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Pi King Ad by FluffRig

Pi King Ad


I found this neat ad in my newspaper today!
It's from Pi King, Home of the Big Ass Pie!
I love their stuff, and they mean it: They have some BIG ASS PIES.

Ben was a spokesdog for them for a bit. Until the thing happened.
Well, you'll see soon.

After seeing Ben's pose in the original picture, I just HAD to make a fake ad for him.
I frigging LOVE the Paper Texture on PicMonkey. It looks so authentic when you use it right!
(I'm sorry, Dr. Tran is still on my mind weeks later, I can't unsee Leland saying "This is the worst day of my life!" :D and not applying that to Ben here.)
I had fun fooling around with this and swearing more than usual.
If I don't go to Heaven over this, at least it's warm down there.

Not only are they some big ass pies, but they're also searing hot! Ben the Pi Dog says so!
(Speaking of which, the vet bills were high. Don't worry, his fur grew back. The part of his brain that processes things didn't.)