Bestial Urges (Werefox TF Plus Story) - Page 1/8 by FoxLightning

Bestial Urges (Werefox TF Plus Story) - Page 1/8


8 September 2013 at 16:50:26 MDT

Yum yum grapes

Artwork by :aggro_badger Story by me

It was a beautiful Saturday I had the weekend off from work finally, plus it was the long weekend at that so why not make the most of it. I quickly jumped out of bed stretched then got dressed for the day, red boxers camouflage shorts and a black t shirt. I made my way to the deck feeling the cold floor on my feet with each step. Opening the door I am greeted by beautiful sunshine and fresh air, I breathe in the fresh air and think to myself “why waste a day here might as well make the most of it, time for a camping trip!” I go down to the basement grab my tent, bike and other necessities for a weekend of fun in the woods, slipped on a pair of flip flops then jumped into my car and headed out. Little did I know I would not return to my house the same person.

After a couple of hours driving I came to the spot, it was a decent amount deep into the woods off a dirt road. I parked my car to the side next to a trail there is still about a 15 min walk on the trail to get to the camping spot. I had to make a few trips back and forth with all my gear, the last being my bike so I put on some wrist bands and handgrips to make the ride more comfy.

The camping spot is beautiful right next to a little stream; you hear nothing from the outside world only birds and the wind in the trees, a great place to forget about all your cares. After a couple of hours getting everything set up I plop myself down onto the grass just enjoying the sights and sounds. Not a soul around so I can keep my self consciousness and shyness in check, I take off my shirt to enjoy the suns warm rays on my back, still being early in the season there was hardly a bug around to it was perfect.

I still had a few hours left before nightfall so I figured a little bike ride would not hurt, so I jumped on my bike and headed out, I biked and biked not really paying attention to where I was going it was too nice of a day to care. Another hour went by and the scenery had changed something was not the same I have never been to this part of the woods…. must have made a wrong turn….. but in the end it was totally worth it. The trail ended at a small waterfall with a small shallow pool of water below it was picture perfect. I jumped in water it only came up to my knees; I splashed around until I noticed something hanging near the waterfall.

There was a large branch reaching out near the falls and it had a grape vine growing on it with some of the most delicious and perfect looking grapes you could imagine hanging from them. They didn’t look like anything poisonous that I could recognize, “I guess it would not hurt to try a few” I thought to myself “what is the worst thing that could happen” I jumped out of the water to grab a few not noticing my sunglasses falling off my head into the water. I walked back to the grass drying off the water from my legs and feet, holding the grapes in my hand and licking my lips they were perfect…. A thought passed through my mind “maybe I shouldn’t” they could be poisonous, you’re not sure after all” Suddenly my stomach let out a ferocious growl like a whale call, that was all the convincing I needed, down the hatch they went, they were delicious sweet and juicy.

Little did I know that this area was sacred and magical and these grapes were even more so they had the power to fulfill and grant our deepest desires and manifest them in ways we would never dream of. They only grew once a millennium for one day and I had just wolfed them all down.