Bunny, Cat and Me! by FotoFurNL

Bunny, Cat and Me!


15 December 2013 at 12:56:09 MST

Yep! it's about time to show you what the heck I actually look like! And that's me photo right holding my reflector disc that I use for portraits and my camera bag containing all my lenses and camera gear!

On the left you see a fursuit named "Remy" that is new in my gallery and in the center is the lovely Pinky that you all already know!

From left to right:

Character & Fursuit "Remy" created by I-Have-No-Clue! (Will update this soon!) Owned by   yagamurth

Character & Fursuit "Pinky" Created and owned by   furryfursuitmaker

Photographer "Reinout" created by his parents and owned by himself (and partially by   littlepunkyx )