Leading a miserable life [VENT, AND LOTS OF IT, LIKE A LOT] by foreveranonymous

Leading a miserable life [VENT, AND LOTS OF IT, LIKE A LOT]


15 November 2014 at 03:30:47 MST


I literally cannot post this vent on other websites because the person causing my problems also uses them. I'm not really looking for advice, I just had to get this off my chest. You really, truly, do not have to read this. Rated 13+ for excessive foul language and blackened bleeding head

I am so frustrated and miserable right now. My fiancee is driving me fucking bonkers. He's so rude and doesn't even realize it. How about saying "please" or "thank you" for once in your fucking life? Why the fuck do I always listen to you, but you never listen to me? When you ask me not to say a certain word I say fine, but when I ask you not to call me fat you do so anyway. Why the fuck would you do that? What the fuck is wrong with you? And when I yelled at you for calling me fatty and told you not to do that you said "geez, fine, calm down." I WILL NOT CALM DOWN. I have severely low self esteem, and it really fucking hurts when the man I love calls me fatty. You know what happens when I accidentally call you a retard? I promptly apologize, and in return I get a "gee fine calm down". That's not a fucking apology. Why do you always order me around? Why is it so fucking hard to ASK me to do something? I'm sick of you telling me what to do, the world doesn't revolve around you. Why would you threaten to leave me, your fiancee, NUMEROUS times for petty shit like "naming" a mudkip 'memekip'? It was a fucking JOKE. Do you realize what the fuck you're saying? You can never take a fucking joke and you always threaten to leave me. I'm so fucking sick of you giving me that look and sighing when I'm not ready to go. Maybe I'd be fucking ready if you 1) told me we were going somewhere and 2) told me we were leaving soon. How in the everliving FUCK do you expect me to be ready when I don't even know when or where we're going? And don't give me that fucking look when I change my pants because I'm uncomfortable in public while wearing shorts. You fucking know I have social issues. I don't know how many fucking times I've had to tell you that I CAN'T FUCKING READ MINDS. Talk to your fucking fiancee for once, I don't fucking bite. You complain about not having money when you blow it all on $90 headphones, games you don't need, and then bitch because you can't afford necessities. Why the fuck do you always grope me when I fucking ask, tell and order you not to? Listen to me for once in your fucking life and I wouldn't have to use violence to get it through your thick fucking head. "Sorry", you're not fucking sorry, if you were you'd stop fucking doing it. I wish the Navy kicked that habit out of you, but I guess not. I don't even know if you fucking love me or care about me because you never show or state it. You don't show care when I'm sick, you don't ask how I am, I literally cannot sleep at night and you show no signs of caring. All you've done is order me to fix my sleeping problem so that I won't waste your time while you're here. Do you even read what you type to me? What is wrong with you?
PS: We're going to NJ for Christmas. It was your fucking idea, I already made plans, and everyone is waiting for us. I have shit to do in NJ, and you have two fucking weeks off for leave. Even after I told you my dad could get us bus tickets, you STILL complained. I told you, even a few days is fine, but that's not fucking good enough for you. Why do I even bother sometimes? I'll just go myself, you can't fucking stop me.

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