Fines Malum: Introduction by foxgamer01

Ch. 1

*BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP* *Click*

I lifted my head from the pillows and looked at the alarm clock at my bedside.

5:20 AM

'Time to get up,' I thought.

People might think, 'What the heck? 5:20 in the morning? That's too early.' Well, the reason is that my high school, known as Abraham Lincoln Prep School or, in short, ALPS, starts at 8:00 AM and I don't drive, even though I'm old enough to. Instead, I take the public bus and experiences told me, 'The earlier, the better,' when it come to using it. So, I take the 6:49 bus.

I rolled off the bed and took a looked at the closet for shirts to wear. I reached in for the yellow polo shirt and black pants. ALPS has an dress code policy that makes the students wear an polo shirt, either black or khaki pants with a belt, and black or brown shoes. At least the dress code policy has gotten less strict since two years ago the polo shirts have to be solid color and the shoes have to be dress shoes, but now the polo shirts can have stripes and the shoes can be casual as long as they're either black or brown.

After I got all of my clothing for this school day I went out of my room and went to the restroom. There I put on my school clothes and other morning ritual in there. After all that, I left the restroom and walked towards the back room to turn on the computer. While it's starting up, I went to the kitchen to make my breakfast, which comprise of toast and orange juice. After I finished making my breakfast, I took it to the dining room and ate it there. I've just finished my breakfast when my older sister, Margaret, walked in with her breakfast.

"Good morning Daren," Margaret said.

"Good morning," I said. "How did you sleep?"

"Ok," she said.

Margaret went to the table to eat as I went to the kitchen to put the dishes into the sink. I then went to the computer to check for updates.

'Nothing new on Serebii,' I thought.

I went to DeviantART to check out if there were any stories about foxes submitted over the night. There were some, but not the right kind of foxes.

'Megan Fox, someone who's conveniently named Fox, and someone who put the word fox on their comments,' I thought.

I then looked at the time at the computer.

6:20 AM.

'Better double check if I got everything I need for the day,' I thought.

I closed the links and turned off the computer. I then went to the fridge to get my lunch I've made last night and put it on the couch with my binder and backpack.

'Ok,' I thought. 'Backpack, binder, lunch, belt, shoes, watch, and a wallet that have a twenty-dollar bill. I've gotten everything.'

I put on my backpack, binder, and lunch and look at my watch.

6:25 AM

I walked towards the front door.

"Good day Margaret," I said.

Since she leaves later than me on Thursday for college, I'll be going to the bus stop alone.

"Goodbye," she said. "Oh, and you'll be taking the bus home?"

"Yes," I replied.

Usually, dad would picked me up after school since I don't drive, but he's busy. Dad work for the Department of Corrections and his job's to check on phone lines and others electronics things. Because of that, he sometimes have to go out of town to repaired some things and usually last for days. This is one of those trips and he won't come back till Saturday.

I walked out of the house and headed out to the bust stop. It's amazing that I have many chances to skip school for a day with all the distractions heading towards it, but I never did.

I got off my second bus, since I need to take two buses to reach ALPS, and walked on to the school grounds. ALPS is a small school, having at least one hundred ninety students. Small, but clever since it's one of the best of the State.

I checked my watch for the time.

7:10 AM

'Early, as usual,' I thought. 'At least I can read my book, The Spy Who Spent The War In Bed, in peace.'

The school days are usually hectic days for me. American History, ok. Classic Literature is fine. Chemistry and Pre-Calculus, a bit tricky. Visual Arts, I hardly even tried and still get at least an ninety on a test. Latin, that's an killer. In fact, if it weren't for the mercy of my teacher, I would've failed now.

'Interesting day,' I thought. 'So far.'

It's lunch time right now and I'm doing what I usually do at lunch time, paced around the gazebo area while eating. I hardy eat with my friends or sit down, except when it's raining or they're doing something interesting.

While I ate my lunch, I thought about what's going to happen at the end of the day. Today, after sixth hour, we have a guest speaker. They're from a corporation known as Rego Exitium Atra or, in short, REA. Not exactly an small corporation, In fact, they practically own this city. Every product we buy is provided by the REA.

'I wonder what they're going to talk about now?' I thought.

At 2:25 PM we, the students of ALPS, went to assembly to hear our guest speaker from REA. When we went in we set up the chairs so that we have a place to sit. It's three columns of chairs with eight rows of eight chairs each at both columns sides and ten rows of eight chairs each at the center column for our thirteen homerooms. Since we sit in alphabetical order in our homeroom, I usually sit at the end of the row because my last name begins as a V. I didn't mind at all sitting there since I can just put my stuff at my side and not at my front, putting them in the way of my feet and legs.

We're all sitting at 2:30, which's good timing since less than half of the students actually set up the chairs and not stood there and talked. It usually takes more time for the chairs to be set up. I guess everyone's eager to hear this guest speaker. After all, we don't really get much guest speakers here at ALPS.

I put on my glasses to see the guest speaker more clearly(I don't wear them regularly, since they tend to get lost if I do wear them all the time). The guest speaker's a fairly tall person with dark hair and brown eyes. He's wearing a dark green suit with a dark green tie to go with it. He' thin and have a friendly smile, but that smile seem fake to me. I guess I think it's fake because he work for REA.

The thing about REA is that there're rumors about what they're doing there. They say that there're doing some inhumane testing there. I'm not the type that pay attention to rumors like that, but this rumor bother me. It's because that, two years ago, my friend had run away from home without a trace. But, before he disappear, he called me and told me that he's going to sneak into the REA building to look for a cure for me. Maybe he was joking, but I can't let it the idea that he might be serious about it out of my mind.

Ch. 2

"Good afternoon," he said. "I'm Mr. Timeo, Zak Timeo father. You may know him."

'How can't I?' I thought.

Zak is a classmate of mine with black hair and orange eyes. He's always trying to be all brave by doing stupid things like jaywalking and others stupid things, but he's really a big coward. But the strange thing is that we hadn't seen him for a week, perhaps more. I wondered what happened to him.

"As you know, I work for REA and I'll be representing them as I tell you its history," he said.

'Please don't,' I thought. 'I've heard it before and it was boring.'

"REA was founded in 1972 by three men," he said. "They are Earh Rego, Thanatos Exitium, and Douglas Atra. With Thanatos massive wealth, Douglas genius business ability, and Earh politics ability they manage to make REA one of the world largest corporation..."

He's continues on as the minutes slowly goes by. History may be one of my favorite topic, but this isn't one of them. It also doesn't help if Mr. Timeo isn't really enthusiastic. I look among my classmates to see what they're doing. Some of them are listening. Some of them are playing with their calculator. And some of them, like my classmate Ethan, are nodding on and off.

Finally Mr. Timeo said, "And that concludes REA history for now."

'About time,' I thought.

"And here's a little something for being such a good audiences," he said.

He waved his hand to the back of the room. The students, including me, turned around and saw two women carrying rather large boxes to Mr. Timeo. When they got to him, they put them to the table next to him and he opened one of the boxes, reach in, and pulled out what seem to be a chocolate bar. But this one plastic covering is green, which is an unusual covering to me.

"This," he said, "is our new product. We called it MiracleX because it is miraculously satisfying. We assure you that once you eat it, you'll be very happy."

'Until we want it again,' I thought.

"We'll be selling it to the market next week," he continues. "But we thought to give you free samples. After all, you will all be good c-citizens."

'Huh? Why did he choke off there?' I thought.

I looked around and saw that my classmates have stopped what they're doing and are paying attention now, especially Ethan.

"Now then," Mr. Grant, our school director, said, "we'll arrange a line by homeroom. The first one will be Mr. Roberts."

'That's us,' I thought.

I put away my glasses, put on my stuff, and went to the line.

"Thank you," Alex said to Mr. Timeo after he got his MiracleX.

"Thanks," Ethan said to Mr. Timeo.

"Thank you for the MiracleX," Rachel said to Mr. Timeo.

"Dziękują," I said to Mr. Timeo.

"Sorry?" he said.

"It's polish," I said, "for 'thank you'."

"Wonderful," he said in a sarcastic tone.

I put the MiracleX in the now empty lunch bag and went out the door. I walked to the bus stop, which is not too far out from the school. When I reached the bus stop, I put down my stuff and sat down on the open bench, waiting for the bus.

Then two people walked here to this bus stop. One of them is a friend of mine who went to another school named Kyler Sapiens. He has long black hair, blue eyes, and is wearing a black shirt with a wolf picture on it, jeans, and white sneakers. The other person is someone I don't know, but he have bright ginger hair and is wearing sunglasses so I don't know his eye color. He appears very muscular, so much that I don't want to mess with him. He also have on a white shirt with a sport jacket over it, jeans, and red trainers shoes.

"Hey there Daren," Kyler said when he got here. "How's life treating you?"

"Not bad," I said. "How about you?"

"Good," Kyler said.

"Anyways, who's he?" I said, motioning to the ginger person.

"He's Chris Potens," Kyler said, "a new student in our school. A bit on the quiet side, though. He hardly participate in class and it's hurting him."

'You're a bit quiet yourself,' I thought, 'when you're around people you're not use to.'

"Hey D-man, how's it going?"

I turned around and saw Ethan Libertas with his younger siblings Tim and Jon. They were born a year apart from each other so we went to the same school, with Ethan's a Junior, Tim's a Sophomore, and Jon's a Freshman. Ethan has short blond hair, orange eyes, and is wearing a black polo shirt with khaki shorts and black dress shoes. Tim has long dark brown hair, yellow eyes, and is wearing a stripe brown and gold polo shirt with black shorts and brown dress shoes. Jon has short, yet curly, dirty blond hair, purple eyes, and is wearing a stripe blue and white polo shirt with khaki shorts and black sneakers.

"Molto bene," I replied. "You guys are going to take the bus home today? What's wrong with driving the truck?"

"Nothing," Ethan said. "It's just that the truck needs checking up. It keeps making this squeaking sound."

"Ah, ok," I said.

I looked to the road and thought about what has happened these years. So much had happened, yet I know so little. I then wondered if our future is really bright or something might happen that will turn all of our lives upside-down.

"Hey Daren?"

I turned my head around to Jon who called my name.

"Did anything happened a couple years ago?" he said.

"How many times do I have to say it?" I said. "No and it will always be no."

"Are you sure?" Jon said. "You seem to have gotten a bit more somber since that time."

"People change when they get older," I said. "This is one of them."

"Are you sure? You seem to be hiding something."

I turned to the person who said that and my heart skipped a beat. It was Anna Amor, another one of my classmates. She has blond hair, blue eyes, and is wearing a dark red polo shirt with black pants and black dress shoes.

"N-n-no Anna," I said. "I-I-I'm not hiding anything."

"Just making sure," she said with a smile.

I smiled and looked at the road again, thinking. Jon has been nagging me about what had happened at April 6, 2009 for a bit more than two years now. That day and the day after that is when I've stayed home from school with no explication when I went back on the 8th. Jon thinks that something had happened then even though I keep telling him that nothing happened.

"Hey Daren?"

I turned around and saw Karson Ecclesia, who's another of my classmates. He has long black hair, green eyes like mine, and is wearing a blue polo shirt with khaki pants and black dress shoes.

"Are you going to the meet early tomorrow morning?" Karson said.

"Yes," I said.

The meet is about DV8 which we have every morning on Friday. Which we usually do is pray before school start and, in a sense, I'm their unofficial member.

I looked back to the road and thought about what Jon and Anna said earlier again. How they sensed that something happened two years ago. Though I wanted to tell them the truth about what happened at that day, I couldn't. I don't know why, I just couldn't.

All eight of us, Kyler, Anna, Karson, Chris, Ethan, Tim, Jon, and I, are waiting for the bus when I noticed some man walk down this sidewalk. He really stand out from because every feature of his skin and hair are cover. He has a long black selves shirt that covers his arms and wore gloves to cover his hands. His black pants are down to the point where I can't see his shoes, if he's wearing any. He's also wearing a black cape and a hood so I can't see his face. Under his right arm is some type of cardboard box.

He walked up to us and stared at us for a while until I said, "Sir? What's with the clothing? It's not Halloween. It's only the 28th of April."

He didn't respond. Instead he dropped his box and ran away from us.

"Hey!" I said.

I jumped up, picked up the box, and try to catched up to him. Though it should've been easy since I'm one of the best runner, if not the best, in the school, he's more faster than me, in fact he makes me looked slow. He quickly gotten away, but his cape lifted up just for a second and what I saw makes me stop running and one thought enter my mind.

'Is that an tail I saw?' I thought.

Ch. 3

As I walked back to the others at the bus stop with the box in hand, I thought about that man with that tail. It looks like a jaguar tail, but I'm not sure. Maybe it's a fake tail or I've imagined it, especially since I'm not wearing my glasses at the moment.

'No, I've definitely seen a real tail,' I thought. 'And it looks like it's a part of that man.'

"Daren, what's wrong?"

I quickly went back to reality and looked at Anna who said that. I was so focus thinking about that man I haven't realized that I'm back at the bus stop. Maybe now's not a good time to tell them what I've saw.

"W-well," I said, "he got away before I could give him his box back. He's so fast, I couldn't believe it."

She looks thoughtful for a moment and said, "Is there something more you want to tell us?"

'She using that ability she have on me again,' I thought. 'She always seem to sense that someone's hiding something from her. I don't know how she could do that, she just do. But can I tell her what I've saw?'

"T-to tell you the truth," I said, "there's something about that guy that's bothering me, but I don't know if what I saw is real."

"We'll listen," Ethan said, overhearing what I'd said. "We're all ears."

Everyone here seems to be interest about this. Even Chris, ever so silent, look at me with a look of interest.

I sighed and said, "During my chase, that man cape lifted up enough for me to see what's underneath it and it wasn't normal. It was a tail and I don't mean a human tail if we really got one, but a cat tail."

They all look at each other, but I quickly said, "But I'm not sure if it's a real tail or not. It may just be a fake tail in the end."

"Whatever you've saw," Tim said, "he's gone now. What's that package he dropped anyways?"

I look at the top of the package and raise a eyebrow. On the top of the box is a piece of paper tape on it and on the paper is written, 'To whoever picks this up.'

"It's seem like that package is send to us," I said.

"You're kidding, right?" Tim said.

"No," I said. "This paper says that it's to whoever picks it up."

"Open it, then," Tim said.

I went to my backpack and opened up the pouch to get my house key. With this key, I poked a hole into the tape and cut it. I opened the package and inside is two stacks of chocolate bars, but one stack of chocolate bars plastic covering is red and it's label Animam while the other is blue with the label Anthro.

"Chocolate bars?" I said. I tooked one of the Animam bars and flipped it over. On the back it said, 'REA'. I then checked the Anthro bars and it also said on the back, 'REA'. "REA made them."

"REA?" Anna said. "If they made them, then shouldn't they mentioned them when they told us about MiracleX?"

"Yeah," I said. I went to my lunch bag and pulled out my MiracleX bar. "If they mention one chocolate bar, why not the others?"

"You didn't eat the MiracleX yet?" Ethan said.

I rolled my eyes and was about to say something, but Kyler said, "Hold on a second."

Everyone here, with the exception of Chris, stared at Kyler in confusion.

"Kyler?" I said.

"REA went to your school too?" Kyler said.

"What do you mean?" Tim said. "Did they also-"

"They also went to our school," Kyler said. "And they also give us MiracleX."

He digs into his pockets and pulled out an green chocolate wrapper. I raised my eyebrow when I saw that the label's MiracleX.

"Why?" Kyler said.

"Yeah," I said. "Why would they go to both of our schools without mentioning their other visits?"

"Not only that," Kyler said. "Why did they give us the samples of MiracleX and not the other two?"

"Maybe it wasn't ready," Tim said.

"It have to be ready," Kyler said. "If it wasn't, they wouldn't package them like they're about to sell them."

'He does have a point,' I thought.

I looked at the two chocolate bars and thought how they sound familiar, like I've heard of them before, but I can't remembered where.

I said to Kyler, "What does Animam and Anthro mean?"

"Animam," Kyler said, "is the Latin word for 'life' in its accusative case and Anthro is 'of or relating to humans'."

'Of course, Latin,' I thought. 'But I don't think that Anthro is Latin.'

"How did you know that?" Jon said.

Kyler's taken aback, realizing what he had said and his shyness was taking control of him now. He's not use to talking to anyone he's not used to. I grinned as I kept thinking about Anthro, trying to remembered where I've heard of it before. If only I could remember...

"Hey D-man?" Ethan said. "Are you going to eat that MiracleX or not? It's very good"

I sighed as I looked at the MiracleX bar. I was planning to give it to my sister, who appreciates chocolate more than I do. But, might as well eat it here. Besides, the temperature's getting warmer and the chocolate bar might melt by the time I've reached home. I peeled the MiracleX open and took a bite from it. Other than the fact that it's a bit soupy due to the heat, it's the best chocolate bar I've ever ate in a long time.

"It's better than I've expected," I said out loud and ate the rest of the MiracleX.

"You see," Ethan said, "it's not that bad. Now, how about the other chocolate bars before the heat ruins them?"

'Good point,' I thought.

I went to the box and handed around the two chocolates bars to Kyler, Anna, Ethan, Tim, Jon, and Karson, 'till there's only two of each.

I looked at Chris and said, "Say Chris? Would you like a couple of chocolate bars?"

He nodded and I've gave him the two chocolate bars. We've all opened up the chocolate bars and ate them. I got to admitted that they're just as good as MiracleX.

"Too good to be true," Jon said.

"Yeah," Karson said. He looked at the left and said, "Oh, here comes the bus."

I looked at the point that Karson's looking at and, true to his words, the bus is coming.

'Perfect timing,' I thought. 'Just as we've finished eating the Animam bars and the Anthro bars.'

"Alright then," I said, "allons-y"

"What?" Tim said.

"It's French," I said with a grin. "For 'let's go'."

"So they went to your school too?" I said on the phone.

"Yeah," Dylan said with the 8bit sound from the phone.

It was nighttime here, around 9:05 PM, after our dinner. My sister was a bit unhappy when I told her that I, along with the others, ate all of the chocolate bars. But I was able to convinced her that if there was extra, I would've save them for her. I've also told her about the man, without telling her the tail part of the story, and she said that it's a bit odd that some man just gave them free candy for no reason and that I may never see him again.

I've already taken my shower and dressed up in my pajamas, which is a large white shirt, dark red wool pants, socks, and my black with red stripes robe. After that I went to my computer in the back room to try to read some stories of foxes on DeviantART and after a few minutes, I decided to take a break and called one of my friends in another school. I've told him about the REA visit and he told me that REA visited his school as well.

"Do you think there's more schools that REA visited also?" I said.

"I've already called a few and they also said that REA visited their school as well," Dylan said. "I think that REA visited all of the high schools in the city."

"Why would they do that?"

"I don't know,"

"By the way, did they mention Animam and Anthro chocolate bars?"

"What the he-ooooooooooooohhhhh"

"What's wrong Dylan?"

"Oooooh. For some reason I got this major headache. I got to go. Good bye,"

I then heard a click and a low humming sound. I looked at the phone for a few seconds and then hung up too. I gave a sighed and looked at the computer screen, specifically at the DeviantART page. Looking at the side of the page, I saw the links to the sections Literature, Resources & Stock Images, Cartoon & Comics, Manga/Anime, Flash, Fan Art, Anthro, Community-

'Wait a minute!' I thought. 'Anthro!'

Before I could pondered over this, I've felt a excruciating pained in my head. It's unlike any I've ever felt before. I slowly got up from the chair and, while having my left hand on my forehead, I turned off the computer. I walked out, having both hands on my forehead, and passed by Margaret in the process, who looked at me in confusion.

"I'm going to bed now," I said without looking at her. "I'm not feeling too well."

"Um, ok," she said.

I went to my room door, opened it, and entered my room. I closed my door behind me and, while having my hands down for just a couple of seconds, I looked at the window and saw a orange cat at the other side, looking at me. The cat quickly fled when he realized I've saw him. Then another jolt of pained courses through my head and I put my hand on my head again. I didn't even bother to remove my robe. I just got on my bed, turned off the lights, and went to sleep.

Ch. 4

I stood in the middle of the desert, with cactus at every direction I looked at. It's a clear night with a full moon and stars staring down at me, yet it's a bit hazy. My feet press down on the ground with only my socks on, yet I don't feel any pain. I'm dressed in my night clothes along with my robe that I was sleeping in.

I looked across the desert and I saw a figure, a small animal, walking towards me. As the figure gets closer and closer, it's get more clearer and clearer. This animal muzzle is, what I could tell from here, fairly acute and its tail is large and bushy. As the creature comes more closer, I saw, with the best of my night vision, that it's red with the lower half of the muzzle and the tip of its tail white while its paws are black from the joint. It came to no question that the animal is no doubt a fox since I've seen so many pictures and videos of foxes that I don't even count how many I've seen anymore.

The fox stopped walking towards me and sat about five feet away from, with his golden, cat-like eyes staring at my own green, human eyes. Suddenly his eyes started to glow and jump towards me. I didn't even tried to move away as he made contact with my body. He then merged into me as I stood there dumbfounded.

I suddenly felt uneasy with my head spinning and my stomach turning. I've gotten to my knees and vomited to the ground along with my canine teeth. I quickly felt my mouth and instead of empty slots where my canine teeth was, I've felt longer and sharper canine teeth in their place. I then felt a sharp pang at my lower back as it suddenly gets hotter. As I looked at the back of my hand, I saw it becoming more hairier and it's not a dirty blond color like my hair, but jet black color. I felt another sharp pang as I hear a ripped sound from the seat of my pants. I've use my right-hand to feel what has cause the rip and I felt a large bushy tail. With a great fear, I tugged the tail and felt a tug-like pained. I guess I've really grown a tail.

The increasing heat that I'm feeling is becoming more unbearable now, which is odd to me since I usually am able to tolerate the heat. I ripped off my shirt with strength I never knew I have and looked at my chest, which is now cover in white fur. I looked at the shirt I've ripped out in confusion since this type of shirt is not an easy one to rip off unless there're holes in them, which I'm sure there isn't.

My hands then felt a whole lot of pained. I watched as my fingernails growing longer and sharper with the passing seconds. They've grown 'till they've become claws, but that wasn't the end of the pained. I looked at the other side of my hands and there're pads growing there. Perhaps the same is happening to my feet, with claws and pads.

I then felt a pulling kind of pained on my ears, like they're being pulled upwards. My hands went up to my ears and they felt more pointy and higher on my head. The pain continues as my ears become more pointy and move to a higher part of my head 'till my ears are like a fox.

My face then feels like it's being stretched out of my head, especially at my mouth and my nose. I put my hands at my mouth and it felt more longer. I tried to pushed my mouth back to its original position, but it seems like I'm only delaying the inevitable. It stretched out 'till it has become a acute muzzle, with whiskers nonetheless.

Then my legs and feet felt the greatest pained I've ever felt. I watched as my feet actually ripped through my socks and became digitigrades-like feet. My legs grown to the point that my red wool pants ripped apart 'till they're shorts now. I then loses all senses at this point.

I've regained my senses after some time and some time it was, especially since it's daytime here in the middle of the desert. The whole view here is a whole lot more clearer since last night, when it was hazy. It's a bit strange since it's a bit more clearer. I can only see this clear if I'm wearing my glasses and I'm not wearing them now, am I?

I lifted up my hand to checked if I'm wearing my glasses and I was startled when I saw that it's a hand/paw hybrid with jet black fur. It took me a moment to remembered the events from last night when I've been changed by that fox somehow and this is my hand now. I quickly gotten up to see what I've been changed into.

It seems that I still have a human-like body since I'm standing on my two legs, but apart from that, my body had changed a great deal. My hands, apart from having jet black fur, pads on the grasping side, and having claws for nails, is the same. The same black fur goes up to my elbows and form there my fur is red. The chest area of my fur is white up to possibly my neck, down to my waist, and one fourths on my sides. I lift up my robe to see my tail and it's long, bushy, and red with a white tip. I put my hands, or rather paws, to my ears and felt that it has moved up my head and it's pointy. I then put them on my face and felt that my face have an muzzle now with whiskers. My legs are more bulker which makes my red wool pants into shorts that goes to my knee. Down from the knee is black fur with digitigrades feet.

I'm a bit upset that my legs had gained more muscle than my arms 'cause I felt that they don't need to that much larger since my legs muscle were large to begin with. After all, I could do a leg press with more than two hundred thirty pounds. It's just a part of being in the Virtus family, especially on the male side.

Then I saw another figure across the desert, this time a female human. She have an blue Hawaiian shirt, blue jeans, and black slippers. She have dark hair that has been dye and, from her face, she's around fifty years old. She have an gentle smiled with white teeth cover in tar. But the most notable thing about her to me is her glasses that looks like my own, oval shape.

I shed a tear when I recognized her, the one person who could be able to have a heart-to-heart conversation with me. The one person I wanted to meet again, but never will. I said one word. Just one word.


*BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP* *Click*

I lifted up my head somewhat weakly and look at the alarm clock at my bed side.

5:20 AM.

'Ugh, not feeling good,' I thought. 'Especially after that dream.'

I laid my head back down to the pillow, thinking about that dream. That transformation into a anthro red fox felt so real, I could swear that it wasn't a dream. I guess that dreams do that, makes things seem real. But the dream ended so soon. I just wanted to talk to her after that-

'Hold the phone,' I thought. 'Is that an muzzle?'

My eyes opened up real wide now. That is an muzzle I'm seeing and it's mine from that dream! I threw off the blanket onto the ground and have a looked at my body. It's that anthro fox form I had from that dream I had, not my human body. My shirt had been torn off by me while I was sleeping, my pants, or rather shorts, have an hole for my tail which is long and bushy, and my legs and digitigrades feet ripped my pants into shorts and socks apart completely.

'This have to be a dream,' I thought as I'm getting up. 'It just have to be a dream.'

I looked at my mirror on my door and it reflects an anthro fox wearing my robe and my ripped pants. Somehow, I've turned into an anthro fox while I was sleeping.

'What, what, what?' I thought.

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