In My Head - 010 - Ideas vs. Time vs. Friends by Forest

In My Head - 010 - Ideas vs. Time vs. Friends


28 August 2014 at 00:46:33 MDT

This is something I struggle with on a near daily basis. For an artist, writer, musician...We yearn to create, to express those ideas and thoughts bouncing around in our heads. To not be able to is torture. To sit there and think about all the wasted days, all the time spent not working towards that idea in your head, all the missed opportunities, realizing you're not as good as you'd want to be, as good as you should be...Its terrible.

But...You're also a person. A person with priorities outside of that little, imaginary world in your head. You have to prioritize, set things ahead of others, sacrifice time with one thing instead of the other.

For someone who values the ones he cares about above almost everything else, this...This really sucks to be honest. XD I am no good at multitasking. When I get into drawing, I really get carried away; I can be like that for hours, before realizing I've been sitting weird, have a pain in my back or arm, and have to take a break. But I did something, I accomplished it! It was worth it, right?

But...I love spending time with my friends. Without them, I'd have zero desire to keep drawing at all. Without their support and encouragement, I'd have tossed aside the pen years ago. Not to mention, some of my best ideas come from them, bouncing them back and forth, or realizing that one thing or another that they said or did caused a train of thought to take off in my head, creating an idea that won't leave until I get it out on (virtual) paper.

Choosing between what I want to do, what I should do, and who I want to spend time with is incredibly hard for me. Does anyone else struggle with this sort of thing?

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    Yeah that's very familiiar.
    But relaxing and having fun is good for your work too, you'll be more rested mentally, more inspired, in better spirits. It shows.
    I suggest scheduling an art weekend during which you can do things you like, or catch up on chores, so you can do them guilt free.

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    Every day, man.

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    This happens to me a lot. I have some other mental blocks related to my programming work which I'd rather not mention so publicly, but yeah especially with a job that's so draining as mine's been the past few months, finding time for training myself towards more coding or more IT stuff alongside working has been exhausting to fit in amongst hanging with my friends enough to not go insane.

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    a very annoying but common predicament for artists...