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Inside a half closed Maw (Drena) + links by ForcesWerwolf

Inside a half closed Maw (Drena) + links


23 June 2020 at 18:53:47 MDT

Copy Paste from FA:

Not sure what hit me... but:

The last picture was colored in CSP (testing how I would color in CSP)
And the next step was to test (after all this time) how I would color in SAI.
I remembed watching a nice vore themed render video and wanted to draw something similar.
So I sketched it and did not like it. After felt 1000 changes I just went with it even when I was not fully fine with it.
I knoooow it looks weird - I had no choice - scrap it or use it now.
At the end I had to use PS and CSP for finishing anyways but most was done in SAI.

(I am still not sure what is the best way for me to shade images.
I still need to figure that out. But I should really move towards my todolist.)

Perspective is supposed to be like your head is in the half closed maw... that should warp it a bit... not sure if it is done right - I GUESS NOT. all I know is that I did not know better and just finished it like this. Let me know what you think.

Never did a real 4K image so... I tried but... I screwed up with the image size... and confused it with Ultra-HD and additional typed 3840x2040 instead of 3840×2160. Well yeah, nvm. Can't fix that.


almost HD 1920x1020: (the version on FA)
almost UHD 3840x2040: (only on dropbox)
used characters charsheet:

Art and Character (Drena) belong to me.

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