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Fox Selfie! (Zilch) by Forest

Fox Selfie! (Zilch)


This is a suuuuper late birthday gift for ZilchFox ZilchFox! He's a great guy that I don't get to talk to enough, and he's progressed leaps and bounds in his artwork since I first met him. And I always have a hard time getting him to look right in my style... XD

Which is why I'm a lil proud of this one! Tried some perspective that doesn't look terrible, and somehow made his character look a bit like he does IRL! I think so, anyway. X3

He was telling me how much I've improved since my first drawing of him, and it's true! I've gotten better over the years, for sure. That's always encouraging to see.

Also! I've really only felt like posting more finished stuff here lately, I'm not sure why. XD Maybe I just want to put my best work out there? Hmm...

Zilch ©ZilchFox ZilchFox or

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    That is a really good smile. I'm not sure if it's what you were going for, but it almost looks exaggerated, as one would expect from a selfie.

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      Yeah, that was the intention! :3

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    I really like the perspective! :O
    The star within the iris gives it a nice touch too haha

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      Yeah, I had fun with it! <3

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    <3333 thank you again. I absolutely love this

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    Hehehe, looks really awesome! Dem hips too~

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      Hehe, thanks! :3 Zilch liked it, so that's all that matters~

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    looks great! :D