Macro Meetings by foxgamer01

Macro Meetings


28 February 2015 at 14:52:44 MST

Made by Virmir

And thus, as a followup to the last picture, we have Daren meeting with a fellow macro foxtaur, the one who shows him how awesome it is to be macro and a foxtaur, TyVulpintaur! ^.|.^

And, um, about the hair, yeaaaaaaaah. That's what I was referring to being a step backwards. What happened was that I actually gotten a ref for Daren about that time and, um, lets just say that it's very dated by this point. Virmir is one of the few artists I know that doesn't used that fur color. XD

And I still doubt that he'll ever let me forget the whole 'CHICKEN LEGS!' thing.