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Corbyn and Meteo Love TF Story by foxgamer01

"Meteo, slow down please," Fox said.

Meteo did what she was told and slow down her climb up the mountain. Meteo was an Eevee, with long ears, a bushy tail, and wearing her Verdin bow. She was the leader of this team and the most eager to reach their destination. Fox was an Vulpix, with reddish fur and six tails. She, on the other hand, was worried on what they'll find.

"Are you sure we should've taken that mission?" Fox asked. "Pokémon has been disappearing-"

"We've gone through this back at our base," Meteo replied. "We'd agreed to accept it and solve the mystery."

The mission was to investigate this far off land, very far from their home. For many years, Pokémon had been disappearing without a trace in this one area. As of result, Pokémon don't come here or even live here. Those who were curious either disappeared too or came back with nothing.

The mission was given to them by a strange Pokémon who just asked them to take the mission and left. Fox, who heard stories of monsters living there, eating Pokémon, didn't want to go there. But Meteo, who heard nothing of those stories, convinced her to go. This led them to this place with Fox still very worried about it.

"I just hope we don't encounter any monsters," Fox remarked.

"They're just stories," Meteo said. "Don't be so worried. We'll get out of here once we learn what happened to them."

"OK. . . ." Then Fox said to herself, "Just stay calm. . . . Everything will be alright."

So the two climbed up the mountain and, when they reached the top, they saw something unusual. On the ground was what seems to be a crack of an unusual kind. It was only a yard long and fairly thin. At the position where they were standing at, it looked like it was grinning at them. But the most unusual part was it seems to be pouring out a faint white mist.

Meteo, curious, slowly walked closer to it, but Fox told her, "No! Don't go closer!"

"I'm just getting close enough to use my Dimensional Scream," Meteo replied.

The Dimensional Scream was an unusual ability that Meteo had. It allowed her to see bits of the past or the future events depending on what she touched. But ever since that event had been settled, the power had gradually gotten weaker and weaker. Meteo hoped that it was strong enough to see what happened here.

Meteo touched the mist and she felt queasy, the sign that she was about to experience a Dimensional Scream. A flash a light and she saw an event.

A Pokémon climbed up the mountain and saw the crack, which was at that time was pouring out the white mist. Though clearly nervous, it got closer and closer until to it. As soon as it touched the crack, something happened. The crack seems to open wide, like a mouth, and thicker white mist poured out of it. The mist looked like it grabbed the Pokémon and pulled it in. Though it tried to escape, it was fruitless. The Pokémon was then forced inside the crack and it returned to its original state, just without the mist.

The Dimensional Scream ended and Meteo realized the truth, but it was too late. The crack opened wide and thicker mist took a hold of her. She tried to break free, but the mist was too strong.

"Fox!" Meteo shouted.

"Meteo!" Fox screamed back and ran to help her friend, but Meteo was pulled in and the crack closed. Fox touched the crack, but it would not open. "Meteo! METEO!!"

Unbeknownst to her, Meteo Verdin bow was halfway in, with the crack power pouring into it.

Meteo was falling through the white mist, screaming for her friend. After awhile, she doesn't know how much time had passed; it seems to last forever. She wished she could stop falling and she went to the other side of the crack.

When she reached it, she fell onto the ground with a thud. Meteo, dazzled and confused from the fall, struggled to get up. When she got up and her sights returned what she was the most stunning thing she's ever saw.

There were houses, human houses. This stunned her because, back at her home, humans were nearly extinct. In fact, seeing one human was just as impressive as seeing a Legendary Pokémon. So to see a group of humans was nearly impossible.

Before she could even step a foot on the sidewalk, she saw a human walking by, towards her location. This human had black hair with his sky blue eyes looking at the ground. His yellow shirt was untucked from his blue jeans which reached down to his gray shoes.

Meteo was very nervous when his eyes noticed her. But then he went back to staring at the ground and walked past her, as if he's used to seeing Eevees like her. Meteo stared at him for a while before she decided to move on.

As she traveled through the town, she saw several humans walking by, but one was an anthro three-tailed fox walking by, stunning her. The fox had orange, white, and black fur at their usual places, but with unusual fur markings too. There was a green crescent on his knees and a yellow crescent on his arms. There was also a red mark on his ears, a half crescent on the outer part of his eyes, and a red ring between the orange and the white tip of his three tails. He was also wearing a necklace with a blue jewel on his neck, which was the only thing he was wearing, and was holding a strange rod.

He did noticed Meteo, but he continued on his way without stopping. When he walked past Meteo, she turned around and saw another mark on his back. It was a red, diamond shape mark that wasn't filled in. Weird out by that bizarre fox, she ran as far away as she can. After a bit, she stopped and while she was catching her breath, she looked across the street.

There she saw a store of some kind. There were pictures on it; pictures of a mustached human in red and blue, a man wearing a thick, tight suit, and a blue hedgehog with shoes. Right in front of the store was a tall and thin human standing there. His dark brown hair and brown eyes were flatten forward and child-like respectively. He was wearing a suit, brown with blue pinstripes, a dark tie with white swirls, and cream-colored shoes.

He noticed Meteo, but he takes it to stride and walked inside the store. Meteo stared at the place for a minute before continuing on her way. She then walked onto a field with humans on it, just standing there. They don't seem to do anything, so she continued walking.

Meteo heard a ping, got hit by something on the head, and everything went dark.

Meteo slowly opened her eyes as she gave out a moan. She felt a heavy headache, slightly making her dizzy. When she got a clear view, she was startled on what she saw.

Meteo was in one of the human houses. She looked at the walls that were keeping her in and noticed that they were blue. There were also a table and two chairs that were larger than the ones at the guild. When she looked at what she was laying on, she noticed it was a basket with a blanket in it.

"Ah," Meteo heard someone said. "You're awake. I was getting worried."

Meteo looked up and saw a human there, standing there and looking at her. His black hair was not long, but also not short and his brown eyes were kind. He was wearing a shirt and pants that were both blue. He was also holding something.

He went closer to Meteo, yet seems a bit shy at it. Though her first instinct was to run, but her head was pounding hard, making her unable to move around much. He eventually went close to Meteo and he slowly put on what he was holding onto her head. When it touched her head, Meteo shivered a bit because it was cold.

"Sorry," he said. "It's ice. It's supposed to keep the swelling down."

"It's OK," Meteo said. "What hit me anyways?"

"A baseball," he explained. "You were knocked cold. You were lucky I was nearby to help you."

"Yeah," Meteo remarked. "It's worse than getting hit by a Gravelerock."

"Anyways, my name's Corbyn," he said. "What's yours?"

"Meteo," she said.

"Nice name. Anyways, what were you doing on a baseball field? You should know that isn't a place to be in when there's a game being played there."

"I was exploring the town," Meteo explained. "I had never seen so many humans in one place."

Corbyn looked at her confusingly and shyly asked, "Um, where are you from?"

"Sharpedo Bluff," Meteo answered. "Nearby Treasure Town and Wigglytuff's Guild."

Corbyn raised an eyebrow and said, "Huh? But that only exists in. . . . How did you come into this town?"

"Well, my friend and partner, Fox and I were exploring a place where Pokémon were disappearing," Meteo explained. "We come across this crack in the ground and it open up and swallow me in when I got too close. I fell through the white mist and it led to this human town."

"Hmmm," Corbyn mumbled to himself. "Could this crack be what I think it is?"

"What do you mean?" Meteo asked.

"I need to check the crack for myself, but I think it's a Spacetime Crack," Corbyn explained. "They're very rare to find. I'd never seen on myself."

"What makes you think it's a Spacetime Crack?" Meteo asked.

"Because your home, Sharpedo Bluff, doesn't exist here in this world," Corbyn reluctantly answered.

"Huh?" Meteo said. "What do you-"

"Just wait here," Corbyn said and he left the room. Meteo sighed as she placed her head on her paws. She knows it exists since she lived there. Corbyn returned, holding some sort of picture. When Meteo saw it, she noticed it showed Sharpedo Bluff, but strangely different. "I do believe this is your home?"

"Yes," Meteo replied. "But why does it look . . . strange?"

"Because," Corbyn hesitated, "because it's from a game. A game of the world where you came from. A game called Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky."

"Huh? A . . . game?" Meteo said slowly. "So I'm from a game?"

"No," Corbyn replied. "Your world exists just as you exist. You're just in the human world where it happens to have games about your world."

"OK," Meteo said, yawning. "I think I'm going to sleep."

"OK," Corbyn said. "It's night time anyways. I hope you have a good sleep."

"Thank you. Good night."

"Nini. By the way Meteo," Corbyn told her, "you got a nice name."

Meteo didn't know what to say about it. The lights turn off, but one could still see her blushing in the dark.

Meteo stirred and woke from her sleep. The bruised on her head was mostly healed so she was better. She looked around and was surprised to found Corbyn sleeping on a chair nearby. She then blush a little as she looked at him. Corbyn then woke up also, feeling a little stiffed. As he tried to stretch out, Meteo couldn't help but giggled a little. Corbyn heard her and he smiled as he turned around to look at her.

"Good morning Meteo," Corbyn said. "How are you feeling?"

"Better than last night," Meteo replied.

"That's good," Corbyn said.

Meteo then heard a door opened and shut as she heard a female voice said, "Hey Corbyn. Is your little friend awake?"

Another human then entered the room. She had short brown hair with eyes the color of emeralds. She wore a horizontal striped shirt with yellow and black that go down to her khaki shorts. On her feet were blue and white color sneakers.

"Good morning Gabby," Corbyn said to her.

"Corbyn?" Meteo asked. "Who's she?"

"I'm Gabby," Gabby answered. "Corbyn sister."

"Oh," Meteo said, sighing. "My name's Meteo."

"Aren't you a cute Eevee," Gabby remarked as she got closer and petted Meteo.

"Yeah," Meteo said, smiling. She then realized something important. "Corbyn? If the world where I came from is a game here, then why's no one surprised to see me here?"

"Oh, I forgot to tell you," Corbyn explained, "that you aren't the only Pokémon here in this town."

"What do you mean?" Meteo asked.

"Well," Gabby answered as she got up and went to the window, "there are Pokémon living here and around for years. Look, there goes a couple of Pokémon right now."

"Huh?" Meteo said as she went to the window and see for herself.

She was surprised when she saw them because they were unlike any Eevees she had ever seen. One looked like a normal with bits of his evolutions there. He had the ears of a Flareon, the cheeks and back spines of a Jolteon, the paws of a Vaporeon, the red gem of an Espeon, the bands of an Umbreon, the leaves of a Leafeon, and the furry tail of a Glaceon.

The other Eevee fur was black and white. In fact, the fur pattern resembled a skunk, especially with the extra fluffy tail. She wore a large blue crystal necklace around her neck.

Meteo looked at them, flabbergasted, as Corbyn explained, "The Pokemon here has . . . more variety in looks."

"Who are they?" Meteo asked.

"Eesto is the Eevee with the bits of his evolutions," Corbyn answered. "Nevah is the black and white one."

"I see," Meteo said.

"Um, Meteo?" Corbyn asked shyly. "Care for a walk around town? Maybe find the place where you came from?"

"Um," Meteo responded, blushing. "Sure."

"OK," Corbyn said as he opened the door. Meteo followed and they both went off.

"I hope your walk goes great!" Gabby said to the two.

So Meteo and Corbyn had their little walk around town. Along the way, Meteo saw a very unusual sight. A three-tailed fox, similar to the one she saw yesterday but feral now, was flying above them. He actually had white feathered wings to fly with. Corbyn waved out to him as if he knows him.

"Do you know who he is?" Meteo asked.

"Yes," Corbyn replied. "He's Chris, the three-tailed kitsune and my best friend."

"How come he has wings?"

"Because he inherited them from his grandfather."

The two continued to walk through town then they saw another human. His hair was red with his eyes deep as the deep sea. He wore a purple polo shirt with blue jeans and a white lab coat. His shoes were tan in color and he was holding a notebook. He was talking to himself that sounded to Meteo to be utter nonsense except about a storm that was coming.

After they passed him, a pack of a mix between dogs and Houndour appeared. Corbyn timidly went behind Meteo when they started to bark at them, especially to Corbyn. Without any warning, they lunged at them to attack.

Luckily, Meteo reacted quickly and, using Secret Power, she knocked most of them back, some of them paralyzed by the attack. They got the message and left them alone.

"Wow," Corbyn said, collapsing onto the sidewalk. "Thank you."

"You're welcome," Meteo said as she looked around. "Hey. We're here."

Corbyn quickly got up and followed Meteo to the place there she entered the world. There they encountered the crack that was pouring out white mist. Corbyn, careful to not touched it, examined it.

"Hmmm," Corbyn mumered. "It is a Spacetime Crack."

"What is a Spacetime Crack anyways?" Meteo asked.

"It's a crack on the fabric of realities," Corbyn explained. "Unlike a normal crack, these led to other worlds. Because of that, even if we removed the wall, the crack would still be there."

"How can a crack like this be formed?"

"I don't know. A major explosion? Powerful enough to damaged the walls between realities."

"Do you think it can lead me back home?" Meteo asked.

"Cracks like this one goes two ways," Corbyn said. He then noticed something. "Huh? What's this?"

Corbyn, forgetting the effects of the crack if he touched it, tried to remove something in the crack. Some sorts of energy pour into Corbyn body as the crack opened up and took a hold of him. Meteo, realizing this, grabbed Corbyn and tried to pull him out, but they were both pulled in.

As they fell through the crack, something began to happen to Corbyn. Blue fur appeared in Corbyn hand and spreads up to his arms. His shoes and socks then burst from his changing feet as they changed to digitigrades and covered in blue fur.

His ears then began to get longer and moved up his head as a muzzle forms from his nose and mouth. White fur covered his head below the nose while blue fur was above it. His hair became shorter as it became blue as a white fur collar forms on his chest and around his neck. It then fluffed up a bit.

His eyes changed from brown to blue as he shrunk to feral size. His hands and feet had already become paws at the time. His clothes become looser and looser while a bushy tail covered in blue fur with a white tip appeared.

The two felled through until they reached the other side of the crack. They crashed into Fox when they appeared in the Pokémon world. All three were dazzled and confused and, as soon as Meteo and Fox regained their senses, they noticed each other and hugged.

"Meteo!" Fox cried out.

"Fox!" Meteo replied.

"I thought you were gone for good!"

"I thought so too! I missed you!"

"I missed you too! I never thought that a half hour could be so long!"

"A half hour!?" Meteo shouted. "B-but that was a whole day!"

"Maybe it's because time's different in my world," Corbyn suggested when he regained his senses.

When Meteo turned and saw the transformed Corbyn, she cried out, "Corbyn! You've change a blue Eevee now!"

Corbyn, confused, looked down and he saw his paws, not hands. Startled, he moved and realized how much he shrunk by the loose and heavy clothes. Corbyn went out of them and looked at his transformed body, especially his tail, with wonder. "Wow. This is cool!"

"Huh?" Meteo said.

"I always wanted to be an Eevee, especially a blue Eevee!" Corbyn told her. "It's like a dream come true!"

"OK!" Fox shouted to the two. "Can you both explain what happened and why you have blue fur instead of brown?!"

Meteo, Fox, and Corbyn walked to the base in Sharpedo Bluff as the two explained to Fox about the world where Corbyn came from. They also told her about the unusual fur colors and patterns of the Pokémon there, which may be why Corbyn had blue fur since he came from there. When they got to the reason why Corbyn transformed, he said, "I think I know that changed me."

"What?" Meteo and Fox both asked.

"This," Corbyn replied and handed out what was in the crack.

"My Verdin bow!" Meteo said as she took it.

"It was in the crack," Corbyn explained. "I guess it only got in halfway between worlds. Anyways, when I touched it, some sort of energy entered my body."

"The Verdin bow does have some strange powers," Meteo said. "But I didn't think that it could do that when a human touches it!"

"Maybe some sort of effect of the crack empowered it?" Fox suggested.

"Maybe," Corbyn said. He then sighed a bit. "I do wish my sister is here. She must be lonely back at home."

Once he said that, Corbyn tail began to glow and white mist appeared from it. They were surprised to saw it happened. Once the mist stop appearing, Corbyn and Fox hid behind Meteo as the mist swirls around until it looked like a portal. The next thing they knew, a Cubone felled out of there as the mist disappeared.

Meteo went closer to the Cubone and asked, "Are you alright?"

"Uck, I think so," the Cubone said with a female voice as she struggled to get up. "What happened? One minute I was eating lunch and the next I'm here."

"Gabby!" Corbyn shouted, recognizing the voice. He then helped her get up from the ground.

When she saw Corbyn, she said, "Who . . . are you?"

"It's me. Corbyn."

"Corbyn!" Gabby cried out."But you're a blue Eevee."

"Yeah. What do you think?" Corbyn said, smiling. "You look great as a Cubone, by the way."

"Huh?" Gabby said and looked at her now transformed body. She gave out a squeak of surprised and tried to felt her face, but was stopped by her boney helmet. She then examined her body, feeling her tail, and noticed her bone club nearby and she'd picked it up. "I always wanted to be a Cubone. They're so cute."

"But can anyone explain what the heck happened?" Fox demanded.

"Hmmm," Corbyn mumbled. "Maybe the crack gave me some sort of power?"

"Well, you did say that you wished your sister was here," Meteo remarked.

"Yeah," Corbyn said. "The more, the merrier."

So the four went to Sharpedo Bluff and as Meteo and Fox collected the award, Corbyn and Gabby rested inside the base. Eventually they returned with a lot more money and they all talked about their previous adventures. Then night came and they decided to sleep. But Meteo and Corbyn were unable to sleep.

"Corbyn?" Meteo asked. "Are you still awake?"

"Yeah," Corbyn answered. "Couldn't sleep."

"Corbyn," Meteo said, "I don't know what to say except thank you for coming."

"No problem," Corbyn replied. He then got up and went closer to Meteo. "Meteo?"


"What do you think of me?" Corbyn asked.

"Um, well," Meteo said, flustered, "I think you're a very nice human and Pokémon. A little shy, but nice."

"I . . . see," Corbyn said. "Well, I think you're brave. Very brave."

"That's nice to hear," Meteo said. "Corbyn? Do you like me?"

"Like you?" Corbyn replied, flustering himself. "Uh. Er. Yes. Yes, I do. In fact, even more than like you."

"What do you mean?" Meteo asked, getting up.

"I think this might answer your question."

Corbyn went closer to Meteo until he kissed her. Meteo was at first shocked, but then she kissed back.

So the two slept together that night and didn't even separate.

Corbyn and Meteo Love TF Story


17 February 2013 at 23:43:16 MST

Well, here's a Valentines story with a transformation scene back in 2011. I did it when I offered a request to a friend, CorbynPrower. I had fun writing it. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Meteo, Fox, Chris, Eesto and Nevah are (c) to Tails230.

Corbyn is (c) to CorbynPrower.

Gabby is (c) to CorbynPrower's online sister.

All others are (c) to me.

Pokémon are (c) to Nintendo.

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