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Arturo and Biro go to Camp (Chapter Four) by foxfan1992

Arturo and Biro go to Camp (Chp 4)

Timothy awoke the next morning to find that he had wet himself.

"Oh no!" he squeaked with dismay.

Timothy's squeak woke Biro from his slumber.

"Oh hey Timothy, what's going on?"

Timothy just sniffled in response to Biro's question. Biro pulled the duvet off of Timothy and saw why the little raccoon was so upset.

"Oh crap..." said Biro.

"I couldn't help it!" cried Timothy.

"Oh, don't worry... it's good that you're with me. Imagine if you were sleeping with the other guys over there, it wouldn't be good! Did you bring a change?"

"At least I was wearing these" said Timothy, referring to his absorbent underwear, "I won't be able to wear these tonight though" he sighed.

Biro began to get dressed.

"Don't worry 'coon, I won't tell anyone" said Biro.

"Thanks Biro. Is everyone else still asleep?"

"It's 9 o'clock, but I think so" said Biro.

"Okay" said Timothy, as he quickly took off his absorbent underwear. Biro closed his eyes.

"You had to warn me so I wouldn't see!" cried the fox.

"Sorry Biro" squeaked Timothy. He pulled his shorts back up and threw his wet underwear in the garbage.

"It's alright" said Biro

"I hope I don't wet my bed tonight" squeaked Timothy, anxiously.

"If you really want to stop doing something you don't like, but with all your heart, it will work, really, it always works for me" said Biro.

"I hope so" replied Timothy, as he went back to the bunk bed and hugged Biro.

"Hehe, okay... and... hehe, well..." said Biro, hugging Timothy back. "Don't you want to take a shower?"

"Uh-huh" replied Timothy, "I just wanted a hug first"

"Ah, okay" said Biro.

Timothy got up and went over to the showers, still wearing his shorts.

In the other hut with the Vulture tribe, Art awoke and stretched, accidentally waking Friendly.

"Oooof!" cried Friendly, "Is it time to get up already?"

Art yawned and grabbed his notebook and a pencil and started to write. Jake groaned and turned over, clambering out of his sleeping bag.

"My goodness, that's the last time I sleep on this floor!" cried Jake.

Friendly read what Arturo had wrote in his notebook: "I don't want to stay in the camp"

"What's wrong Art?" Friendly asked.

"I want to go home" Art continued.

"Hey, come on Art. Don't be like that, please" said Friendly, trying to make Art feel better.

"We're only here for one more night. We can go home tomorrow" said Jake.

"It's not the camp itself... I love nature, it's the other people, not you guys, I like you" Art wrote.

"Don't worry, I'm sure they won't bother us" said Friendly.

"They're not really bothered about us, there was only the one kid yesterday who poked his nose in" continued Jake.

"Almost all kids are like him, I know" Art wrote in his notebook.

"Art, please. Don't feel sad. It's only another day here" said Friendly.

Arturo stood up, looking somewhat upset and he began to get dressed.

"Art, what's wrong? I know you don't like it here, but... well, we get to go home tomorrow, and we can come over to see you and do fun stuff together" said Jake

Arturo closed his eyes and sighed, before nodding in response.

"There, that's better. Come on, we're gonna have fun today, all of us" said Friendly.

Arturo wrote a note to Friendly: "How many days will we be here at the camp?"

Friendly: "It's only today and tomorrow. Hey, maybe I can bring Jake and Timothy over to your place when we leave here"

Jake: "Yeah! That sounds like a lot of fun"

Art wrote another, shorter note: "OK, I'll be fine"

"Good. That's what I like to hear" replied Friendly.

"I convinced Art to come here to this camp, I thought it could be fun for him. I've seen him kind of sad or something and I tried to turn up his spirits, but

I think the travel in the end was really great!! We met you, guys"

"Yeah. I like making new friends" said Timothy, as he got into the shower and turned it on. "I mean... you don't think I'm too babyish do you? That I still need training wheels and that I sometimes wet my bed?"

"Of course not! when I was in your age, I needed training wheels too" answered Biro.

"You did? But... but I don't think I'll be able to ride without them!" cried Timothy.

"...and between us" began Biro, before turning his voice to a whisper, "I'd wet my bed too... but don't tell that to anyone"

"Oh, don't worry, I won't tell anybody" said Timothy, smiling at Biro.

"Yes, about the training wheels, we really need them for starting, but you will need to have more trust in your-self and leave those little wheels - and you'll be faster, and you won't be stuck in the mud anymore" said Biro, with a small chuckle at the end.

"I hope you're right... I like my training wheels - but I don't like getting stuck at all" Timothy squeaked

Biro grabbed a bar of soap. "Do you like to draw?" he asked, as he started to draw on the wall with the soap. "Hehe"

Timothy chuckled, "Yeah!" and he began to draw with Biro - although he wasn't as good as Biro at it. Timothy was trying his best to draw Biro, and Biro was drawing a panda.

"He's Nemo, he's another of Arturo's brothers, but he's a panda bear, because Art has 3 bear brothers, it's strange that he is a raccoon" said Biro

"Wow. I wish I had a brother or sister. Friendly sorta plays as my big brother" said Timothy

"So... they are not your brothers? I thought they were" said Biro

"No, we're just very good friends" squeaked Timothy, as he struggled to wash himself with the soap.

"Wow, and... how did you met them?" asked Biro, as he started playing soccer with his bar of soap.

Timothy chuckled at Biro's antics, before saying: "Well... I was riding my bike in the park one day, and I got stuck. It was Friendly who helped me out... and we've been best friends ever since that day"

Just then, a human boy walked into the bathroom. Biro looked at him with distrust, he decided to finish his shower, and took his towel.

"Hey, why are you wearing your shorts inthe shower, little raccoon?" chuckled the boy.

"Um... I like taking a shower in my trunks" said Timothy, not seeing why he shouldn't wear his favourite shorts in the shower.

The boy chuckled and got into the shower that Biro climbed out of. "It's alright, my name's Landon. Funny - I used to have a pair of shorts exactly like yours"

"Hey, and why are you wearing a disgusting human face?" came another voice.

"Who said that?!" cried Landon.

A skunk appeared in the bathroom. Landon laughed, although he still looked rather angry.

"Haha, you're one to talk - stinky skunk!" he challenged.

"Uh-oh..." squeaked Timothy, he turned his shower off and clambered out.

"Hey guys, there's no need to argue..." said Biro.

"Are you enjoying yourself by having fun with the furry guys, huh? Do you feel higher just for being human? Is it just because you were not challenging a skunk!"

" is not really necesary...please...stop!" cried Biro.

"Biro..." squeaked Timothy, feeling very uneasy. "I don't like this"

Timothy looked down at his soaked swimming trunks to try and distract himself from the volatile situation unfolding in front of him.

"What can we do?? It's better that we get dressed quickly and get out of here" Biro said to Timothy.

"Uh-huh" agreed Timothy, as he grabbed his towel and ran as fast as he could from the bathroom.

"Hey, now come on... I didn't mean any harm. Honest!" cried Landon, trying to back down from the angry skunk.

"Don't be afraid guys, I'll protect you if this rat wants to do anything to you" said the Skunk to Timothy and Biro.

"It is not necesary to be rude..." began Biro.

Landon gulped. "I wasn't gonna do anything to them, I'm not a bully"

"Then why did you make fun of me because I wear my shorts in the shower?" asked Timothy.

"I wasn't making fun of you. I just thought it a little... odd... that's all. I swear!" cried Landon.

"I know all of you, all humans are the same" snapped the skunk.

"That's not true, I know a lot of humans who are really cool" began Biro.

"That's a lie, all of them are wearing masks of hypocrisy" retorted the skunk.

"I'm not going to agree with that! You can't prejudge anyone like that!"

Timothy shook himself dry, but his thick fur stuck out. Biro, who was now dressed - dashed from the bathroom as fast as he could. Timothy followed him.

"Oh no..." groaned Timothy as he stopped next to Biro.

"I don't know about you but I don't like discussions, hehe" said Biro, "Are you alright, Tim?"

Timothy shivered and sobbed. "I don't like confrontations either. Can you help me please, Biro?" asked Timothy, pointing to his thick, stuck-out fur.

"What happened?" asked Biro.

"I don't like getting wet... my fur always sticks out" mumbled Timothy, sadly.

"Hehe, you look funny, you're a ball of fur" chuckled Biro.

"I know" Timothy sobbed, as he tried to straighten out his fur himself.

"It was a joke, Tim, you musn't sob for anything" said Biro, chortling as he grabbed his own towel and started to dry his friend.

"Thank you Biro" said Timothy, hugging Biro tightly.

Biro blushed. "Hehe, it was nothing"

Timothy let go of Biro and went over to his bed and sat on it.

"Are we going with the other guys? Our friends, not those who like to discuss things" asked Biro.

"I hope so. I don't want to be made fun of by the others" muttered Timothy, "But if we do end up seperating from them. will you be my partner? Please?"

"Of course! Now we are really good friends, or aren't we?" answered Biro.

"Yeah, we are. I'm so glad of it too" said Timothy.

"Come on, we should shower before we go out" said Friendly

"Do we have to?" groaned Jake.

Arturo crossed his arms as he gave another note to Friendly.

"I feel happy enough without any shower"

"Alright then, it's just me I guess" said Friendly, grabbing his towel and heading over to the bathroom.

Art nodded, he grabbed a bar of soap and started to draw on the wall.

"Though, you should get the mud outta your paws, Art"

Art looked at his footpaws, he crouched to smell them, and continued drawing. Friently noticed that he was drawing a fox.

"Is that me, Art?" asked Friendly.

"Don't be silly, it's Biro - isn't it?"

"That looks like me" said Friendly. Art nodded.

"Awww, thanks Art" said Friendly, as he clambered into the shower and turned it on.

Jake dressed himself in his red t-shirt and a pair of dark-blue sweat-pants.

"Ten more minutes, and I want you all outside in a circle" said one of the camp guards.

Jake chuckled. "I'm ready now"

Arturo dressed himself in his green shorts and his white t-shirt.

Friendly finished his shower and he got out, drying himself as fast as he could.

Jake began to wag his tail happily as he imagined all the fun they were going to have today.

"I'm sure we'll be okay. Don't worry Arturo" said Jake.

"I'll be outside, is that OK?" Arturo wrote in his notebook.

"Sure. See you in a minute" said Jake.

Arturo walked outside and he went over to Biro and Timothy.

"Arturo!!! How are you!?" said Biro excitedly, running over to his friend and hugging him.

Art used his sign language to communicate with Biro: "I don't feel in the mood to play anything that those people want to play... I want to get out from this camp as soon as possible"

"Oh c'mon Art! It could be fun, you never know until you try!"

"I know how you feel Arturo... I keep worrying that I'm gonna be made fun of" squeaked Timothy, anxiously.

"We're happy to see you, where are the other guys? asked Biro

"They're still inside" said Arturo with his sign-language.

"Tim and I nearly saw a fight between a skunk and a boy"

"Uh-huh" squeaked Timothy.

"Why? What happened?" asked Arturo

"Well... a boy was wondering why I was wearing my shorts in the shower... and then the skunk came in - Biro, you tell him" said Timothy.

"The skunk started to threaten the guy - trying to defend us, just because we were furrys, but the guy really was not going to do anything to us"

"That's a nice way to start the day" said Arturo, with a small chuckle.

"Yeah. I was really frightened something terrible would have happened... like a fight" squeaked Timothy.

"Well, nothing happened..." began Arturo, but a whistle blew catching everyone's attention.

"We'll start right now, kids, get closer please!" said the host.

Arturo sighed.

"Mood, Art! Nothing terrible will happen" said Biro

"Yeah, come on. It can't be all that bad" agreed Timothy.

The host handed a water-balloon to each kid present.

"Ooooh, balloons!" Timothy squeaked excitedly.

"These water balloons will be tied to your own ankle, that's the game, to try to step on the opponent's balloon without getting stepped on your own. If your balloon pops, you're out!" explained the host.

Art sighed again, but this time more deeply.

"Uh-oh..." Timothy mumbled nervously.

"I don't like that game"

"C'mon Art, it'll be fun! Imagine that we're the only ones playing, forget all the guys that are surrounding us and play with me, and Tim... and... where's Jake and Friendly?" said Biro, looking for his two friends.

"Um... yeah, where are they?" squeaked Timothy nervously.

"Here we are" said Friendly.

"Good, well, help me with Art, he is not happy with the game, hehe, since the other guys are not of his liking, I understand him... but... it would be good if we can play as we were playing only the five of us"

"That sounds like a good idea" said Timothy.

"Get ready! We're starting in 5, 4, 3, 2..." said the host, before he blew the whistle.

Timothy tried to find someone's balloon to pop, but his balloon had already burst.

"Oh no!" he cried with dismay, and he sadly walked over to the bench. Meanwhile, Biro was running after Jake, but Arturo was almost stepping on Biro's balloon. Suddenly, Arturo's balloon was popped by somebody else. He went over and sat next to Timothy, feeling none-too-happy.

"You can't catch me, foxy-fox!" chuckled Jake as he ran from Biro. Jake accidentally popped the skunk's balloon as he was running.

"Sorry... hey, where'd you go, Biro?" said Jake.

Biro climbed up a tree as fast as he could and waited for Jake to pass below him. Jake looked around him, trying to find Biro in the crowd. Suddenly, Biro jumped to the ground and stepped on Jake's balloon.

"Eeeeh! Success!" Biro cried excitedly.

"Noooooo!" cried Jake, he tried to step on Biro's balloon, but the fox ran away from him.

"Come back here!" cried Jake, chasing after Biro as fast as he could.

"I didn't last long at all" sobbed Timothy, as he shuffled over to Arturo.

"As I would like to have fun as Biro can do it, he can find fun anywhere, doesn't matter what or where, he is expontaneous, and I am bitter" said Arturo, using his sign-language.

"At least you're not hopeless like me" said Timothy, sniffling sadly.

Art gave a discreet chuckle before whispering into Timothy's ear: "We are a couple of emos, I think we have to change"

"Change what? I don't wanna change outta my shorts" said Timothy, feeling a little puzzled.

Art gave another discreet chuckle before using his sign-language: "No, silly, changing about our way to be, you don't be so hopeless, and I musnt' be bitter"

"If only it were that easy. I can't ride a bike without training wheels, I can't swim, I can't climb... I'm well and truely hopeless" sighed Timothy.

Just then, Biro arrived with his popped balloon. "Well, I'm a looser too, hehe, but it was really fun, Art, or maybe not?"

"I didn't even last five seconds" sniffled Timothy.

"Me neither" said Arturo with a groan.

"Well, we have a winner!! 10 points from here, be ready for the next game, now we'll have all of you choose a partner, quickly"

Timothy got up as quickly as he could and joined Biro. Friendly went over to Arturo, and Jake was left trying to find a partner.

"I wonder what this game will be" said Timothy to Biro.

"Erm... uh..." said Jake, trying to find a partner in the crowd. The skunk walked over to Jake.

"Hi, I'm Gin, can I be with you?" asked the skunk.

Jake wagged his tail as he accepted the skunk's invitation. "Hey, I'm Jake"

"This will be a game of velocity, how fast are you?"

"Oh no... I'm sure to lose this one" sniffled Timothy.

Arturo didn't look too happy either.

"Come on Art, it'll be alright" said Friendly, trying to reassure his raccoon friend.

"This will be a relay race, one of your team will recieve a piece of watermelon, you have to run to where your partner is and eat a whole piece of watermelon as fast as you can, when you have completely eaten that piece you have to deliver the shell to your partner, then they'll have to run to where I am, deliver the shell to me and I'll give you another one, then you have to run back to your partner and quickly eat the piece of watermelon, and then - the team that gets the most shells of watermelons collected, is the winner"

"Um... that's a little confusing" Timothy squeaked anxiously.

"I'm not really good eating fast" Arturo wrote in his notebook.

"I can't run very fast at all. I'm probably the slowest runner here" mumbled Timothy.

Biro explained the instructions clearer to Timothy.

"Oh, I see now. Okay" said Timothy, though he still wasn't convinced he could win.

"Don't worry Tim, I'm really good eating really fast, we're going to be the winners"

"I hope so" said Timothy, looking hopefully up at Biro.

"Are you ready, guys?" said the host.

"No" said some of the kids.

"Shut up and start! We want to eat!" said some of the others.

"Okay, we'll start in 5, 4, 3, 2..." said the host, blowing his whistle.

Art ran to Friendly as quick as he could, but he wasn't very fast. He started eating the piece of watermelon, but he was filling up very fast.

"Come on Art!" cheered Friendly.

Timothy ran to Biro, but he couldn't run very fast at all. He ate the watermelon as he ran, though every breath was becoming a struggle for the chubby little raccoon.

"Uh-oh" cried Friendly, as he saw Arturo beginning to tire of eating.

Jake ran over to Gin, eating the watermelon as fast as he could.

"C'mon Tim! Eat it! Eat it! It's delicious the watermelon, enjoy it! Hehe, wahoooo yees, you're faster than I imagined!"

Arturo finished the watermelon and give the shell to Friendly.

Timothy barely managed to squeak: "Really?" He ate the watermelon as quickly as he could and gave it to Biro, but the other kids had already swapped and changed over.

"I don't see the fun in this" thought Arturo, as he watched Friendly run over to the host and get another watermelon.

Friendly ran back towards Arturo, eating the watermelon as fast as he could.

"Go on Biro!" squeaked Timothy, still panting after running with the watermelon.

Arturo looked at Biro, who really looked like he was having fun! He was enjoying the moment by the look on his face. Biro was running back with the piece of watermelon and he ate it really really fast and gave Timothy the empty rind.

Timothy accepted the shell from Biro and began to run as fast as he could, though he was still being left behind by the others. Friendly gave his shell to Arturo, who also began to run back to the host, though the watermelon had completely filled his stomach and he couldn't run very fast at all.

Timothy kept running, but he suddenly tripped over and fell flat on his face.

"Oh no!" cried Friendly as he saw Timothy fall over.

The host suddenly blew his whistle. "Time!!"

Timothy struggled to his feet sadly, trying as hard as he could to stop the tears from flowing down his face.

"We have a hard draw between the team of the fox and the brown raccoon and the skunk with the dog" said the host.

Biro: "Eeh! I told you! We were going to win" cried Biro.

"So we need a tie-breaker"

"Hey, I'm a German Shepherd! I'm not a common dog, thank you kindly. Hmph!" snapped Jake.

Timothy picked up the shell of his watermelon, or what was left of it.

"What happens now?" he squeaked.

Biro walked over to Timothy. "Are you strong, Tim?"

"Not really" Timothy sniffled, "Why?"

"Hehe, it's ironic... you must love the mud, Tim" chuckled Biro.

"What do you mean?" asked Timothy.

"But this time you won't be stuck in the mud, you'll see"

"Uh-oh... don't tell me we're going in the mud" cried Timothy.

"Oh hehe, what are you saying, fox? A german shepherd and a skunk against a raccoon and a little fox?"

"Yes, is the game of...tug of war" said Biro.

"Oh no, I hate that sort of game" groaned Timothy.

Biro held the rope very tightly in his paws. "C'mon Tim, we can do it!"

Timothy grabbed hold of the rope behind Biro, hoping with all his might that Biro was the strongest fox that ever lived.

"Oh no, you won't!" laughed Gin.

"Try your best, Biro" Jake said with a small chuckle as he grabbed the rope in his paws.

"Start!" cried the host.

Everyone pulled the rope as hard as they could. Biro pulled back really hard, Jake and Gin were putting up a real fight. Timothy pulled the rope as hard as he could, but his shoes couldn't get a grip in the sloppy mud. Gin was sliding in the mud too, but he tried hard to keep his balance. Timothy tried even harder, but his feet just kept slipping and sliding in the mud.

"C'mon Tim! We're winning!" cried Biro.

"You're really strong, Biro" said Timothy, trying very hard to help his friend.

Gin ended up completely slipping up, he fell into the mud. Jake cried out as he fell over on top of the skunk. Timothy just about managed to steady himself from falling over as the rope slackened.

"Tim! Tim!! We won!! We won!!" crowed Biro.

"We did? Hooray! We won! We won!" laughed Timothy excitedly.

"We have two winners!! The raccoon and the fox... what are your names, guys?"

"Biro and Timothy!" answered Biro as loudly as he could.

"Biro and Timothy have won!" cried the host.

Timothy blushed deeply, he'd never won anything like this before.

Biro suddenly slipped over in the mud, he grabbed Timothy's arm and he also fell in the mud, Biro started laughing a lot.

"Oh no! I'm all muddy" squeaked Timothy with dismay.

"But we won!" cried Biro excitedly.

"Well yeah, but... but..." Timothy tried to get up again, but his shoes just kept slipping and sliding around and he kept falling over.

"Hahahahahaha awrrr, come here, little ball of fur!" laughed Biro, hugging Timothy as tightly as he dared.

Timothy felt slightly better as Biro hugged him and he hugged Biro back.

"Now we'll start the third and the last game before lunch time!" continued the host.

Jake jumped to his feet and brushed himself off, before helping Gin to his feet too.

"Hehe, that little raccoon deserved to win, he looks a lot happier now. That was fun"

"Yeah. Timothy hasn't won anything before... well, nothing like this anyway" replied Jake.

"Well, that was really good for his first time, that fox is really nice with him" said Gin.

"Yeah, he is" said Jake, smiling happily and wagging his tail.

(End of Chapter 4)

Arturo and Biro go to Camp (Chapter Four)


24 May 2013 at 23:20:25 MDT

This story is about PandaPaco's characters Arturo the raccoon, and Biro the fox at a Camp with my characters Friendly the fox, Jake the German Shepherd and Timothy the raccoon. This is Chapter 4.

Age of characters:

Friendly - 13.

Arturo - 12.

Biro - 10.

Jake - 9.

Timothy - 8.