Defeat Your Demons by Fowlgon

Defeat Your Demons


29 December 2015 at 21:40:45 MST

A speedpaint commission for Nelizar and featuring Sangie. Came with a great story. Below is what he posted with the image:

Sometimes I'm simple minded
Then I can't read your look
All my thoughts are blinded
I'm like an opened book
In which you read the story
Of a bleeding soul
I am so sorry
Each time I lose control..

I know I hurt your feelings
But you had the strength
To start my healing
You went all length
The days of crying
Have reached the end
'Cause now I'm trying
To understand..

Song here: <-- Lyrics that I've shown above aren't the full song, just part of it.

I'd like to say.. To everyone here, I've been battling with demons for quite a long time now.
Sometimes they slip in, sometimes I can repel them myself. Over all the years of me having these demons, I had no one to help me suppress them.
Then I met him..

A person that truly knew my issues and did his best to help me over the years that I've known'em. I made him cry, I made him hurt.. And I regret that. He's stuck with me even through it all, and even now he keeps trying his hardest to help me battle these demons.

This is what this picture is about..

The demons, the ghouls, the phantoms.. Whatever you want to call it, taunt me at every second of every day.
But.. As long as I have my bestest Friend, Sangie, I will keep having hope it'll all disappear someday.. Then I can finally feel normal again. I can feel like a human being.

Keep your chin up, eh?
Don't let it yourself fall down a pit, In any situation, that you know you can't crawl out of easily. There are layers out there you do not want to dwell in.. And I've been in most of them.
Yet I try my best to stay happy and have a positive attitude. c:
Do your best to survive through your circumstances, and I'm sure you'll find your spark of hope.
I know I did.