Common Dragonshrimp by Fortuna

Common Dragonshrimp


30 March 2021 at 06:16:16 MDT

Art by Fortuna
Please don't repost my art :)

Updated dragonshrimp ref with more info.

Feel free to use them, but please credit where applicable. :)
I'm not very experienced with making homebrew so if you feel this is over/under powered you're free to make adjustments for your own campaigns. Hope you like it!

(Pygmy and Mossy variants will get links once they're done!)


Aditional info bits I couldnt fit properly into the picture:

Dragonshrimp are easily lured using shiny objects and have a tendency to collect and sometimes obsess over certain items such as smooth pebbles or seashells.

As they grow, they will occasionally molt the protective platings on their backs, leaving them fragile for a short period while the new plates harden.

They can be quite vocal when excited, using a variation of clicks and squeaks to communicate with each other.

They’re curious by nature and quick to recognize fishers that might offer them scraps, and which ones to avoid. They’ve been known to learn to perform simple tricks for treats.

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    They are adorable <3 they would make the best companion for sure =D nice lore and worked out species!

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    They are super-cute! :)

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    hot dang i love this kind of creativity

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    The mossy ones look quite chubby

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    They're so cute! Such a creative species :D