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Heyo! FoxyCraven here.

What I mainly upload:
Pokemon gijinka's
Monster OCs
Perhaps some dragon designs as well
And some creepy stuff too.....

Just so everyone who stumbles upon my account knows what to expect!

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I apologize for being so absent on here, I got busy with graduation this year and I just kind of fell off this site all together. I'll do my best to start uploading again sometime soon. Since I've got heaps of free time on my hands now anyway.

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    Hi! I bought your Ponyta Gijinka boy a couple of months ago, and wondered what your stance on reselling is, and would like to know how much I bought him for so as not to go over that mark, if indeed allowed to sell? Proper credit will always be given of course, but I completely understand if you'd prefer him to be trade-only! :)

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      I prefer my adopts not to be resold, I do allow trades but would like to be notified of the new owner and such if possible :-'). Sorry for the inconvenience!

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    You have a gorgeous style :)

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      Thank you so much! Means a lot to me :' )

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    Right back at ya

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    Why hello there

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      Oh oops, just replied back on my own page, amazing, but hello!

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        that makes it even more perfect