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16 May 2013 at 00:04:26 MDT

Made by Foxena.

This is my fursona, looking over the swords and kunai on his wall. As you can see, they are all color coded for your own convenience. I'll give out a description on all of his bladed weapons.

Weapon #1) The Spiorad (the red one):

It's an Athrú weapon that they can summon through their own elemental magic (Daren’s a fire user, so it appears out of fire). It seems to, from an observer point of view, came out from where the heart is (which’s, under Athrú’s biology, in the right side of the body). It can also appear as an animal that the Athrú’s anthro form is under their elemental magic. Their Spiorad are different for each Athrú, so for Daren, it’s a long sword.

Weapon #2) Géar (the blue one):

It's a katana he got from the great sword-maker, Ken Kurieitā. Like his other swords, Mr. Kurieitā imbued it with magical properties in the steel which he calls Ekusukaribā(which can be nullified by the magical steel, Nuru). In Géar's case, it's the ability to cut through even the words of someone when they're speaking. However, it requires great amount of magic and/or magical control to property wield it or else the sword would get really, really heavy (as in bone crushing heavy).

Weapon #3) Kakaru (the green one):

It's the sister sword of Géar, made by Ken Kurieitā for O-Ren Yukinochi for her revenge on the Yakuza who killed her family. She soon later becomes what she hated: A Yakuza, which she quickly rose in ranks. Among the activities she has done is killed Mr. Kurieitā's youngest son, which's why he made Géar for Daren: for revenge against her. After Daren killed her (which took a really long time), he took Kakaru in respect of O-Ren. Like Géar, Kakaru has the magical abilities in its blade. It's the ability to generate shields against range attacks and, if made contact with an opponent, drains their magic from them. It has the same drawbacks as Géar, but only even bigger.

Weapon #4) Bás (the kunai):

Little is known about the origins of Bás. What is known is that, after Daren played a game against Death, he gained this weapon as a reward, though it carries the curse of death. It is said that, because Daren wields it, death will always follow him, which is why Daren always runs into troubles that often involves someone dying in his adventures. It's blessing is that, if Daren successfully hits someone with Bás, they are marked for death in 24 hours unless they kill the wielder of it or if they are incredibility powerful to the point of deity level. However, Daren will only use it against someone who has passed the moral event horizon.

Whew. That's a lot of exposition. Sorry, guys. ^.|.^;

Anyways, thank you, Overlord Fox, for this wonderful picture.