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18 February 2019 at 09:44:17 MST

Human interaction terrifies me :c

Rikki and Crippling social anxiety belong to me.
DT belongs to himself

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    "Swoosh!" message sent sound.

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    Heh... the True Meaning of Friendship.

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    What human interaction? Those aren't humans.

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    Say nothing get nothing. Never hurts to say a few nice things to someone, one way or another, even if its a little random.
    That or I'm just weird and random in general.... seems like a nice thing to do for why nots.
    I'm just a lurker and such not much else but if you ever feel doubt remember you have a fan that roots for ya to do what you like.
    Not the same as a fellow art peer, that's a good feeling for sure though either way.
    Very cute reactions here btw, thanks for sharing it.