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I'm a Norwegian furry and I have known about the fandom since I joined in April 18. 2012.

I draw a bit and want to specialise in semi realistic or realistic art. So far I have less than a year of experience. I may take a few free art requests when I get a little better.

I am a silver fox who wants to explore the beauty of the world. An young adventurer. I am eager to meet new friends and hunger for the taste of freedom. Explore hidden mountains and creeks. I do seek for a mate and a place to make my own den.

I'm pansexual or strait... uhm I'm not sure what I am or not xD



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on 22 January 2014 at 09:11:35 MST

Hey :3

Where are you staying?

  • The one and only con hotel :)

Means of transportation?

  • I'm driving 14 hours with car and will be arriving the 26th feb. Some time after 21:00.

Sharing a room with:

  • Ebbe


  • Male

Relationship Status:

  • Single, pansexual and looking ;P

How old are you?

  • Will be 25 at the con. Born 10.feb 1989.

How tall are you?

  • 181 cm.

Where will you be most of the time during the day?

  • Chasing suiters with my gopro :P Events and in the dealers den. Will be looking for Swandog and Sayh and other Clockwork Creatures suiters.

Who will you be with?

  • Ebbe and other Norwegians I already know. But will also see new fluffs :)

Do you do free art?

  • I'd do of my own free will of things that i can. However I'm no great artist.

Do you do trades?

  • Sure but I'm not that skilled.

Do you do commissions?

  • No. As of now I won't take money for what I draw and I have to improve before I do take comissions.

Do you have prints/ CDs?

  • Not for sale no. Music nope.

Can I touch you?

  • Yea :) Don't get me too blushy in public tho <^ .^>

Can I talk to you?

  • Yea, but I don't talk much back or to others sorry. But I do listen.

Can I buy you lots of drinks?

  • Yes, but I want to keep myself on my feet though.

Do you smoke?

  • No. But I'm ok with smokers. But not in my face sorry.

Can I give you lots of money?

  • Nah I'm ok.

Do you have a fursuit?

  • Not yet... Bought house so I have to get my economy stable again after i move in this summer. Then...

Can I hug or snuggle you?

  • Yes, both if you like ;) looking for company :)

Are you nice?

  • Well I do my best to be nice.

Can I buy you food and/or eat meals with you?

  • Join me if you like, but I buy what I want for myself.

Can I give you presents?

  • Sure :)

Can I hang with you in your room?

  • With permission of me and my roomie yes! :)

Can I dance with you at the dances?

  • Too shy... But I will likely be filming some so you can dance for the camera if you like :)

Stage or public performance?

  • Neither I suppose until I get a suit :3

Can I invite you to parties?

  • Yes, I'd like to meet other fluffs there.


  • No, always open for others.

Personality Type:

  • Untraditional Christian, pacifist, socially shy, friendly, creative mind, day dreamer,

Will you get anything commissioned?

  • Possibly, I will be looking around.

How can I get your attention?

  • Say hi, I also respond to my fursonas name "Forax Silver" (<-Main) "Kelsey" "RedMelody"


  • Not likely to attend any, but will be there unless they overlap other things.
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      No problem :3 Had fun arousing and making fun of Forfaox yesterday :D Well him as Jenari. Im watching him now.

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