Character Sheet - Kiara Fox (Clean version) by foxie_xxx

Character Sheet - Kiara Fox (Clean version)


4 October 2018 at 19:36:22 MDT

Well, I think most of you guys already know my former fursona, Kiara (who is just an OC now). ^^ So, I decided to redo her model sheet.

She is a transgender girl (which means she was a "he" for a while), short tempered and a bit stubborn, but, at the same time, lovely, friendly and affectionate with her friends.

Basically, before to be Kiara, this vixen used to be the shy boy Richard Fox, until he begin the transition at age of 13 years old. As the transition proceeded, she began to grow confident and cheerful, until an incident (which involved a guy she was dating when she had 16 years old) that made her to decide to never let anyone put her down (which contributed for her aggressive personality; even her hair was cut shorter to reflect that change).

Kiara used to work as a freelancer video producer and photographer, before she try and start her own business, a small studio. After a while working almost alone, she was presented to Fabrizio by a common friend, who would become her most frequent work partner.

She also shares a house with her cubhood friend, Kay, with Lyza joining them a couple of years after.

Personally, I don't have anything to add to her design, so it's almost the same since I created her... ^^ The only change was the structure (like I did in Fabrizio and almost every other characters), reduced from 7 to 6 heads tall (although her height is the same, 1,75m tall, or approximately 5'11" tall).

Also, I debated for a while about if I would keep drawing her after I created Fabrizio. My conclusion was very simple: the more, merrier! xD And, well, I always liked her (from the design to her personality, and even her feral form), so I don't see any reason to scrap the character anyways.

Oh, and she doesn't know how to cook (she even tries, but the result is never good... Or edible. ^^;)

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