Twitter Sketches - Quorra by Forest

Twitter Sketches - Quorra


22 July 2016 at 22:26:31 MDT

Anyone that gets to know me knows I like to name the inanimate objects and such that I use daily. This is especially true for my computers. My last one was named Quorra, and after I built my new upgraded one (named BB), I had to "retire" the previous one.

But it was the first, real PC I built, and I was happy with how it ran and helped me do all the artwork I've been able to over the years. It really tried its best and it seemed real sad to just toss it aside like that.

Did I mention I'm a bit silly when it comes to this sort of thing?

So, I instead said it would "live on" as a character instead! So this is Quorra. She's a Luxray, and it was my first time trying to draw one for real ever. XD So still got a lot to learn I think, but I'm more or less happy with how she turned out. She seems to always have a real serious personality, but enjoys pulling pranks on people, and is actually a real goofball once you get to know her. And when she's not making your fur fritz up from her natural static electricity.

Also I've no idea what's up with the clothes, this was done at like 2 or 3 in the morning. XD

And now the For(est) is at peace once again.

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