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[DnNPC] Tangerine by Fortuna

[DnNPC] Tangerine


Little series i'm making of D&D based NPCs.
Feel free to use them for your own campaign and share your stories :)

Art by Fortuna


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    Discusses the finer points of how to throw a stone at just the right angle to kill two birds.

    Argues if an arrow shaft is long enough it can penetrate multiple birds in the flock.

    Argues that archery is the most efficient form of combat because every bird shot down can be used to fletch more arrows to shoot down more birds.

    Believes that there should be a bounty on hunting birds. Everywhere. All the time.

    Sketches a diagram of how to trim branches off a tree so there are no places birds can build nests.

    Argues for the use of setting spike traps on places birds perch often.

    Argues the party's Rogue should set ALL THE TRAPS where birds might perch.

    Sketches a diagram of how to trim branches off a tree so there are no places birds can land on it. Ever.

    Insists the party has time to set traps on every tree in the forest and still complete their quest... in 4 months.

    Purchases a cookbook.... it's all omlettes.

    Suggests the party's Mage should set a wildfire to burn any material birds might use to build nests... in a 100-mile radius.

    Suggests the party's Mage should cast a permanent Globe of Cold so any birds flying over the party's campsite will have ice form on their wings.


    Purchases of a book of bird recipies... he can't read.

    Argues for digging a burrow no birds can swoop down on.

    Refuses to let the Party take a short rest unless its underground where birds can't reach them.


    Refuses to take a long rest until all the above precautions have been set.

    NO ONE CAN SET FOOT OUTSIDE THE BURROW... there's birds out there.

    Declares the party will only travel underground by borrowing from now on.