Patreon Announcement! by Fluffyre

Patreon Announcement!


25 April 2019 at 19:46:11 MDT

So, if you haven't been on my page today, you'll come to see that, along with some other social media links, for those of you who prefer other sites, I also have opened a Patreon!

I wasn't planning on doing this for a while, but Patreon had sent out an email about some price changes they're doing, and were basically saying "hey, if you're gonna make a Patreon, do it befor May 6th and you can keep the cheaper, current price," so I jumped on it earlier than I had anticipated. (That's also me letting you know that if you want to make one, you should do so in the next few days before prices get hiked up.)

There's some content already on there that isn't available yet!

I'll be uploading all my drawings there a week earlier than anywhere else, in full high-res, along with exclusive content like speedpaints and early animation previews. I also have a pretty cool tier set up for you NSFW game lovers, so if you're interested, you can get a little more info on what I'll be providing over there! Hope to see you soon. <3

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