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Nimono's Massive Birthday by foxgamer01 (critique requested)

Nimono's Massive Birthday

The sun had already risen from the horizon when Nimono woke up with a plan. Though it was his special day today, he wished to spread out the fun, and he had the perfect friend to try it out on. So, he turned to the window and spotted that very friend, his muzzle curling into a grin.

Outside, lying in a park, was an anthro red fox with a book on hand. Before turning the page, he tugged a bit on his red aloha shirt with white florals, unbuttoned and over his plain green shir. The golden A on his belt shined a bit, with light reflecting from the morning sun. The belt itself wrapped tight around his waist, with him wearing blue jeans. He turned upwards and, spotting Nimono, his sea-blue eyes flashed as he waved at him, who waved back.

Nimono grinned wide as he turned away from the window, grabbing a plain white shirt and pulling it on. He then put his glasses onto his muzzle, tan with a turf of fur on the sides of his neck. He then slipped on his pair of black pants before putting his coat, blue with red sleeves and collar and white lines down the sides, bottom, and center, and zipped it up. His three tails, shaped like hooks and turned from tan to blue halfway, wagged even as he pulled on a pair of yellow and white sneakers, tying them on tight and wiggling his feet-paws within.

He grabbed his spell book, green with a white crystal cover and blue crystals for pages before he hopped up and away to the door. His red eyes sparkled even as he swung it open and ran across the street. Soon, he stood before the red fox, his long ears, tan with blue and brown zigzagging patten, wiggling as he held his arms behind him.

“Hey there, Daren~!” Nimono said, and the red fox glanced up. “How are you doing this morning?”

“Not bad,” Daren replied, putting his book down before reaching up and patting Nimono on the head. It was easy since, despite laying against a tree, he was a bit over six feet while Nimono was under three. “How about you?”

“Oh, I’m doing fantastic!” Nimono answered, winking at Daren. “Do you know what day it is?”

Daren rubbed his muzzle, white along with the rest of his torso and black triangular muzzle marks, for a few seconds. “If I recall, it is June 6th,”

“Correct~!” Nimono booped Daren’s nose, who wiggled it for a moment. “Do you know why that day is so special?”

Daren gave out a loud hum, though he grinned at Nimono. “It’s your birthday, right?”

“Correct again~!” Nimono pulled forward his spell book, and he spoke out, “Behimosu Henshin~!”

Daren blinked as his hand-paws thickened out, becoming more paws than hands even as the black fur turned to red with white palms and fingers. His claws grew and thickened, with his black forearms thickening and becoming scruffy. The ears turned red while stretching out into thins and moving downwards, his hair-fur blackening and thickening with the forward sides of his hair growing down to his chest, with dark red tips. The nose broadened along with his muzzle, with the nose becoming little more than dots even as a pair of black horns grew on his head.

“What are you turning me into?” Daren asked, flipping his hand-paw over as his tail grew longer and thicker, with the tip blackening and his jeans ripping.

“Couldn’t you tell?” Nimono winked at Daren even as thick, dark plates formed near the base of his tail. “A behemoth!”

A pair of curved spikes grew near his tail tip, with the fur receding even as the tip fluffed out. His feet-paws thickened out, with the fur turning red with a white underside and his feet-paws thickening out, with a black claw growing underneath his heels. His digitigrade feet-paws stretched even as the forelegs’ black fur became longer and scruffier. Spikes ripped through his shirts on his back as he bulked up. His ripped body was visible underneath his tight green shirt.

Daren couldn’t help but snickered, rolling himself up. “Interesting chose of creature you chose to transform me into.” He winked at Nimono. “I can guess why you chose this form.”

“Of course~!” Nimono hopped over to Daren’s feet-paws and rubbed them, squeezing them as much as possible. “Such thick paws you have~!”

“Indeed. Although,” Daren went through his red aloha shirt and pulled out his TF Scriúire, pointing it as Nimono as the light on his glowed yellow and it buzzed. “I think you should join in on the fun.”

Nimono blinked as his ears shrank, with the fur on them turning yellow with the insides blackening. His muzzle and neck also blackened as his cheeks and head yellowed, with the cheek fluff stretching out and ending with electric blue. A pair of blue lightning-shaped whiskers grew on his muzzle even as his tails shrunk down to nothingness.

“You’re turning me into a Zeraora?” Nimono asked, and Daren winked back. “Cheeky fox~!”

“I know,” Daren replied even as a ‘tail,’ yellow and ending with a lightning bolt shape, grew from between Nimono’s shoulders, ripping through his shirt and cost and extending down to his knees. “One good turn deserves another.”

Nimono’s body grew in size, growing taller until he became four foot seven, his clothes stretching and growing with him. His limbs turned yellow even as a pair of black parallel zigzagging patterns formed on his forearm, his paw-pads turning lightning blue. He wiggled his toes, an electric blue crisscrossing shape forming around his forelegs, and he grinned wide at Daren, who put the TF Scriúire away. Soon, he jumped up and snugged Daren closed.

“That’s one heck of a gift, Daren. Though my clothes no longer match me.” Nimono opened up his book once more. “Irui Henshin~!” At once, his sleeves shortened along with his pants, his coat unzipped itself, and his white shirt turned green. The coat’s sleeves shortened into nothing, becoming a vest, even as the shirt’s sleeves underneath it turned red. The jeans shortened into shorts as they turned brown, with his sneakers becoming green and white with blue cuffs. “Much better~!”

Daren chuckled a bit even as he reached over to booped Nimono’s nose. “Must say, those clothes suit that form.”

Sparks emitted from Nimono’s whiskers, his eyes glowing brightly. Daren blinked a bit, tilting his head before gasping, Nimono growing in size. Then, he grinned as he stood up, the ground shaking even as his ‘tail’ swayed behind and slammed against his house’s roof, caving it in. Yet, he grew faster until he towered over Daren at two hundred feet tall, all within fifteen seconds.

“You really shouldn’t have done that, Daren~!” Nimono said, sticking his tongue out even as Daren stood up, his ears lowered to his shoulders. He bent down to Daren, booping his nose, which caused Daren to fall back, his eyes wide. “And I thought that behemoths are supposed to be big~!”

“O-OK. I didn’t realize that booping your nose causes you to grow,” Daren said, sliding up the tree even as Nimono snickered. “Lesson learned.”

Nimono winked at Daren. “Yup~!” He reached over to Daren and pulled him up by the shirt, who remained still. Finally, he stood up, grinning wide even as Daren gulped. But Nimono turned to his book, which grew with him, again. “Kinoko Kakudai~!”

Daren’s body glowed white as he began to grow in size. He blinked some more, the ground becoming much closer in both ways as Nimono placed him down. He turned all around himself, with the street shattering beneath him, his tail crashing through several houses at once without slowing down. He gulped a bit, growing until he reached Nimono’s size at two hundred feet.

“Now we can see eye to eye~!” Nimono spread his arms out before hugging Daren tight, who blinked in response. “Isn’t this wonderful?”

“Um, yeah,” Daren replied before turning back to the wrecked houses, sweat drops forming on his head. “Um, you have a spell that can undo destruction, right?”

“Yup~!” Nimono booped Daren’s nose before wrapping his right arm around Daren’s shoulders and dragging him around the town, stepping through the empty streets. “After all, it’s no fun if it’s permanent!”

Daren nodded, grinning a bit while minding his tail. “I must say, you must love growing a lot if booping your nose is enough to cause you to grow.”

Nimono snickered. “You’re Mr. Obvious here~! Of course, I do!”

“Even better than shrinking?”

“Y-yeah!” Nimono blushed, with sparks emitting from his whiskers even as he turned away. “M-much better!”

Daren chuckled while rolling his eyes, the two soon leaving town with a street full of deep prints. The earth shook beneath them, with trees collapsing from their walk despite being thirty feet away from the steps. Daren couldn’t help but blush himself, and an idea formed within his head.

Soon, he pressed against Nimono’s nose hard, grinning wide. “Let’s see how much you’ll grow now!”

His eyes glowed even as he grew in size, his shoes pushing aside the trees and earth beneath him. Daren snickered, grabbing Nimono’s muzzle as he pressed some more, his tail wagging. Yet already, Daren seemed to be nothing more than a mouse to Nimono despite being two hundred feet.

He soon stopped pressing, climbing onto Nimono’s expanding muzzle even as he grew faster with every second. The earth shook, with clouds parting away from his head and shoulders. Yet, he kept growing more and more, with sparks flying from his whiskers and hand-paws.

Daren patted Nimono’s muzzle, with the sky becoming blacker with every second. Soon enough, stars poked out from the sky, with the sun becoming white. Yet, Daren tilted his head a bit. While he knew that giants at this size could violate specific rules, such as a lack of air in space, he didn’t think that would apply to him at this size. Perhaps it was because he was so near to Nimono.

Nimono clutched his book tight, grinning wide even as his ‘tail’ kept on wagging. Entire landscapes were ripped into pieces from his shoes, with a thick amount of dirt, stones, and such shoved away from them. Entire countries lay under them, with waves flowing from the worldwide shaking. But just as quickly did he grow, he stopped growing. He turned down, giving out a giggle.

Calling him humongous would be an understatement, for even if every living being on the planet doubled in size and battled against him, they wouldn’t get up to his waist. He placed his hand-paws on his hips, himself about a fourth the size of the planet itself, before turning to the moon. Part of him wanted to play with it, but he knew there was something he must do.

Nimono’s eyes skimmed through his muzzle until he spotted a red dot that was Daren. He grinned some more, with him flipping the pages once more as he extended his claw towards him. It touched against him, and he spoke two words.

Kinoko Kakudai~!”

At once, the red dot grew larger, slow at first, but soon the speed became quicker. Daren became about the size of a mouse to him within several seconds before he plucked him off from his muzzle. By the time he sat Daren on the planet, he had become rabbit size to him, and he winked.

Daren blinked more, with massive waves crashing against his legs, though they felt nothing against his expanding body. He turned upwards, reaching up to Nimono’s knees even as the larger of the two bent down and booped his nose. Daren blushed, rubbing the back of his head as he grew loads more, soon getting up to his waist. And within a minute, Daren became leveled with Nimono once more, with him spreading his arms out and hugging Daren tight.

“Hehe~!” Nimono said, his ‘tail’ wagging behind him. “We’re the biggest in the world!”

Daren blinked a bit before he smiled and hugged back, his tail wagging. “I think we already were when we’re two hundred feet tall.”

Nimono snickered a bit, rubbing Daren’s hair a bit and having them stand up a bit from electrical charges. “Fair point~!”

Daren nodded, patting Nimono’s head again. His eyes sparked once more as he opened his book and spoke out an enchantment. He tilted his head a bit, but the only thing that happened was a blue baseball cap with a green logo materialized on Nimono’s head, with him pulling it back a bit. Daren chuckled a bit, and soon, Daren sat down on the planet.

“Never did like doing destructive stuff,” Daren admitted even as Nimono sat next to him, patting his shoulder. “But if you can undo it all—”


Daren smiled, rubbing Nimono’s neck a bit. “I’m glad to have you as a friend.”

“Same with you!”

The two turned upwards to the moon, with Nimono pawing out towards it. Yet, the moon remained out of reach from his claws. Daren snickered a bit, patting Nimono’s head a bit. But Nimono rubbed his cheek against Daren’s cheek, who squeezed his shoulder in response.

“Happy Birthday, Nimono.”

Nimono's Massive Birthday (critique requested)


It's Nimono's birthday today, and he has an idea on how to celebrate it. Starting with transforming a friend so he gets the good stuff. But things gets out of control when Daren booped Nimono's nose, not knowing what chaos it would bring.

In short, best birthday ever.

This is a birthday gift for Nimono, who is a sweet guy. <3

In any case, enjoy!

Image in thumbnail is by GuitarStudios.

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