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A Guardian Blimp by foxgamer01 (critique requested)

A Guardian Blimp

The white clouds formed all around Angelus the anthro Pidgeot, with her flying with her two pairs of massive wings. Her talons rubbed against one of the clouds, with a chunk of it dragged along before it dissipated, and she grinned with her silver beak, her golden with a single silver crest feathers stretching down to her waist in a hair-like matter. She wiggled her tail feathers, the plumage on it much like the rest of her body light silver, and she zoomed through a cloud, parting it in half.

She patted her blue sleeves, wearing a gown as blue as the midday sky, adorned with golden ribbons, silvery scale-like triangles, and studded with blue sapphires. Her golden eyes shined with the yellow sunlight, and she chuckled, feeling as free as the air. She spun around in the air, graceful as a Swanna, before she paused and oriented herself to an upright position.

Down below, even from the heights she had flown upon, a large, bright red oval-like shape walked over the tall forest. Angelus tilted her head, noting the three large appendages behind it, swaying with the motion and a significant white symbol near the center. She focused her sights, the figure below becoming more defined with its fox features and three tails becoming clear, unlike any Pokémon she ever saw.

“Hmm. That reminded me of what a pre-evolution of Vulpix would look like if possible.” Angelus chuckled to herself, flapping her wings, so she remained in the air. “The so-called Mikon, I think, though it might just be a young Vulpix. Still, why is it so huge?”

The creature below kept walking, and she turned her gaze at its back, the shape on it being a white A. Curiosity burned in her head, the being below walking over and around trees like tall grass. A vision popped into her head of being in such sizes again, with her eyes shining, before she flapped her wings once and then whooshed down.


A-Fox walked through a forest, though it’s more like over a forest in this case, the trees not reaching halfway up his legs. He stepped his paws, black up to his knees, on the ground without leaving a pawprint, wagging his three tails which were tipped white. His bright red fur shone in the sunlight, his pale-pink torso fluffing up from the cool breeze. His foxy muzzle curled into a grin, his sea blue eyes glistening, and he wiggled his black triangular ears.

He glanced upward and paused, a blue figure soaring down to him. Then, scanning around at the trees, he stepped to a large enough clearing before sitting down on it without a rumble. The trees bent with the breeze, with him patting at one of the branches as he tilted his head. He soon turned upward before patting his belly, a growl coming from within.

“Need food soon, but I like to check this person out.” A-Fox smiled as the figure approached him, stopping ten feet away from him while hovering in the air, flapping her four large wings. “Hey there. What brings you here?”

“I could ask the same,” the newcomer said as she flew around him, with him twisting his head so she remained in his view. “You’re unlike any Vulpix I have ever seen, presuming that you are one. Your tails down curled at the tips, and your head held no curled locks and bangs. Are you even a Pokémon?”

“Ah. I’m not, though I have never seen a Pidgeot like you before, though you look lovely nonetheless,” A-Fox answered, and she hovered before him. “I am Daren, though my friends usually call me A-Fox for the A on my back.” He flicked one of his three tails at it. “I am a traveling kitsune from another world.”

“A kitsune? From another world?” The newcomer became intrigued before she shook her head in embarrassment. “Sorry. I should introduce myself, Daren.” She landed on A-Fox’s muzzle, his eyes alone larger than her entire body. “I am Angelus. As you already tell, I am a Pidgeot Pokémorph.” She bowed before him, with him smiling back. “So, what brings you to this world?”

“Nothing special. I am a mere traveler who likes to see other worlds, see the view,” his belly grumbled, and his face flushed, “eat local food.”

Angelus chuckled. “Given your size, I sensed that you need a lot of nourishment.”

“My size? Oh, I almost forgot.” He swayed his tails behind him, which emitted a light yellow glow and shrunk in size. Angelus gasped, with it soft like her voice, and she hopped off from the shrinking muzzle as the trees around him exceeded his height. She hovered in the air for a couple of seconds before landing on the ground, with him still shrinking. By the time she stepped over to him, A-Fox was only a bit taller than a Vulpix. “This is my actual size.”

Angelus chuckled again, picking him up with her hands. “Now, don’t you look sweet?”

A-Fox blushed, his ears facing opposite directions. “T-thanks. In fact,” he wiggled his tails once more, and he shrank once more; by the time he stopped shortening, Angelus held him at the center of her palm, him the size of a small marble. “I can shrink in size as well. Though I don’t shrink that often.”

A-Fox hopped onto Angelus’s beak, with him smaller than her eyes as they twinkled. “The more you reveal your skills, the more fascinating you become.” She rubbed his back on the white A itself, and he murred loudly before flopping, going limp. “Daren?”

He slid down her back, and she caught him before he fell too far down, and he lifted his head up as though intoxicated. “S-sorry. My back is a sensitive part of my body. One rub, and it’s like I’m in heaven.”

“Oh!” Angelus nodded before giving him a smile. “I thought I was hurting you somehow. I’m glad I wasn’t.”

“Yeah.” A-Fox rolled back onto his paws and shook himself awake. “But thanks for the concern.”

Angelus nodded before tipping him on his size and rubbing his belly with a single talon. “At this size, a berry would be a feast.”

“A-actually, it wouldn’t.” A-Fox reddened as Angelus raised one of her eyebrows at him. “Big, small, normal, it wouldn’t matter.” He hopped off from her hand, and she suppressed a gasp when A-Fox grew back to normal. “I’ll eat the same amount. I try to eat enough to fill myself, but sometimes I give in to my urges to consume everything in front of me.”

“Hmm.” Angelus rubbed her beak before she bent down and rolled A-Fox onto his back. He blinked as she applied a hand against his belly, it emitting a magical warm glow. She moved it up and down his torso, having an inquisitive expression. Finally, she flinched and pressed harder against his stomach. “Why, you are under a curse of some kind!”

“Two, in fact,” A-Fox said, kicking one of his hind legs. “One gave me hunger urges that can’t be sated, and the other prevented me from overfilling. So you can feed me the moon,” he shifted his eyes as he said, “and not only will I not explode, I’ll likely be eager for seconds. And thirds, fourths, etc.”

Angelus blushed at the idea of A-Fox swelling forever like a balloon that doesn’t pop. “I see.” She stared at him as though tempted by something, but instead, she asked, “Could those curses be removed?”

A-Fox flattened his ears back, and he sighed. “I don’t think that’s possible. I chatted with gods about it, and even they are baffled by how strong the curses are. They were even more baffled when I explained that the one who cursed me was a below-average mage.”

Angelus tilted her head and removed her hand from his stomach, rubbing his ear instead. “I apologize if I was prying too close into personal matters. I didn’t think about it, and I still suffer from good intentions on fixing everything I come across.”

“It’s no worries. Besides, it’s something that I like to talk about.” A-Fox rolled onto his paws before glancing at the sky. “When I only had one tail, I was mocked for being powerless. Even though I’m a fire kitsune, I can barely produce flames that caught on dry leaves when the others could sneeze out flames that burnt bushes. So, I kept to myself, even from my family, for being such a disappointment.

“It was one of those lonely times when a human mage—you know what a human is, right?” Angelus nodded, and A-Fox continued, “When a human mage found me. He mentioned something about the A on my back, which was the mark of the Divine Pneuma, and imprisoned me in a magical cage. He then took me to his lair while I was hoping that someone, anyone, would rescue me.”

“And that was when he placed those two curses on you?” Angelus asked, and A-Fox nodded. “What unusual curses to place upon you. Did he ever answer why?”

“He said it was to keep me in check and prevent me from escaping. I think he did it out of enjoyment since he likes to use me as a pillow after a feeding session.” A-Fox planted one of his front paws against his face. “Silly mage, I know. Though I admit that it has grown on me.” His face paled after he said that. “I don’t think I should’ve mentioned that, especially to a lovely lady like yourself.”

“I admit that I don’t get this ‘fatness’ that you alluded to,” Angelus said, kneeling down and patting his head. “But the potential to swell out indefinitely? Does that work with air as well?” A-Fox nodded, and she reddened as she chuckled. “That part, I do appreciate.”

A-Fox snickered, lowering his paw. “Interesting for someone as well dressed and regal as you. I should keep that in mind.” He patted one of his tails. “Continuing on, my imprisonment ended when I developed my second tail way ahead of schedule, something that surprised that mage. Now, before I carried on, a kitsune’s tail is usually a mark of how powerful they are, with more tails meaning more power and the usual max being the god-like nine tails. In fact, as a rule of tail, when a kitsune gained a new tail, its capacity doubled.

“Me? I felt power, beyond any I had ever felt, almost like my body was tearing itself apart to contain it. Before, that mage was all-powerful for someone as weak as I was, but after, he found himself crawling to the corner as spell after spell bounced off of me. And, without intending to, I turned him into a powerless fox who ran out from the burning lair. Part of me wanted to return home, but I doubted that I’ll fit in after what I did, and instead, I’ve been wandering around, eating what I can while exploring my powers.”

“Hmm.” Angelus nodded before rubbing behind A-Fox’s ear. “That is a fascinating tale you have. Divine Pneuma, huh?” Angelus tapped her silver beak. “Perhaps Aurora could explain what that is.”

“Aurora? Who’s that?” A-Fox tilted his head.

“She is a goddess Articuno and a powerful one at that.” Angelus blushed before she chuckled, picking A-Fox up. “She is playful, especially to her favorite, Blizzard. Though everyone I know shared tales of her, including myself. She enjoys growing us like you did—” her eyes shined with glee, “—and she especially enjoys swelling us with air, and she doesn’t do small.”

A-Fox paused, tapping his claws together. “Define ‘small’ in her case.”

Angelus chuckled. “A planet, for starters.” A-Fox flinched in surprise, and Angelus rubbed under his neck. “She’s one of those types.”

A-Fox shifted his eyes. “She sounds like my type.”

Angelus laughed before setting A-Fox down. “With your infinite containment for any substance, she’ll enjoy teasing you. In fact, a bunch of my friends, like Rachel, would find you tremendously fascinating like I do.”

“Rachel?” A-Fox flattened his left ear to the side. “That name sounds familiar.” He rubbed his chin. “Of course, that is a common name.”

“Oh?” Angelus chuckled again. “Rachel is a dear friend of mine, a Pokémorph Lugia who can appear human, well, mostly human.”

“Oh!” A-Fox wagged his tails fast. “I have met her before!” He snickered, grinning. “She is a fun lady to hang around with. And she enjoys the potions I sold to her.”

“Potions? Are you an alchemist, by chance?” Angelus flashed a smile, intrigued, while her eyes sparkled.

“I guess you can call me that, though my ‘skills’ are more or less throwing stuff around and seeing what sticks. But, somehow, it works.” He rubbed the back of his head. “I don’t know enough about alchemy to know why it works.” But he grinned at her. “But since you’re Rachel’s friend, I shall offer you one or even two of my potions on the house.”

“Oh, there’s no need for anything like that.” Angelus inhaled, the forest’s air cool as she stretched her wings out. “I’m more than happy to purchase them from you.”

“Believe me, the pleasure is mine.” A-Fox bowed before her before glancing at the trees. “Still, this place isn’t suitable for any potion demonstration. Before I showcase my potions, we should go to a more spacious place.”

“Ah. I could carry you out of this forest if you want to.” She pressed her hands against her knees as she bent down, winking at him.

But A-Fox shook his head. “Nah. I have a better idea.”

He swayed his tails in a rhythmic pattern, the tails emitting a slight yellow glow as he grew in size. Finally, Angelus stood up straight, with him already reaching her height before rising beyond, with dead branches shoved against his paws. He brushed his tails against the tree branches, the ground rumbling a bit, and his head poked out above the forest. Angelus laughed before spreading out her wings and flying up, reaching up to his snout. He stopped growing when he reached over two hundred feet, and she landed on his head between his ears.

“Ready for a kitsune tour?” A-Fox asked, showing his teeth while smiling.

Angelus nodded. “I am.”

A-Fox gave a slight nod before walking out from the clearing, the trees not reaching up to his knees like before. Instead, he stepped between them, ensuring that what he stepped on was ground with grass or fallen tree branches. But when he stepped on a down branch, the ground didn’t leave behind a pawprint nor was the branch shattered into dust, as though he never stepped on it.

Angelus raised an eyebrow at the pawprint-less ground and asked, “How are you not leaving behind any prints?”

“Practice. Lots of practice, especially when much bigger than this.”

Angelus nodded, wagging her tail feathers as she rubbed one of the sapphires on her gown. “If you don’t mind, want me to explain my past?”

“I don’t mind at all. After all, I told myself, though I may have told too much.” A-Fox sucked his lips in, brushing against a pine tree. “So, go ahead.”

Angelus nodded, leaning against one of A-Fox’s ears. “I’m sure you already guess, but I’m a magical medic. In fact, I’m a guardian angel.” She spread her wings out with pride. “Of course, that was thanks to bio-engineering.”

“Bio-engineering? Like, you were created in a lab or something?”

“Not like that.” Angelus rubbed against her crest and the back of her head. “To explain, I was once a normal inhabitant when I heard that the city I adore dear, Luna City, was undergoing serious troubles. To explain, that city is a haven for Pokémorphs, but some haters attacked it. They even went as far as to kidnap the original founder, and there was a cry for help. And so, a bunch of scientists worked on a project to create a guardian. I volunteered for the Angelus project, shedding my old name and becoming the one you see today. Never regretted my decision since.”

“That’s, huh, surprising.” A-Fox blinked, his tails twitching. “I never would’ve guessed looking at you, and I’m good at discerning someone.”

Angelus chuckled, rubbing A-Fox’s ear. “It’s no worries. But, of course, it blesses me with a protective streak as large as my desire to be big, and I mean big. How big can you get?”

“Um, currently, it’s at 480k feet.”

“My desire would make that look microscopic.” Angelus chuckled, and A-Fox raised his eyebrows at that. “Though I used to be much worse about it. If you met me years ago, and I found out about your curses, I would be obsessive in trying to cure you.”

“Huh.” A-Fox stepped over a river, where multiple Magikarp jumped upstream. “Even though not even the most powerful gods can?”

“Especially when no one else can, not even gods.” Angelus shook her head. “I would skip meals and cut my sleep in half to cure you. A battle could break out in a room, with fire engulfing it, and I would still be researching for a way within that room. My friends, especially Rachel, helped me calm such urges so that I can express my guardian side without harming myself.”

“They sound like sweet friends.” A-Fox smiled, wagging his tails.

Angelus bent down, patting A-Fox on the top of his head. “They are.”


After several minutes of walking, A-Fox stepped out from the forest’s edge, entering a vast plane of tall yellow grass. But he still traveled onward, going until the forest exited out of view before he stopped. He inhaled, spreading out his tails as they swayed in a rhythmic pattern. Finally, they glowed, and Angelus smiled before flying off.

Seconds later, A-Fox shrunk in size, with the tall yellow grass unbending and pointing upward as his paws slipped off from under them. He kept shrinking, with Angelus landing before him, her wings flapping, giving a mighty gust around her. Soon, even the grass towered over him as he sat down, only a bit bigger than a Vulpix.

“Now then,” A-Fox said as he patted his tails. “This looks like the perfect place to show off my wares.”

Angelus nodded as she walked over to him, but by the time she got there, a question had formed in her head. “You know, I realized you weren’t carrying anything like a bag. So where do you keep your potions?”

“Why, right here.”

A-Fox sunk his paws into one of his tails as though it was absorbed, and Angelus gasped. But he pulled out a rolled-up blanket much longer than his large tails and unrolled it before him. Then, he reached into his tails again and pulled out his potions one by one. Rather than any lettering, each vial contained an image or symbol on its label, some vague at a glance.

Three minutes later, at least twenty-five potions lay between them, each vial shaped differently, and he winked at her. “Here are a small sample of my wares. I have plenty more if you’re willing to ask.”

“That is fascinating.” Angelus bent down, her eyes on his tails. “What kind of magic was that?”

“That?” A-Fox patted his tails again. “These aren’t just for looks. I kept plenty of stuff there: food, weapons, you name it! Some of my precious stuff is in there, which I keep an eye on. Though there have been a couple of occasions where a friend tried to snag something in there, which gets annoying, they are usually safe there.

“Regardless, just point out a potion, and if you are confused, I’ll do my best to explain.”

Angelus kept staring at him, intrigued about how even friends were willing to get something from him before she turned to his potions. Some were lab types, such as test tubes and round glass containers, but others were shaped and perhaps carved in unique ways. She picked up one unusual-looking potion, a wolf howling upward and having fur texture on the surface, and glanced at the moon label.

“Ah, I’m not sure if you’ll like that one.” A-Fox rubbed the back of his head as Angelus tilted her head at him, her tail feathers flinching. “That is my werewolf potion, with the drinker turning into a werewolf. But unlike certain movies where they became beast-like creatures while still humanish, they became truly hulking with bulging muscles. Of course, it works best with the moon, though I made it too well since the closer the drinker gets to the moon, they become much bigger than stronger.” He blushed, turning away. “And the last one that had this gotten so close to the moon and grown so big and strong that she could crush it with a single hand-paw.”

Angelus blinked and set the potion back down. “I wouldn’t mind the bigness at all; I would love it. But muscles aren’t for me. I rather have my limbs sunk into my expanding torso from getting inflated too much.” A-Fox snickered, and she blushed. “Still, what happened to that last drinker?”

“Oh, she’s alright, though she needed some help since crushing the moon undid her muscles, bigness, and transformation. It was rather awkward trying to explain to some of my more powerful friends I brought in for cleanup occasions why the moon got destroyed.” He shook his head. “Still, anything that tickled your interest?”

Angelus skimmed through each potion, picking one up and checking its label before placing it back down, such as one shaped like an otter and another having a shrinking symbol. She soon paused, one catching her eye, and she picked up a potion shaped like a multitailed vulpine, much like A-Fox before her. She flipped the vial over, its red liquid sloshing within and its label having a figure sprouting tails.

“Is this what I think it is?” Angelus asked, turning to A-Fox.

“If your guess is turning into a kitsune like me, it is.” A-Fox nodded to her. “That’s another favorite, well, second favorite. People really enjoy turning to dragons for some reason.”

“I bet, though being a dragon wouldn’t suit me.” Angelus turned to her rear, her tail feathers wiggling and her wings folded behind her. “Are there multiple types of kitsune? You did mention that you’re a fire kitsune.”

A-Fox nodded. “Yup, that’s the standard one, which will turn you into one you’re best suited for by nature.” He glanced at her wings. “Given what I can see, there are two types that you could turn into: a wind kitsune and a heaven kitsune.” He patted his tails. “If you want, I could get a version where you’ll become a specific type and even ones that aren’t natural. I mean, could you believe that there are no natural ice kitsune?”

“Huh. I didn’t realize. I do have one more question.” Angelus flapped her wings. “Do I still get to keep my wings?”

“Why, of course.” A-Fox winked at her. “Any appendages that the drinker desires to keep remains, even subconsciously.”

Angelus’s eyes sparkled. “Then this is a must for me!”

A-Fox grinned wide. “Excellent. Now then, is there any other you see that interests you, or will that be all?”

Angelus opened her mouth to speak, her eyes on a round flask with an expanding upward symbol, when she paused. Beside it was another potion, average in size and with pure, bright white liquid within. No label was placed on it, and curiosity burned within her until she reached down and picked it up.

She flipped the potion over, searching for any marking telling what this might be, but the surface was flat and smooth. The vial was much like a four-sided pyramid that stretched upward, ending with a cork she tapped on. But when she turned to A-Fox, a mixture of concern and curiosity was planted on his expression.

“Um, Daren?” Angelus asked as she turned the potion over. “What kind of potion is this?”

“That’s perhaps the most valuable product I have, likely for the rest of my life.” A-Fox smiled, though his body remained tense as though he wanted it back. “That, between your fingers, is my deity potion.”

“Deity potion?” Angelus tilted her head.

“Yes. A bunch of my friends desires it, for anyone who drinks it will fill up with a power of a god.” A-Fox tapped his paws together. “This is not hyperbole on my part; I made even stronger variants of that potion. Those who drink it will find that there isn’t anything they cannot do in this universe, with their body changing and adapting into a more deified form, though that part is dependent on subconscious thoughts. So, for example, one of my regulars who drink it could turn into a dragon in one day and turn into a jackal in the next.”

“That-that sounds impressive,” Angelus said, understanding more of his reaction. “And I’m guessing that’s why some of your friends are willing to steal from you?”

“Yup. Like that one friend who drank one of the stronger variants and fed me the moon.” He turned red and glanced away. “Of course, they wear out. All of my potions do eventually, with the minimal time being within twenty-four hours. But with deity potions, there are ways to stretch out the time, like being worshipped, with the bonus of growing even more powerful. Though I wouldn’t recommend doing that since the drinker will undergo a crippling headache at least that no amount of painkillers or healing magic could relieve. The longer they remained a deity, the longer and harsher the headache will be.” He pressed one of his paws against his right eye. “I can still hear the moaning of a friend who somehow managed to remain a deity for a year, only to be left bedridden for a month.”

Angelus nodded. “I-I see. That is most impressive, even if I wouldn’t stretch it out longer than needed.”

“Yeah.” A-Fox sighed, blushing. “Though I admit that it’s a fun potion, especially to see what others will do when nothing is holding them back. I don’t give it to those I know who will do it for evil, even if all of the changes the drinker do gets undone. Usually.” Then, in a low voice, he added, “I still don’t know why the moon didn’t reappear after the potion wore off. It’s not as though he can do it normally.”

“Interesting.” A question formed in her head, and she asked, “Quick question: Can any of these potions still affect you?”

“Why, of course!” A-Fox nodded while grinning. “It wouldn’t be fun otherwise, even if I neglect some of them. Like the macro potion like here.” He tapped it with a claw. “Since I gained a third tail and size-shifting capabilities, I don’t need to drink it to get big anymore.”

Angelus nodded, an idea brewing within her mind, and she smiled. “If you don’t mind, I’ll take this as well. I don’t think the stronger versions you mentioned are needed.”

A twinkle came to A-Fox’s eyes even as he flinched his tails. “You didn’t seem to be the type, but sure.”

Angelus nodded and reached behind her, pulling out a pouch that rang when she shook it. She opened it and pulled out multiple gold coins before handing them to A-Fox. He took them and counted them before stuffing them into his tails, satisfied. He followed it up by taking the remaining potions and the carpet and placing them into his tails before turning to Angelus.

Angelus checked the kitsune potion, and after shaking it for a second, she removed the cork. She licked her beak before tipping the flask’s contents into it, drinking it down. The liquid reminded her of strawberries, though it was warm instead of cool. Once every bit of it was drunk, she placed the potion on the ground and waited.

It took a second for a warm feeling spread out from her stomach, crawling under her skin and filling her up from head to feet-talons. She lifted up her hands and gasped, her silvery plumage molting off and with silvery fur replacing it, with thick padding forming on her palms. Her claws reformed from bird-like to canid-like as the molting feathers fell onto the ground before disappearing into sparkling dust.

Angelus gasped, flipping over her hand-paws as her crest feathers changed, becoming much like hair instead. She reached and rubbed it, her hair-fur feeling like silk as the lone silvery folded forward at the side of her head. The crest moved up from against her beak to on top of her head, her forehead exposed. Then, from each side of her hair-fur, a pair of triangular ears grew out from mere dots, stretching up as she wiggled them, covered in silver fur. Her hair swayed behind her as her beak softened, with teeth growing behind them. Finally, her beak stretched forward, her mouth spreading out as her nose dots moistened, expanding even as skin and fur replaced much of her hard beak. She licked her lips and sharp teeth before she poked her silvery nose, looking like an upside-down triangle on her muzzle.

Her clothing itched, her feathers molting within and with fur replacing them as her stance changed. She glanced down, her feet-talons expanding as fur replaced the scaley skin, with leathery paw pads forming underneath. She flexed her toes, the claws reforming, and grinned.

Soon, she felt an itch behind her, her tail feathers stretching out from behind while separating from each other. She gasped, rubbing against one of them as it filled up, flesh and backbone entering them, and fur replaced the feather strands. They grew, reaching up as high as her head, and she smiled, with each tail ending with a white tip. She turned to A-Fox and wagged her six tails, smiling.

“I must say, this is wonderful,” Angelus said, and she wiggled her four wings. “And as you claimed, I didn’t lose my wings.”

“Yup. I told you, didn’t I?” A-Fox snickered before he approached her, rubbing the side of his body against her leg. “And you look so much better now. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a Pidgeot; I’m just biased.” He smiled. “I’m glad that you like it.”

“Like it? I love it.” Angelus bent down and rubbed his ears, with him murring in response. “I’m glad that I took the opportunity to approach you.”

“Same here.” A-Fox glanced at the deity potion, the glowing white fluids waving within the flask. “And now for the other one.”


Angelus glanced at the deity potion, with it between two of her fingers as the liquid shifted within, almost hypnotically. Then, with a careful tug of her new hand-paws, she pulled the cork out and stared at it for a few seconds. A-Fox sat down, wagging his tails in anticipation as he waited. Finally, the air became still, with no warmth coming from the sun, and the tall grass remained still around them.

Angelus curled her muzzle into a grin before, in one swift motion, she grabbed A-Fox by the scruff, with him flinching in surprise.


But the reply he got was the deity potion forced down his mouth, drinking it by reflex. Angelus grinned wider, every bit of the glowing liquid forced down his gullet as he wiggled his hind legs. Once empty, she set A-Fox down, who coughed for a few seconds before turning up in confusion.

“You’re correct that I’m not the type who goes for such a potion,” Angelus said, winking at him. “Too many choices for my taste. But you are.”

“You sneaky little—” was all A-Fox could say before a rumble came from his stomach and the earth shook in response. He gasped, and Angelus took a few steps back, still grinning while sensing a rapid increase in magic in the area coming from him. Light emitted from A-Fox, who laughed in a deeper voice. “But you’re not wrong.”

At once, his three tails split near the tips, splitting into three each as it went down to his hind. The new tails became fuller, matching in magnificence with the original three tails, his fur becoming much like silk. He wagged all nine of them, and nine rings formed around each of them near the tips. The magical aura within him increased, multiplying by the second, and his laughter echoed.

A blue kimono formed around them, transparent before it became solid, with each strand feeling like silk. A sash was created around his waist, tying it up, and he stood up on all fours, almost silly for a feral creature like him to be wearing clothes. But it looked regal on him instead, and when he tugged one of the kimono strands with a claw, it ripped off before reforming, each strand forged from magic. He grinned with pride, a slight glow from his sea blue eyes.

Angelus grinned while tilting her head. “I can feel your power, something I only felt from Aurora before. And yet, I was expecting something more, like you becoming bigger.”

“Ah.” A-Fox snickered, pressing one of his paws against his muzzle. “As someone used to deal with a great amount of power, I learned to control even something this vast so I don’t needlessly grow. It has to be stronger versions before I grow in order to contain it.”

“But don’t think that I can’t grow in size.” Angelus flinched, a voice coming from above, and when she turned up, she gasped, a massive A-Fox towering over her at a hundred feet tall. “Or that I can’t do neat tricks like this.”

“I-I wasn’t suggesting that you couldn’t.” Angelus turned red, her wings and tails curled up around her. “Sorry if I offended you.”

The large A-Fox laughed. “I wasn’t. I was just teasing you.”

“And since you made me like this,” the small A-Fox said, approaching her, “it’s only fair that I do the ultimate tease on you.”

With that, the small A-Fox stepped on the air, with reality bending beneath his paws like they were stairs, and stepped on her head. His gold rings glowed as he swayed his tails, and he rubbed against Angelus’s hair-fur. She blinked, and warm energy came from him, emitting from his paws and flowing into her.

At once, she felt his touch shrank as the seconds ticked, and she glanced upward. His grin glowed bright, her view of him shrinking, and she raised an eyebrow in confusion. She flicked her ears as she turned to the giant A-Fox, who held the same glowing grin while appearing to shrink. She turned around and realized she was growing, already reaching twenty feet tall with the grass pushed away from her feet-paws.

“Oh!” Angelus flushed with joy, with the little A-Fox rubbing her ears. “How did you know I wanted to grow?”

“You never made it much of a secret.” The big A-Fox winked at her. “I saw how your eyes sparkled whenever the discussion of growth came from either of us. Plus, I saw your interest in my macro potion and only passed it over when I explained about my deity potion.” He snickered. “You’re a fair lady, but I can tell that your desire for growth is as limitless as my hunger.”

“And I’m betting that it goes for more than being huge,” the small A-Fox said, rubbing her ear as his entire body glowed gold. “You’ll see what I mean.”

Angelus blushed deeper, almost as though her head may explode, as the grass bent underneath her feet-paws, reaching the large A-Fox in height for a second. She stretched over and rubbed his ears, and he murred in response as she kept growing. Then, within a few seconds, she bent over to pet him with a single claw, with the forest returning to view along with a lake and some mountains. She chuckled, swaying her tails while being careful not to hit anything with them.

“I must say, Daren,” Angelus said, standing up straight and poking the small A-Fox, almost like an ant to her, “you have done a great deal in teasing me.”

“Me? I haven’t begun.”

Before Angelus could hum in wonder, the large A-Fox floated in the air before he clung to her stomach. Then, with all four paws and nine tails, he rubbed her belly, each phasing through her gown. Angelus poked against him, folding one of her ears as he snickered and scratched, and she felt a popping sensation within.

At that point, her stomach expanded, stretching out before and around her. She poked her swelling belly, with it squishing down as though it was a balloon full of air, and she gasped. The swelling spread throughout her body, her thighs thickening with air along with her rear, her arms swelling out. She blushed deep as though her silvery fur had turned red, and the large A-Fox snickered, rubbing some more.

“O-oh my!”

“Hehe. You like that?” the large A-Fox asked before he added, “I know you do.”

He rubbed her stomach faster, and, in response, her body filled up with air more quickly, her arms and legs expanding out with air. Her head pushed away the clouds, her height growth not stopping as she rounded out, her dress stretching out to contain her swelling body. Her movement became much more challenging, her arms spread out in a T-pose as they sunk into her shoulders, her cheeks filling out.

“Hey there!”

“Look over here!”

Upon her chest was a pair of A-Fox, waving at her. She pushed her arms toward them, but they refused to bend much further than her elbows and, even then, in a limited sense. Her legs sunk into her expanding belly, stretching far further than her height, and she laughed with glee. The two A-Fox snickered, with one pointing at her.

“She really is enjoying it,” the left A-Fox said.

“All the more reason to do the next step!” the right A-Fox said, winking at the left.

The left one winked back, and they sank their paws into her chest, grinning. Then, at once, a new swelling sensation came to Angelus, and she smiled wider. She wagged her tails, which weren’t being filled up by air, and a pair of round blue blimps came into her view. The two A-Fox were on there, and her chuckling became joyful, her chest swelling in size separate from her rounding belly.

Her arms and legs sunk in deeper, only able to flex the fingers and toes and even then, they rounded out with air. She glanced around, the sky darkening until stars poked out in the sky, and her eyes glistened. Already, her body rivaled the moon in size and maybe roundness if it weren’t for her expanding chest. She glanced at her muzzle, and a table appeared on it, with six A-Fox on them, in a discussion.

“Hmm. I don’t think this planet is big enough for her anymore,” one A-Fox said.

“Forget planet. From how red her face is, I doubt even the solar system is big enough for her,” another A-Fox said, with all of them snickering.

Soon, they all turned to Angelus and asked, “That is a good point. Should we do more?”

Her cheeks puffed up round, unable to open her muzzle to speak. Her chest squeezed against her cheeks, and her golden eyes were wide with glee. But her mind was still crystal clear, and she answered with a telepathic thought.


“She said it,” one of the A-Fox said, and they laughed. “Still, we need a big enough space for someone like her. Anyone got any suggestions?”

“I got it!”

They all nodded and clapped their paws, and a white glow came from them. At once, it was as though reality glitched for half a second before reassuring itself to Angelus, and she wiggled her ears. Her feet-paws no longer touched the ground, and, glancing around, she found herself in a sea of black space, surrounded by vast galaxies with each star glowing white, yellow, red, and blue. She wheezed, her excitement reaching higher.

“Yup. This is the perfect place for her.” The A-Fox group nodded to each other. “With all this space between galaxies, she won’t be bumping against them for a while.”

“Yeah. She was already rivaling the earth in size,” another A-Fox said, and he glanced around. “And the other A-Fox don’t seem to be stopping soon.”

“Why not? And why stop the swelling in her chest and stomach?”

At once, they zoomed out from her muzzle, soon colliding against each of her tails. Her neck sunk against her expanding body, unable to twist them around, and she reddened in anticipation. Each one rubbed against her tails, and despite their small size against her expanding body, they rubbed the tails from tip to base in seconds. She managed to grin as she extended her telepathic thoughts to them.

I feel what you’re about to do.

Laughter came from around her, echoing, and at once, a popping feeling came from each of the tails. Next, a hissing sound came from them, and soon the tails swelled out, rounding out near the tips of each of them. And, along with rounding out, the tails stretched out longer, pressing against each out as they blimp out straight. Soon they fought each other for space, with two of them pressing against Angelus’s head as she chuckled, her head almost like a tiny red star on a blue planet.

Her tails swelled larger, each matching her body in roundness as they lengthened out. At that point, her body swelled larger and faster; her neck sunk deep against her chest and back, her wings straight and puffing with air. She wiggled her fingers and toes with difficulty, her muzzle spreading a grin as her lips sealed shut.

Soon, her tails brushed against stars, with them bouncing off with little harm come to either. Angelus glanced at one of the galaxies, her head already larger than its core, and her eyes shone, reflecting countless lights on her eyes. Her body rubbed against multiple galaxies at once, growing much faster than before.

O-oh, wow!” Angelus said through telepathy. “You’re making me BIG!

“Hehe. Yup.” One of the A-Fox snickered. “What do you think?”

What do I think?" She paused for several seconds. “Why, I love it! I love it so much, I could explode in joy! I know some friends who would be so envious of seeing me like this! Why I bet they are right now!

“Hehe. I see.” Angelus felt a pat on her head. “Just know I can’t make you much larger than a few universes. Again, this deity potion is the weakest of the batch.”

I’m not complaining at all!” Angelus said, her eyes bulging out. “I’m already enjoying what little you can do! I can feel the stars pressing against me, which feels so wonderful! Make me as large as the universe, if you so please!

“Hehe. Of course.”

Her swelling quickened, her chest jetting forward and rounding, almost like a water molecule in macro form, but with six tails. Her face reddened bright, and the galaxy became no more significant than her eye and ever-shrinking to her. She laughed with her mind as she wiggled her ears.

Thank you so much for this!

“My dear,” a new A-Fox said, stepping before her so large that she was the size of a marble compared to him. He grinned brightly, reaching for her expanding form and hugging her against his chest and belly. His hold on her stretched out, with her still swelling in size and air, and she began to rival him in height. But when they became the same size, he grew with her and squeezed his head between her chest until he nosed her nose. “I should thank you for being the perfect ball.”

And soon, every A-Fox and Angelus laughed, the universe singing with joy in response. And soon enough, the two pressed against the universe’s edge, almost like a bubble to them, and they phased through it, with Angelus chuckling with joy. She kept swelling broader and larger, the semi-opaque blue universe they came from appearing smaller to her by the second. Finally, she inhaled with glee, chuckling all the while.

If any other universal deities observed this event, they would see a silver-furred kitsune, five times larger than a universe, with the red-furred one balancing the semi-opaque blue one on her nose. Her chest, swollen just as huge as her body, bounced when the red one wiggled within it, pressed between them while blushing. And her six tails, fifteen times her height and swollen with air, pressed against multiple universes at once.

If Angelus could name what heaven for her would be like, it would be this.

A Guardian Blimp (critique requested)


While traveling, Angelus, the Guardian Angel Pidgeot, encounters A-Fox and, after a chat, decides to purchase two potions from him. One is the kitsune transformation potion, and the other is the infamous deity potion. But what will she do with it?

Here is a request story from a friend I occasionally RP with (no notes asking for RP, BTW). So, in a way, this is one of the RP sessions brought to story format.

While usually, I would have an icon of one of the characters involved, he is a private person, and I want to respect that.

In any case, enjoy!