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Arturo and Biro go to Camp (Chapter Five) by foxfan1992

Arturo and Biro go to Camp (Chp 5)

Timothy tried to get up again, but his shoes kept slipping in the mud and he fell over on his butt.

"Hehe, c'mon Tim, let me help you" said Biro, standing behind the little raccoon and putting his hands under the little raccoon's arms to help him up.

"Thanks Biro" squeaked Timothy, he tried to steady himself but his shoes just couldn't get a grip.

Jake giggled to Gin as Timothy slipped and slid around in the mud.

"Maybe we should help them"

"Hehe, sure!" said Gin

But Arturo was already helping them.

"I'm fine, Art, this is funny!!" laughed Biro, splashing Art with the mud. Timothy giggled.

Arturo pulled a face as if to say "This is not funny" and offered both his hands to Biro and Timothy.

Timothy took Arturo's hand and stood up, but his feet kept slipping and sliding around.

"Oh no, help!" cried Timothy, he tried to steady himself, but he couldn't.

Biro couldn't help laughing at Timothy's situation. “Hahahaahahahahaha...awrrr...sorry...I...can't stop”

Gin arrived and picked Timothy up, carrying him out of the mud, while Arturo helped Biro to stand up.

"Thank you!" squeaked Timothy, smiling sweetly at Gin.

Gin shook his hands to get rid of some mud that clung to his fur.

Timothy looked unhappily at his favourite shorts and his blue shirt, which were stained brown with mud.

Biro's clothes were unclean too, but he was still laughing.

“Look at your shirt, it's your favorite one!” said Arturo, in his sign-language.

"I guess Biro really loves getting dirty" said Friendly

“It doesn't matter, it can be cleaned later” said Biro

Timothy went over to Friendly and hugged him.

"Awww" said Friendly, before snuggling his friend to make him feel better.

“It's more fun when we play together and nobody can say to us what or how to play... I want to go home” Arturo said with his sign language.

"I wanna go home too" squeaked Timothy.

“There's a fun part to everything, we can't just do stuff that we always do; C'mon Art, this is the last day at this camp, then we can go home”

"Yeah, we're only here for tonight, then we go home tomorrow morning" said Friendly, rubbing Timothy's furry back to comfort him. Timothy murred happily as he felt Friendly's paw rubbing his back and he hugged Friendly tightly.

"What are we doing next?" asked Jake, impatiently.

“Hide from the people who are organizing this, that is what we're doing next!” Arturo said with his sign-language, only Biro saw him.

“Art says that is time to have some fun” said Biro,

Arturo frowned at Biro. That was NOT what he had said.

"Yeah, we're still waiting for our next activity" said Friendly.

"Why are we waiting... why are we waiting?" mumbled Jake, impatiently.

“So... what is the next activity?” asked Biro.

“I'll go to the restroom” Arturo said, before he ran away towards the restrooms.

“Hehe, I think it was urgent” said Biro.

"If I stay in the restroom for an hour, then I won't have to take part in the next activity... I don't think anyone will miss me" thought Arturo.

"Can we go ride our bikes when we've finished this activity, Biro?" asked Timothy.

"That will be fun" smiled Friendly, putting his paw on Timothy's shoulder.

“Sure!” said Biro

“Yay!” said Timothy, hugging Biro again.

“Oh, hehe!” said Biro, hugging Timothy back. Timothy murred happily.

"I don't think Arturo wants to join in the activities anymore" said Jake

“Hey, Gin, do you want to join the hug?” said Biro, extending his arm out to the skunk.

Gin put on a disgusted face. “Erm... No, no, I'm fine, hehe, thank you”

"Come on! What's the delay?!" barked Jake.

Just then, the host started to talk.

"Now then everyone, our next activity is going to take place over there" said the host, pointing to a big ladder and a lot of ropes heading into the trees*

"Uh-oh. Something tells me I'm not gonna like this" whimpered Timothy.

"Don't worry, Art and me can help you... depends on the rules, of course....

Where is Art? is he still in the restroom?”

"Uh-huh" said Timothy.

"Well...I think I need to go and see if he's alright" said Biro

"I hope he's okay" squeaked Timothy, as he followed Biro to the restroom.

"Hey, Arturo, are you in here?" called Biro, bending down to see if he could find Arturo's feet.

"Hey Art! are you ok?" he said, when he noticed Arturo pacing around inside the cubicle. "The next activity will start in few minutes and you are taking a while, so I came here to... stay with you until you came out, you know, for not to be late"

Timothy looked through the window to see if everyone was going to leave without them.

"They look like they're gonna go soon!" he squeaked anxiously.

Arturo passed a note to Biro, who took it and read it.

"You can go to the activity, I want to be alone this time"

"Oh, Art, I understand what's going on; and I want to apologize with you for bringing you to this place"

Timothy read the note in Biro's paw.

"I thought it could be really nice for us, I'd seen you so sad so I wanted to bring you in a place where we can have fun together"

"I'm glad we met each other!" said Timothy

"Even though you don't like it here, you have to accept it, we found really good friends" said Biro, "But this time I want to ask you... what can I do to make you happier? I would do anything"

Arturo opened the door, speaking in his sign language: "I think I've been selfish, I have the best friend ever of this world and I only can think about me, thank you for this, and tell Tim thank you for his new friendship, this is my last effort for trying to pass a good time, let's go to the activity"

Timothy smiled happily at Arturo as Biro translated his sign-language to the younger raccoon.

"Well, if you don't want to go to the activity, we can get away together and reappear when the activity finishes" suggested Biro.

Just then, Jake opened the door.

"Hey, what's taking you guys so long?" he yapped.

"Let's go to the activity" said Arturo

Timothy suddenly farted loudly. Art and Biro stared at the chubby little raccoon with wide eyes. Timothy blushed.

"Sorry" he squeaked.

Jake giggled. "I'd better not come in there, it sounds a bit contagious"

"Are we gonna go, or shall we stay in here?" asked Timothy, trying as hard as he could to understand what Biro and Arturo wanted to do.

"LET'S GOO!!" cried Biro"

"Yay!" squeaked Timothy, as he and his friends emerged from the restrooms.

"Hey, they've already gone. If we go now we can join in too" said Jake

Biro hugged Arturo as they walked towards the ladders and tightropes.

Biro: "Oh, I think they're waiting for us. I wonder what the next activity is"

"I'm not very good at climbing" squeaked Timothy, as he walked alongside Biro.

"Him neither" said Biro, pointing to Arturo, "Hehe"

"Don't worry Timothy, Biro can help you" said Jake.

"Of course I will" said Biro

"Thanks" Timothy smiled, feeling a little bit better.

Friendly: "Yeah, don't worry Timothy. We'll help you out if you get stuck"

"Who is going to help me if I get stuck?" Arturo whispered into Biro's ear.

"Maybe Tim?" suggested Biro.

Jake chuckled to himself.

"We'll help each other out if any of us get stuck" said Friendly.

"So....what do we have to do?" asked Biro.

"Gather round everyone" said the Host.

"We're about to find out" said Friendly.

"Now, this is the adventurous part that you've all been waiting for no doubt. This is going to be a competitive match between all three tribes"

Timothy gulped nervously.

"I think I'm going to regret not staying in the restroom" whispered Arturo into Biro's ear.

"Oh don't worry, it's nothing dangerous" said the Host, seeing that some of the kids looked nervous. "Now, all along this apparatus are tokens that you must collect and bring back here. You'll have to work as a team. At the end of the activity, the team with the most tokens in the bucket wins the grand prize! Now, you can only carry two tokens at once. There are hundreds of them all through this area of the woods, some on the apparatus, and some on the ground. You can carry them in your hands, or you can put them in your pockets"

"I don't have any pockets" sighed Timothy.

"well, you have hands, and a tail, a big spongy tail" said Biro. Timothy blushed.

"Yes you do, there's one right here" said Friendly, putting his paw inside the pocket on Timothy's butt and wiggling his paw around inside it.

Timothy began to giggle helplessly. "Help! Stop, stop! Heeheehee!"

Arturo, Biro and Jake chuckled together as Friendly took his paw out of Timothy's pocket.

"Yes, you can keep a token in that pocket" said Biro, "Art has too many pockets... maybe he will win"

Arturo shook his head doubtfully.

well... when will start the activity?" asked Biro

"So, does everyone get it?" asked the Host.

"Yes!" shouted Biro.

"Of course! Let's start" said Gin.

"Okay then, go!" said the Host, blowing his whistle and standing aside, letting the kids onto the apparatus.

Timothy looked up at the ladders, ropes and zip lines and gulped nervously.

Biro ran at the apparatus, before climbing a rope with agility, and then there he found a token... he put it in his jeans' pocket.

Timothy carefully clambered up one of the ladders.

"Just don't look down, Timothy" advised Friendly.

Jake climbed up another one of the ladders and headed up towards a zip-line.

Biro was still running across the apparatus, he passed through a slide, but another kid pushed him off and into the mud below.

"Hey, that's not fair!!" cried Biro, as he saw the kid collect the token he was after. The kid just stuck his tongue out at Biro and kept going.

"Biro! Where are you" called Timothy, as he climbed the ladder towards the slide.

"Down here, Timothy" said Biro, getting up and brushing himself off.

Arturo didn't climb the apparatus like the other kids, he was walking around the apparatus, searching without much desire on the floor for a token. Suddenly, he saw Biro and ran to him.

"There probably aren't many tokens down there Arturo" said Friendly, as he clambered higher towards Timothy.

Timothy got to the top and saw Biro in the mud below.

"What happened?!" he squeaked.

"Nothing, I fell... I'm fine... let's continue!!!" said Biro, getting up and climbing up a climbing wall. Timothy waited for him at the top.

Arturo continued searching on the ground, hoping to find a token that had fallen from the apparatus.

"Okay then, have it your way Arturo" said Friendly, smiling down at him. "I'm going over to this zip line"

"Come on Biro! We've got to get some tokens!" squeaked Timothy

"Hey, there's another one!!" exclaimed Biro, retrieving the token and looking at Timothy. "Take it, I already have one"

"Okay, can you put it in my pocket?" asked Timothy, turning around so Biro could open the pocket on his shorts. Biro blushed.

"Oh! Emm.. hehe, okey" Biro said, putting the token in Timothy's pocket and sealing the velcro flap.

"Thank you" smiled Timothy.

Friendly got onto one of the zip lines and flew through the forest. "Wheeeee!" he cried.

Jake got onto another zip line and flew off in another direction. "Yahoooooo!!!!"

Biro arrived with Tim at the zip line that Jake had just taken.

"Do you want to go first?" Biro asked the little raccoon.

"Ummm" said Timothy, he didn't really want to take the zip line. "Do I have to?"

"Not if you don't want to, but I'll go, hehe... Emm.. C'mon Tim, it will be fun, it would be better if we could ride this at the same time, but we can't... do you want to be first or after me?"

"I think I'd better go first" squeaked Timothy.

"Okey... grab it well, I'll see you at the other side" said Biro.

Timothy held onto the zip-line, but he started trembling.

"I don't like this..." he squeaked timidly.

"It will be fun!! You'll see" said Biro

"Okay... can you give me a push?" asked Timothy, trying to control his trembling.

"Nothing bad will happen" said Biro, and without another word he gave Timothy a push.

"Woah!!!" cried Timothy, as he flews through the forest after Jake.

Soon, Timothy landed on a small platform around a pine tree. He looked around for another token.

"Sorry Timothy, I've got the last one here" said Jake with a chuckle, sliding down the ladder and running back to the buckets.

Art suddenly landed next to Timothy.

Timothy sighed. "Jake took the last token here, Arturo"

Biro came next, he landed on the platform between Timothy and Arturo.

"Anything here guys?" he asked.

"Jake took the last one" sighed Timothy. "Come on, let's go"

Timothy walked over to the ladder and started to climb down, but he suddenly lost his footing.

"Oh no! HELP!" Timothy cried, as his feet flailed around in midair.

"Nooo Tim!" shouted Biro, rushing down another ladder and standing underneath Timothy.

"Help!" cried Timothy, beginning to sniffle as he tried to get back on the ladder. Suddenly, Timothy fell from the ladder.

Biro tried to catch Timothy, but he wasn't very strong and Timothy was heavy.

"Ouch!" cried Timothy, as he landed on top of Biro and sniffled.

"Ouch!! I didn't think you were so heavy" said Biro. Timothy blushed.

"Sorry" squeaked the chubby raccoon, getting up and helping Biro to his feet.

"Hahahaha, well, you are okey, that's the main thing" said Biro.

"Well, I've got one token, should we take it back? I don't think there's any more here" said Timothy.

"Ok let's go!" said Biro, holding Timothy's and Arturo's paws.

"Let's go to the bucket together, even if we are from different tribes!" suggested Biro.

"Yeah!" exclaimed Timothy. "I'm really glad we're friends"

When they arrived where the buckets were, Biro put the only token that he got into the bucket. Arturo didn't find any, but he didn't care - he was with his friends. Timothy opened his velcro pocket and took out the only token and put it in the bucket with Biro's. Just then, Friendly and Gin come back with their tokens and put them in their bucket.

"You see? That wasn't so hard!" Biro smiled at Timothy.

"It wasn't was it?" said Timothy, smiling back at Biro.

Just then, the host blew his whistle hard and loud.

"Time's up! Everyone back to the buckets!" he called.

Arturo smiled and spoke to Biro in his sign-language.

"It finally finished!! It was the last activity from this hell"

It wasn't long before everyone came back and put their tokens into the buckets.

"Well... it seems after all of that... the winning tribe is... the Vulture tribe!"

"Yes! Yahooooo!" barked Jake, jumping up and down with joy.

"...with fifty tokens. Followed by... the Owl tribe... with forty-four tokens... and the falcon tribe managed to get forty-one tokens. Well done all of you!"

"Well, at least we had fun, and I think Art had fun too" said Friendly.

"Yeah" squeaked Timothy, smiling happily at Art and Biro. "Now we can ride our bikes!"

"Siiiii!!!!" yipped Biro.

-- End of Chapter Five --

Arturo and Biro go to Camp (Chapter Five)


24 May 2013 at 23:23:57 MDT

This story is about PandaPaco's characters Arturo the Raccoon and Biro the Fox at a camp with my characters Friendly the Fox, Jake the German Shepherd and Timothy the Raccoon. This is Chapter 5.

Age of characters:

Friendly - 13.

Arturo - 12.

Biro - 10.

Jake - 9.

Timothy - 8.