Ohai! Watchadoing?! by FotoFurNL

Ohai! Watchadoing?!


15 December 2013 at 12:54:44 MST

RinTheDragon: "Ohai! whatchadoing?"

This is one of my funniest weird angle shots! To draw you a mental sketch: I was lying flat on my back on the ground in the middle of a city street and Rin was lifted up by another fursuiter and I was quick enough to get down in this angle and take the photo! It must have looked funny to see me dive for such a shot, but it was worth it!

Character "Rin" and fursuit "RinTheDragon" are owned by   rinthedragon

Fursuit "RinTheDragon" is created by "Copperfur": http://copperfur.livejournal.com/

Photography by   fotofurnl /   trancecat