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The Legend of Machamp by foxgamer01 (critique requested)

The Legend of Machamp

Kyle Barrett walked down the road with his head high, walking past Pokémon and their trainers. His blue eyes gleamed in the light, with his golden hair almost glowing bright from the sun. Under his arm he carried a Pokédoll, shaped like a Machamp, that he was given from his department job. In fact, his managers were giving them away at a massive discount since they were left rotting on the shelves even as Pikachu and Scorbunny Pokédoll fly off. He felt terrible for them, Machamp being his favorite Pokémon and how they were disrespected for looking too human-like.

He shrugged, tugging on his Pokédoll tight.

He looked around the streets of Wicketdale, a town in a valley east within the Galar region. It was an isolated place, difficult to reach outside from the most determined trainers. And even fewer managed to fight back the occasional Dynamax Pokémon rising from the many Pokémon Dens along the way. The only reason why trainers would risk the journey was to battle at the town’s gym. Even then, it was a minor league gym, and the current gym leader used Normal-type Pokémon.

If a trainer did manage to reach this town, they would be given a hero’s welcome and asked to stick around if a Dynamax Pokémon attacked.

Kyle twisted his head around, looking at the sky as far as he could see. Though an occasional three stories building disturbed that sight. He grinned, rubbing the Machamp Pokédoll’s three brown ridges. His feet felt sore from all of the standing and walking he did, but he ignored the pain. After all, it was only a half-mile away from home, where his couch awaits.

He felt vibrations coming from the ground and he frowned, stopping. It was minor at first, but it came harder with each new shake. A thundering sound echoed through the area, which also grew louder every time he heard it. He looked down the road and his blood turned cold, seeing an Absol running through and past him and the other citizens and Pokémon. Even without a fearful expression and panicked barks from the Absol, there was only one reason for why they appeared before people.

Kyle gulped and a massive shadow appeared ahead, with him yelling out and falling back. It approached closer and the red glow around this huge Pokémon helped visualized it. Its brownish-red scales shined in the light though its occasional orange scale shined brighter. Its head, massive with a white beard-like lower mouth, and its black and white eyes glared down at everything ahead. On its head were orange spikes, looking as though it wore a crown, with a feathery turf around its neck like a collar. Its tail, vast and thick, swayed behind. Three deep-red clouds hovered and spun around its head, which confirmed all fears.

Another Dynamax Pokémon came out from its den and, this time, it was a Tyrantrum.

The Tyrantrum roared out, it being heard for miles even as glass shattered around Kyle. When it subsided, another sound blared around him, but high piercing this time. Citizens ran out from homes and buildings at the sound of that alarm, heading to a designated safe zone when a Dynamax Pokémon, maddened by overwhelming Galar particles, came. Several trainers, some having a Dynamax Band, charged forward with their Pokémon.

A Glaceon fired an Ice Beam at the Tyrantrum’s chest, with it wincing in pain for a second. A Togekiss, with a trainer clutching onto its back, flew over towards Tyrantrum and emitted Dazzling Gleam. Tyrantrum grunted before roaring out and spinning around, swatting away both Togekiss and trainer with its tail.

An Aggron lumbered forward, glaring up at the massive Tyrantrum before jumping high and slamming its Iron Tail against its nose. Tyrantrum glared back before shaking Aggron off and inhaling. It soon fired out a massive Max Flare at the Aggron and any surrounding targets. The trainers and Pokémon fled the attack before it impacted, with it exploding upwards in a giant fiery mushroom and the sun growing intense.

Kyle stared at the battle wide-eyed, but upon Max Flare’s impact, he spun around and fled as fast as his feet could allow. Behind, he heard more of the battle ongoing, but he chose not to look back. He wasn’t a trainer, so there was little he could do anyways. He hoped that the trainers succeed without Dynamaxing since the only Power Spot that could trigger it was in the gym miles away.

The ground shook and massive cracks formed all around him. He tripped, dropping the Machamp Pokédoll by his feet. The ground shook again and he got up, his heart beating faster even as he picked up the Pokédoll. With gritted teeth, he ran forward once more.

A cry came out.

Kyle stopped, looking around the ruined neighborhood, and he saw an Absol pinned by a collapsed tree. It wiggled against the bark even as it cried out several times, each one more panicked, and it dug against the ground. They heard the battle raging from behind and a few thundering footsteps coming closer into the town.

A couple of seconds passed before Kyle ran towards the Absol, dropping the Pokédoll near the tree. He grabbed the tree trunk and pulled upwards, heaving and grunting while sweat formed on his head and his arms turned red. The Absol wiggled out from under it and he sighed, with the two looking at each other. It then looked behind him and, with a panicked expression, it ran once more with a slight limp.

He turned back and his eyes widened, the Dynamax Tyrantrum digging into the ground within a split second. He ran once more, his toes barely touching the ground even as his heart pounded against his chest. His shirt, covered in sweat, clung against his chest and the ground shook.

The Tyrantrum dug out from under the ground, far closer than before, and huge boulders flew over the sky, some crashing into buildings. Kyle tripped once more from the violent shake, falling face-first against the dirt. He shook his head, only to notice darkness all over him. He gulped before closing his eyes, regretting how powerless he was in stopping the rampage, not being able to help. A boulder crashed on top of him a half-second later.


When Kyle’s eyes opened, he was stunned to find himself still alive. He looked over himself, from his head and sweaty blue polo shirt down to the brown jeans and red shoes. Every piece of his clothes and body part was still there; the only thing missing was his Machamp Pokédoll. He shook his head, rubbing his nose before shrugging. It was only a Pokédoll and he could always get a new one.

He turned to his right and saw pillars, sandy in color and carved as though they just finished this morning. He then turned to his left and saw more pillars, but they were cracked if not fallen apart, laying down as though they endured countless millenniums without maintenance. He tried to look beyond those pillars, but some dark mass prevented him from looking beyond.

He twisted himself around, only to find himself looking down the edge of a mountaintop. He gasped, stumbling back from the edge before inching himself closer, looking down. Darkness befell below though many tiny lights pierced through. He looked upwards and, seeing similar lights above, he realized that they were stars. He turned back around, looking between the orderly and chaotic pillars and he saw a Machamp Pokédoll lying there. He walked over there and picked it up, looking it over, finding it to be just like the one he lost.

It is the one you lost.

Kyle stumbled back, blinking as he looked all around him. A voice spoke out, but it was unlike any he ever heard. For starters, it sounded as though it had no origin. It just came into existence through some kind of reality warp. Even worse, he couldn’t see anything or anyone who could’ve spoken those words.

Come closer, my child, and you will know.

That voice came again and, as though possessed by a will far stronger than himself, he stepped forward. Onward he went, walking down the stone paths and climbing the stone steps even as he looked around, the scenery not changing much. Minutes or even hours passed, yet his body wouldn’t pause for anything.

But Kyle’s body finally stopped and he looked upwards. The limits of how far he saw were lifted and he gulped, a shadow of a large Pokémon towering over him. The shadows then filled up with colors, turning whitish-grey as its green and red eyes looked down at him. A ring of crosses wrapped around its waist, golden like its hooves-like feet and forehead. Its two ears, curved upwards from where its jaw-line should be, pointed upwards while its fin-like structure hung behind its head.

I am Arceus, the father of everything living within this world, the Pokémon said.

Kyle’s heartbeat stopped for a second before he kneeled down before Arceus, the Alpha Pokémon and The Original One. The creator of the universe and every living thing and universal law within. His eyes averted from Arceus before closing them.

My child, Arceus asked, why did you risk your life to save that Absol?

Kyle looked up a bit at the towering Arceus, though this Pokémon seemed to appear as ten and a half feet tall. He opened his mouth, but no words came out. Instead, he clutched the Machamp Pokédoll tight, wishing for the words to come to him.

The Absol was in danger, Arceus noted, but he would’ve survived that attack. Humans such as yourself aren’t as tough as even the weakest Pokémon walking upon this world. I am curious to know why you recklessly sacrificed your life knowing that.

“I,” Kyle said even as his head lowered in shame, “just saw a helpless Pokémon, one that tried to warn us about the attack. I couldn’t just let it suffer for it.”

Even at the cost of your life, Arceus said. You have proven your courage and compassion. That, despite how weak you are, you still went out of your way to save another. Humans can be most fascinating. On your feet, my child.

Kyle stood back up, looking at Arceus’ eyes before nodding. The golden cross-like wheel then glowed before it spun and seventeen rectangular Plates, each of a different color, appeared above Arceus in a rainbow halo. One of the Plates, an orange one, disengaged from the halo and hovered between Kyle and Arceus.

Though I may have created this universe, I wish that those within it would handle their problems independently, Arceus said as the Machamp Pokédoll glowed orange. If I intervene with every issue, the world will stagnate. Your highs will be diminished without the lows to overcome and apathy would rule instead.

Kyle blinked, feeling the Pokédoll slipping away. It then fused with the orange Plate, which glowed brightly. It then hovered above him, with him looking at it with wide eyes.

However, I still do intervene when I can, Arceus said as its wheels glowed just as bright. Your human life has ended, but your journey has only begun.

Kyle opened his mouth to speak, which was when the orange Plate phased through his body. He blinked, stumbling back as he twisted around, staring at the Plate. He turned back to Arceus, about to speak out again when his body felt a tingle deep within his bones; it felt as though electricity flowed through his body.

His skin changed color into bluish-gray, with him looking at his hands with wide eyes. He reached up to his head, feeling large chunks of his hair falling out. His height diminished, with his clothes feeling loose by the time he became five feet tall. At that point, his muscles expanded, with his chest bulking up and broadening out while his arms and legs thickened. His loose clothes suddenly felt tight for a second before they ripped into shreds, his muscles massive.

Kyle looked down, blushing, but he could see black markings that reminded him of briefs where his pants used to be. A second passed before a belt formed around his waist, golden in color as though he won a world league fighting tournament. Given how much swollen his muscles became, with his massive abs pressing against the belt buckle itself, he might as well have. He looked down, his feet standing on the ruined shoes, and stumbled a bit when his toes fused from five to two and them going back to a third of his foot. He splayed his toes out and he regained his balance.

His lips thickened up, looking as though he had a beak, as it turned into pale yellow and moved forward into a short muzzle. He patted his head, feeling three thick brown ridges on top of it. His ears shrunk down to near nothing, with only a couple of dots where his ears used to be. His eyes changed into a bright red, which glowed a bit, and he kneeled down to Arceus.

Kyle’s back thickened up with more mass, though it wasn’t just muscles, just above and behind his shoulders. It stretched itself up, splitting into a pair as they grew longer. Soon, they took shape, with muscle detail on them along with their own shoulders and elbows. The tips of them grew five digits, four fingers, and a thumb for each of them, and they slammed down, his new arms just as powerful. He then stood back up, the extra mass gained making him five foot three.

Let go of your former human life and live on as a Pokémon instead, Arceus said, the orange Plate returning to its rainbow halo above. For you are now a Machamp, my child. Be the world’s champion who will protect the weak from those who use their power to cause harm.

Kyle nodded, with him pressing his two pairs of hands against each other and bowing to Arceus.

And here is one final gift from me. Use it with wisdom.

A red glow appeared between the two, though not as bright as the spinning wheel or the orange Plate. Kyle tilted his head slightly as the red glow came to his left front arm and attached itself to it. It stopped glowing as it solidified, with him looking at the watch-like device on his wrist. Though where the numbers were normally displayed were instead a sold red-purple color.

With this, you can transform into a giant Gigantamax form even outside of a Power Spot, Arceus said as a white light engulfed the area. Your time in that form will be limited to fifteen minutes a day, so use it wisely.

Kyle nodded as the area became brighter until even Arceus was engulfed in the light. He turned his head around, but he saw nothing through the light. Instead, he heard Arceus’ final words to him.

You shall return to the living realm, where your home is still under attack. There is no trial you cannot overcome with my blessing as long as you remain the one who chose to save the Absol. May your wisdom and courage never waver.


When Kyle opened his eyes, he saw nothing but darkness. A rocky object lay on top of him, though it felt more like a pebble. He pressed one arm pair against the boulder and the other pair against the ground. He pushed and lifted, getting back onto his feet while carrying the boulder. Ahead, he saw the Dynamax Tyrantrum roaring out, having broken through the ground.

He huffed before he threw the boulder at the Tyrantrum’s snout. It shattered upon impact, with Tyrantrum stumbling back before it steadied, its white eyes narrowing in rage. It turned down, looking for the perpetrator before spotting Kyle leaping into the air, with two of his front arms back and hands glowing orange. Kyle chopped his hands against Tyrantrum’s snout in half a second, forming an X glow from the Cross Chop, and Tyrantrum flew back, roaring all the while.

Kyle landed, the ground shattering upon impact against his feet and one of his hands before he charged forward at the Tyrantrum. His opponent flew overhead for several seconds, over buildings, before landing in the valley outside of Wicketdale. It got back on its feet before spotting Kyle jumping once more. It swung its tail at him and it collided with his fist, with both Pokémon flung back. The trainers who remained stood there, stunned by how powerful this newcomer Machamp was, and they stepped forward. Kyle raised both of his left hands back at them and they stopped, all staring at the Dynamaxed Tyrantrum.

Tyrantrum emitted a massive roar, slamming its feet against the ground and causing earthquakes felt for miles. Kyle grimaced before looking at one of his left hand’s wrists, spotting the watch-like device. He nodded to himself before he pressed the deep red button, charging forward.

A light engulfed him even as he leaped into the air once more, and a couple of trainers looked at their Dynamax Bands. They reacted as though they received Galar particles from the Power Spot as the light around Kyle expanded, a mere white outline even as it shifted shapes. Soon, with a massive pop of power, his feet landed with a quake, colors returning to him. Trainers and Pokémon gawked at the sight, emitting several cries with wide eyes at the sudden Dynamax transformation.

Three Dynamax clouds hovered around his waist, his belt wider than before. His skin color darkened even as his forearms and fingers glowed yellow and orange and his eyes glowed yellow-orange. His middle ridge on his head grew taller even as his black ‘briefs’ became black ‘pants.’ His neck also thickened and contained black markings.

Now in Gigantamax form, Kyle stood at eighty-four feet tall, even as Tyrantrum still towered over him. They roared at each other before charging forward. The Tyrantrum lowered its head and a pinkish-orange energy glowed from its tip. He grunted before stepping side, avoiding the Zen Headbutt even as he dug his feet into the ground, flexing his four arms. Then his fists, as one, struck Tyrantrum’s side in a G-Max Chi Strike.

The Tyrantrum screamed out, flying hundreds of feet away even as Kyle pumped up from his attack. It crashed into the ground, rolling a few times before getting back on its feet. Its mouth widened as far as its jaws allowed, with its throat glowing reddish-orange. Kyle cracked his knuckles just as a massive Max Flame came out from the Tyrantrum, with him grinning. The flames engulfed him even as his immediate surroundings exploded around him. The fire, hotter by the intense sun, hovered around the smoke in a mushroom shape.

The Tyrantrum craned its neck upwards, roaring its victory cry even as the citizens and trainers despaired. This mysterious Machamp, who appeared out of nowhere and somehow Gigantamax without a Power Spot, was seemingly defeated and their heads lowered. They then noticed their Pokémon instead observed the smoke even as their bodies froze. An Absol stood on top of a house and barked.

The smoke faded and the Gigantamax Machamp’s outline, shadowed by smoke and dust, appeared. The despair turned into a cheer and the Pokémon roared out, the Absol smirking. The Tyrantrum flinched, its eyes widening at its still standing opponent and it stepped back.

Kyle grinned before he charged forward, his fists clutched tight. Soon, all four fists contacted the Tyrantrum’s chest, who stood paralyzed in fear. It gave out another scream, flying back from the critical hit G-Max Chi Strike before crashing on the ground, landing on its side. An explosion appeared all around it before a white light engulfed Tyrantrum, its outline shrinking. It lay within its crater, formed by its formerly massive body, even as its eyes spiraled out.

Kyle flexed his limbs upwards, victorious, even as his body glowed white as well. His body’s outline shrunk while his body changed once more. He soon stopped glowed, standing as a five-foot-four regular Machamp once more. He looked at the wrist device, its power used up, and he nodded.

He turned over to Wicketdale and he spotted its citizens, trainers, and Pokémon charging towards him. His cheek blushed even as his top right hand rubbed the back of his head. Even as a Pokémon, he was not used to the attention.

The first that arrived was the Absol, who said nothing though Kyle believed they could understand each other. Instead, the Absol gave him a knowing nod before running off again. He stared at his white fur until he disappeared out of sight. Then hundreds of trainers, citizens, and Pokémon came around him, each speaking so much that he couldn’t hear one over the other. Instead, he just nodded. He found that to be useful when he worked in customer service.


That day, known as the Day of Counterattack, became a well-known town holiday for the people and Pokémon of Wicketdale. That day where they reenact the attack of a seemingly invincible Dynamaxed Tyrantrum before a Machamp came and saved them all. Travelers from all over the world came to see the town on the day, each market now selling Machamp merchandise that couldn’t stay on the shelves even as Scorbunny Pokédolls rotted on them.

Within the death tally, there was only one known death in the entire attack: Kyle Barrett. And yet, though eyewitnesses sworn up and down that they saw him crushed underneath a boulder, his body was undiscovered, and the only evidence found at the supposed death location was a pair of footprints. Most unusual about those footprints was that they weren’t human but Machamp’s footprints. Some believed that, rather than dying, he was rescued by the Machamp and disappeared in the chaos. One man claimed that Kyle is the Machamp, but he was ignored.

As for the Machamp, that Pokémon savior stayed to help repair the town before leaving. Though news about a mysterious Machamp that somehow Gigantamax outside of a Power Spot appeared throughout Galar. And, whenever a Dynamaxed Pokémon attacked Wicketdale and couldn’t fight it off, the Machamp reappeared and Gigantamaxed to fight them off. As such, the people of Wicketdale believed that they are the same Machamp and, at the town square, they post newspaper coverage whenever their savior appeared to save a life or even a city.


Kyle stood on a hill, four of his arms crossed against his broad chest. The Wild Area spread out wide before him, with snowstorms freezing trees on one end and heatwaves cooking trees on the other end. He stood between the two areas and he crouched low. He pressed one of his hands against the ground and it felt a rumble.

Soon, he spotted a shadowy outline of a Dynamaxed Pokémon, with three clouds hovering over its head. A blizzard surrounded its body as it flew over the area, the ground rumbling more. Soon, the Pokémon became clear enough to be seen, with white wings flapping against the earth. Its deep blue eyes looked over at its destination, a city by the name of Hammerlocke. It gave out a song-like cry, throwing blizzards around like kicking sands.

Kyle grunted, raising one of his arms over his face. This may not be an easy fight, he noted. But, as long as those with massive power abused it against those weaker than them, he will continue fighting. He sprinted down the hill, all four of his arms glowing before he leaped into the sky. All four of his hands slammed against the Dynamaxed Frosmoth in the face in an X-like shape. The Frosmoth hovered back, reeling from the Cross Chop attack and shaking its head before it looked down upon Machamp. He grinned before he pressed the deep red button on his watch-like device and a white light engulfed him.

Let’s begin.

The Legend of Machamp (critique requested)


Here's my half of the art trade with [da:Midday-Mew] and this time it didn't take years to write it. XD;

To explain the behind the scenes of this story, I actually began writing it back in April not too long after I finished A Name More (as an aside note, I'll begin posting that story tomorrow). However, computer problems (which I mentioned all the way back in Aleph's Foxy Adventures) force me to delay working on it and instead work on emergency commissions. At this point, I'm 90% sure that the problem with the computer is the new motherboard and, while I was thinking that installing a BIOS update could fix it, the first thing I found out is, based on some websites I seen and even the ASUS website said (the new motherboard is from ASUS. I also like to point out that the old motherboard, and the computer itself, was done by HP if that helps), the necessary folder to put the BIOS update is missing. Second thing is, if I was reading the files correctly, the motherboard already has the latest update. As such, I'm basically stuck and clueless as to how to proceed with it. At this point, I like to get a new computer, but because of all of these lockdowns and restrictions due to COVID-19 causing a chip shortage, I doubt that I'll get one anytime soon. Until then, bye bye Steam games.

I did finally completed the rough draft of the story not too long after I did The Dragon Mage, though it took me a while to do the final draft. Part of that was due to procrastination since, because college is done with the semester and work has me doing opening shifts (as in getting up at 4 AM to get to work at 5), the only place I can write is at home which I have a poor track record on. The other part was that I had a depression attack that caused me to lash out in a stream, which I regrets even now, and it took me out of writing. Fortunately, some very good friends, even a couple from the stream itself, helped me through it. It helped that Miitopia was just released, which proved to be very good therapy for me. XD;;

In any case, I hope you enjoy this story. =)


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