"Say please." (Morpheus/Dominion) by Forest

"Say please." (Morpheus/Dominion)


12 December 2015 at 17:09:45 MST

The hero dropped the unconscious rabbit to the floor with a thump, his piercing gaze moving to the other minons fanned out around him. They all held an array of various weapons, though after the first assault was sent sprawling, none were too eager to make the next move. Raising his arms, Morpheus prepared to bring the fight to them instead...When an echoing voice rolling from the back of the room brought everyone pause.

"Stand down."

With a synchronized bow, every long ear in the room stepped aside, the all-too-familiar tead of the wolf's boots on the tile floor heralding the arrival of the villain, a wide grin splitting his muzzle as he strode forth, stopping a foot or so from his nemesis. The wolf was too cautious, too smart to do such a thing in any other circumstances; the hero could think of any number of ways to take him down at this range. But, for once, that wasn't why he was here...And the villain knew it.


"Morpheus, my dear friend, how nice of you to drop by." The hybrid winced, a slight tugging on his heartstrings at the wolf's words, a flexing of the villain's vocal prowess; making him believe for half a second that he was meeting with a lifelong friend. He gritted his teeth and shook it off, Dominion's sharp-toothed smile all the wider. "To what do I owe the pleasure?"

"Can it wolf, you know why I'm here." Dominion arched a brow, glancing about the room. The minions chuckled quietly amonst themselves, privy to some joke the hero was unaware of. He didn't have the time or patience for this.

"Really? I haven't the foggiest what you mean."

Morpheus practically growled, then relaxed, sighing softly. "We both know what's going on, what's at stake here and..." He frowned slightly, fists clenching at his sides as he forced the words free. "...I need your help."

Dominion cocked an ear, then leaned forward, his nose almost touching the hybrid's, his voice a low, dangerous whisper.

"...I didn't hear the magic word."

More fun with Dominion and strawberrymog strawberrymog's Morpheus! A scene that popped into my head one day. This sort of thing is a lot of fun, lol.

Morpheus (c) Strawberrymog Strawberrymog
Dominion (c) Me!

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    Hehehe ooooh I wonder if he said the magic word