

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      -catches and gnaws on in retaliation.-

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    Hey Foxxian, nice to see ya around :D

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    your such a good artist *wags* ^, ,^