Axe Wolf Returns! (Nioh 2) by Forest

Axe Wolf Returns! (Nioh 2)


13 March 2021 at 17:43:52 MST

I'm a big fan of the Nioh series! First game, I was an "axe ninja", who wore bright orange clothes (like Naruto) and wielded an axe bigger than he was (as ninjas do). I was a literal glass cannon, who would recklessly spin into gigantic bosses like a top (and somehow come out on top). XD

Nioh 2 had different axe options: dual hatchets! So of course I use those, but now I'm a yokai-slaying ninja with an axe as his secondary weapon (I forget if I even had a secondary one in the first game, lol). Basically, I use the hatchets 95% of the time, especially when up against real fast enemies...But if those can't cut it, I switch to axe because that's the one I'm the best and more familiar with. XD Just think of me like Goku, I could annihilate someone immediately, but I fight with a handicap at first cause it's more fun that way.

I'm basically the best ever, clearly. >:3

But yeah. XD Enjoy Forest as my Nioh character, lol. Was fun to doodle, even if I'm no good at drawing weapons and highly detailed clothing/armor! For all the armor he's wearing, anyway. XD

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