A-Fox Ranks Up by foxgamer01 (critique requested)

A-Fox Ranks Up

Welp, that was far too annoying just to only get a fried chicken leg. The feral red fox with a pink underbelly and two tails walked through a forest with a large mountain looming nearby, chicken leg in mouth. How could such people get so annoyed at such a hungry little kitsune who was just hungry to the point of chasing him for a mile?

Then again, A-Fox is always hungry.

A-Fox, so-called because of the white A on his back, was once taken in by a mage when he only had one tail. He still remembered it clear as day when, after getting bullied out of a group for his weak magic even for a single-tailed kitsune, a mage came by and examined him. The wizard said that A-Fox has what is called a ‘divine pneuma,’ but that mage wouldn’t elaborate what he meant by that. Just that the A on his back is a sign for having it.

Since then, A-Fox had been cursed for a lifetime as a way for the mage to control the kitsune. Right next to the transformation section, the mage applied two curses that left him with an insatiable appetite and a stomach that has no limit to how much it could hold. With the wizard’s tower in a far-out place, he was the only one who could feed A-Fox and, because his hunger pangs never go away, at best ignored for only so long, the kitsune could never stray too far away from the tower without feeling hungry to his displeasure. And when he does, he got fed so much food that he couldn’t walk for days with a stomach that big.

That was his life until he gained his second tail.

It was an odd feeling, something that he wondered if other kitsunes experienced when they gained their new tail. A surging of power, filling him up far more than any foods he ate in a lifetime. As if a flood of power, long since building up, has been unleased at once, overcoming the tiny island.

In fact, so much power that he fought the mage and won, despite the tales saying that a mage is around the level of a four tailed kitsune. Perhaps those stories exaggerated how powerful they are since the mage went down as easy as A-Fox once did when he had one tail. As such, the mage lost all of his powers and is now living as a feral fox.

It’s almost a shame that A-Fox couldn’t find a way to remove those curses implanted onto him. Almost since A-Fox always liked eating foods, just that he ate far, far more than before.

So now there he was, eating a chicken leg, in the middle of a forest. Such a sweet chicken leg, with the crust, crisped to perfection, as well as the dark meat within. The sweet, crunchy taste flooded his tongue as his heartbeat fast in excitement. It was a shame that those people couldn’t let him have any more than just this.

It was then where A-Fox felt his tails tingled a bit. His ears twitched, but his teeth chewed through the chicken leg with a grin. Whatever that meant, it could wait until he finished-

He then blinked, looking at the leg that had somehow got smaller? Why did the leg get smaller, at around half of its original size? He stared at leg some more and saw that it was still getting smaller as the tingling feeling on tails increased. He then looked back at his tails and saw a golden glow around two of them.

Wait a minute, he thought as he straightened himself up and got a better look at his tails.

An even brighter glow in the shape of the third tail was there next to the other two.

His sea blue eyes widened as he looked around the area and saw that, like the chicken he was eating, the area was shrinking. Or rather, he was growing. Was this the power he gained when he got his third tail? He looked back at his tails and saw the third tail glow faded and solidified into a tail.

It would’ve been an amazing time if it wasn’t for the overwhelming power from before also making a comeback.

A-Fox gritted his teeth, his body growing large by the second. Just a minute before, he stood at around two feet on all four, but now he reached twenty feet with no sign of stopping. He emitted a growl, his iron-like muscles, despite his lanky looks flexing by instincts, as such power filled him up. Heck, it even made the last power surged back when he gained his second tail felt like a mere wave against a continent. Even the power gained from a deity potion felt like a walk in a park compared to this.

The trees then brushed against his red fur as he reached up to thirty feet tall, the leg now a mere speck to him. His growl became deeper as his paws dug into the ground, with the dirt getting ripped away for every foot taller he grew. His heart felt like it may explode in any second from the stress as his eyes closed shut.

The ground shook from the growing kitsune, the tails, also having grown larger on their own during this time separate from the rest of his body. Once, they were a decent tail, only half of his body each. But now even just one of his tails was larger than his body. His height grew up to fifty feet as his teeth gritted tighter, his tails straight behind him.

His head then turned up, and he gave out a massive roar that ranged within anyone’s ears for miles. The pace of his growth quickened, with him doubling in height, as his voice blew any loose leaves off the trees as his body crashed into the trees due to his growth. The rubbing against his fur from the trees decreased from feeling like he walked through tall grass to almost like walking on sand in several seconds. The power flowed through him easier as the ground shook more, his tails breaking down any trees in the way. Then the power flowed stopped as if it got dried out from the sun too close.

A-Fox flopped back as he emitted a sigh of relief and opened up his eyes. His sea blue eyes then skimmed down to the forest below, with shredded trees below where he stood. The paw holes he dug were almost like craters as he flopped back, and a great crack emitted from behind. He turned back and saw the mountain, once far and huge to the two-tailed kitsune he was, now near and small to the three-tailed kitsune. The kitsune blinked, being at 30,000 feet in only a few minutes of growing. At least it was just a forest and not a city. He shivered at the thought of growing within the city he was at only this morning. He may be a mischievous kitsune, but he doesn’t wish to kill anyone.

His muscles, sore throughout his body, limped down as he looked at his now massive tails with a small grin. Perhaps it was only a sign of his powers, but he always liked to have his tails huge. The macro abilities were just a bonus at this point.

A thought then occurred to him as he looked up at the noon sky. Could he also shrink in size, smaller than his regular size? That would be a useful ability to have since, with it, he would sneak into chicken shops while small and go to their supplies. Having a meal would be so much easier.

His stomach then growled as he looked down, the rumbling of a hungry belly heard and felt for miles away. He then gave out a grin as he looked over to the nearby city he was at.

If there was a perfect time to test out his new powers, this is it.

A-Fox Ranks Up (critique requested)


5 October 2019 at 20:31:40 MDT

Hey there, everyone. This is the first of two shorties (under 1500 words short stories) I've written while I was on vacation in California. I wish I could say that it ended well, but, if you follow me on Twitter, you'll see that that wasn't the case at all. >.|.>;;

In any case, I hope that you'll enjoy this story about A-Fox gaining his third tail.

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