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Commission info!


23 November 2015 at 12:59:29 MST

Hey ya all!

I'm a animation student struggling to get by nowadays and I thought it was time I'd put out a full commission price sheet!

Ok so here’s how it goes:

-Paypal only and please send as goods and services!!!
-When sending via Paypal, please include your DeviantArt/Tumblr/etc Screen Name in the payment note, this helps me find your payment and keep things in order
-Backgrounds are standard white or single colored, but we can discuss this if you want something else
-I will draw mostly OCs, no fanart or whatsoever but this can be discussed as well, however I am allowed to decline if I am not up for it. (just look through my art to see what I can and can not do)
-If you want an extra character added, the price doubles (example: Sketch Waist with 2 characters = 2 times 5 dollars is 10 dollars in total, you get the point)
-I prefer picture refs because this way I will be done quicker with your commission and I also don’t want to disappoint anyone if it is not quite what they expected it to be

-I will start on your commission as soon as I have received your payment! (if you want me to send you a sketch version as well, just let me know) However, it might depend on how busy I am, but I’ll make sure to keep you up to date on the state of your commission. If you want something done before a certain deadline PLEASE let me know on time so I can see what I can do!

-To contact me either just send me a note on here, DA ( or contact me on my tumblr ( (which is where you can browse through my other work as well and get an impression of what you might expect) If I have not responded to your note within 24 hours it could be that it never got to me, so I would suggest to send me another one.

Please send me what type of commission you'd like in this form:

Commission Type:

Character Refs:

Any other specifics:

After that I will give you my E-mail for further contact, just don’t want it to be open and bare for everyone on the internet to see.

That said, every little bit helps ; u ;

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