Playing Docto-- OH GOSH, RUN! by FluffRig

Playing Docto-- OH GOSH, RUN!


29 March 2017 at 16:27:18 MDT

She actually knows how to perform those, if you value your personality and intelligence,GET THE H*CK OUT OF HERE

So... if you have a child prodigy... uh... make sure you keep them away from medical stuff. All of it. Because, chances are, they'll be as eccentric as Puppy Di is.

Wait a minute... where are her parents?! I know she's wearing glasses, but she STILL could poke someone else's eyes out! (Or, their frontal lobe, whatever comes first.)

When I was younger... I... uh... liked pretending to be a vet... with my plushies... So, I see why I don't mind pretending to be a doctor again... because I'm nothing but a big kid.

Aww... you can lobotomize me whenever you want, you're so cute! <3