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FirecatArts / 23 / Male / Wyoming, USA

"Everyone's got the heart of an artist in them."
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Hi, I'm FirecatArts. I draw furries for no damn reason and I am also the redneck sandwich god. :)

I use MSPaint to sketch, and to finish everything off, I use Krita.

Male | 22 y/o | Gay

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on 9 July 2018 at 23:35:20 MDT

This is an update for all my accounts. From July 28 to either August 7 or August 12, I will be in Oregon with my family. This means that drawings might not be uploaded very often (as if I ever have a consistent schedule anyway lol) so if I disappear from the dark for this time frame, you now know why. We are still planning shit out, but we are certainly going to be in Oregon within a few weeks. Just thought I'd update everyone now rather than update everyone at the last minute.

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