"Shut up and dance with me~" by Forest

"Shut up and dance with me~"


30 December 2015 at 01:19:11 MST

How did he let himself get talked into this?

Dressed in slacks and a dress shirt that showed off his chest fluff, the wolf shifted anxiously from footpaw to footpaw, constantly addressing the state of his clothes, smoothing out any wrinkles. The black-furred lapine next to him just couldn't hold back her giggles, batting his paws away from himself.

"You look fine Forest! Relax." Forest gave a lopsided smile to Trish, pushing his glasses up on his nose. She was how he'd been talked into this.

"I just...I've never done anything like this before, you know?" He shakes his head. "I'm not the best at this."


He waves his arms, exasperated. "This! Anything involving coordinated movements of these dangly appendages." That got another melodic chuckle, the wolf grinning despite himself.

"Well duh! Why do you think I brought you to a dance class, silly? Now come on wuffin, just shut up and dance with me...!"

She took his paw and tugged him to the center of the room with the other students, many of whom looked just as nervous as he did. But as the music started and the motions blurred into each other, his focus became the movements, counter and cooperative, spins and twists, staccato steps and sweeping gaits...And all his worry washed away with her smile.

I get much too carried away with these, lol. Another small sketch from 2015 for Strawberrymog Strawberrymog, who endlessly inspires me by just being around.

Trish (c) Strawberrymog Strawberrymog
Forest (c) me

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