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Molcario - PokeFusion - Ref by ForcesWerwolf

Molcario - PokeFusion - Ref


24 June 2020 at 12:07:54 MDT

I always liked the idea of doing pokemon fusions.
Ever since Tartii created her " Salugia " (Salazzle + Lugia), I all the time wanted to do a black/pinkish fusion too, but using Salazzle for fusions was kinda something I tried to avoid. I liked the existing fusions more than new ideas.
Now I saw my chance with the new Galar Moltres and combined it with Lucario for my own fusion. (Edit: Note: the middle finger was just a random cool looking pose for me, it does NOT mean anything. I just noticed this could be missunderstood.)

MOLCARIO ( Lucario + Galar Moltres fusion )
Steel/Dark - but still able to use fire and fighting moves.

If you want to use the species for your own stuff, like RP's, sonas or art feel free to do so.
Here are the rules:
1) If you use my art do give credit and link back to this FA account. Try not to spam with it and do not re-upload it on FA etc..., what I am talking about is for pages like f-list. NEVER pretend to be me.
2) If you draw your own art with your own character of the species it would be nice to be credited as well if you use my design. This rule is not as important than rule #1 and #3 but would be nice and good manners. Feel free to use this as a ref for other artists as well. Anthro versions or personalized chars are fine of course!
3) This only goes for the Molcario species based of my design you see here, and not for any other chars I own.

Do they have fur or do they show skin or even latex like skin? You decide.
Maybe it can use some liquid latex stuff? Maybe using the tails like tentacles? Or maybe not. You decide.
Just because I rendered it shiny does not mean it has to be this way.

If you like it feel free to drop a comment, it makes me feel a bit better.
Next picture should be part 2 of the Drena and Rai series.


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