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Golem Reference Sheet - For ChaosEye by Fordoxia

Golem Reference Sheet - For ChaosEye


Originally posted on 4 February 2017.

This is Golem. He is a completely autonomous robot capable of learning and self-improvement. He is also programmed to be incredibly curious, desiring to gather as much knowledge about the world around him (and the people in it) as he can. Because he's always trying to learn more, most of Golem's conversation consists of question after question; his favorite being "Why are you doing this?" Which he will ask when he sees an unfamiliar behavior.

He was made as an experiment by a mysterious creator to see weather or not a machine of his kind could survive, given no directives or assistance beyond a basic education program. To date he is still being observed by said creator, but they shall not interfere in the experiment, under any circumstances.

*While without assistance Golem is far from helpless. His design consists of a hard outer shell with his insides being completely filled with self replicating nanites. It might not be apparent from looking at him, but the screen that makes up his face is actually composed of these as well. Normally they remain smooth like glass, but given reason he can cause them to become viscous like a liquid. They also fill the majority of his body and are responsible for repair, and the majority of his adaptation. It is unclear if they are separate from his own AI or if they work together like a hive mind and are collectively Golem as a whole. *

I lost a bet, I made dis. Was much fun, I luv him. ^v^

Golem was made for ChaosEye ChaosEye.

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