Mischievous Puppy (2016) by FluffRig

Mischievous Puppy (2016)


22 March 2017 at 14:41:43 MDT

D'aww Pace, whatchu doing there?
Why you looking at me that way?
Just a shot in the dark, but I think he wants a rubsie on his tumsie~
...or maybe something more adventurous?

I dunno, that look on his face kinda spells trouble to me...

(Psst... I actually made this SFW version, because the original's face is so cute, I couldn't BEAR to have people miss out on it!)

I made various small updates to Pace's design with this and two currently unfinished pictures.

  • He has whiskers now. Short ones, of course.
  • His markings are more simplistic.
  • I removed the original tail spots and replaced them with a dip.And... that's about it!