Dominion: Wolf, Super Villain, Snappy Dresser by Forest

Dominion: Wolf, Super Villain, Snappy Dresser


2 February 2014 at 22:50:56 MST

Been meaning to do a full picture of him, after I did the one of the Morpheus comic book cover a while back.

This is Dominion, a super villain based off of Forest, if he just so happened to want to rule the world. Or cause goofy chaos and/or inconvenience people's days in ridiculous ways. Its rather hard to tell with him sometimes.

Besides the necessary "genius" status that comes with such a position, his power is a form of mind control with his voice. Though its not as straight-forward as that (he considers it a type of "will subjugation" more than "mind control", hence the name Dominion), and there's a few caveats to keep things interesting (and not make him overpowered), its an overall fun idea to play around with.

I've had a lot of ideas with him, enough so that I'd actually thought of making a secondary account dedicated to all things related to him (and super hero stuff in general), but I'm not sure I could keep it up. I can barely keep up with my -current- ideas, much less a whole other project to go along with those. XD I'll probably wait and see how things go, finish a few things on my plate and go from there.

In the meanwhile, he's always looking for new recruits! All minions receive two weeks paid vacation a year, quarterly bonus reviews, as well as comprehensive health and dental care. Believe me, you'll need it when you have to face those blasted heroes every other heist.

Thanks to Tsumi for the initial brainstorming and story writing and such that helped bring him to life! Also for sharing Morpheus too. I'm sure his costume will look great in Dominion's trophy room. :P

Dominion/Forest © me

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    I think you should totally make this its own thing. The more fun supervillains the better >3

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      I am in full agreement with Sonic, there needs to be more Villain themed Furry art or rather more Super-villain art in general.