Succubus Sketch by forsakenchances (critique requested)

Succubus Sketch (critique requested)


3 October 2018 at 17:35:30 MDT

Hey everybody! Me again!

I finished this warm up sketch and wanted to post her! Shes a cute lil succubus and I am quickly refalling in love with monster gals lol -maybe doing alil sketch series plus October is perf time for that-

Also an update from now on I am trying to make myself have a stricter upload schedule so I make myself work on more art and get used to more consistent art uploads again so my new upload schedule will be sketches on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday then over the weekend a finished piece will be posted if all goes as planned. I will be sticking as close to this as I can but with work and life I recognize not always will this be the most ideal so please bare with me. I also plan to try and start streaming more on a set day but I want to first get my mic setup and tech stuff figured out first because the last one I did was a slight dumpster fire.

thanks for listening and as usual, ONTO THE NEXT ONE!!!!

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