Silent Sadness by FluffRig

Silent Sadness


18 August 2016 at 15:35:44 MDT

Dangit, this is the SECOND time I'm making something about Sonja with "Sad" in the title. XD

Sonja went to Mime School! :D
Okay, no, seriously... XD
This is a Forme that's the result of a lack of Happiness.
...I honestly have no idea what the effects battle-wise are.

She is completely unable to talk like this (being a mime and all). However, she's not unable to communicate. So, hopefully you guys are good at Charades.
In exchange for Clown Powersᵀᴹ, she gets Mime Powersᵀᴹ.
And, the only thing on her that's still blue is her hair (fur?).
...I feel bad for her (myself?)...
She's all sad, but I'm sure this Forme makes her more powerful! ^-^

I assume she might be Water/Dark, but I'm not sure if that'll be a good combination or not...
I mean, she'll get ABSOLUTELY WRECKED by her own (possible) secondary typing! (And, yes, I'm #TeamWater/Fairy. Popplio being Water/Fighting doesn't make sense to me. I call much BS on the typing icons being fully confirmed and connected to the starters.)
Okay, that would be VERY interesting.

Also, I got really fat over time. Like, wow. I started out like this: and now I'm this:
I guess my new ability is: THICK FAT!
Wait, I'm a mime now...

But, yeah... I need to lay off the Seaking...

thinking monotonously (so, my normal tone of voice): ...did I ever mention how absolutely terrible I feel in this Forme? I should take a walk to feel better, but I don't feel like moving...

mimes sadly

The second image is the original.
I liked how she looked without the teardrop, so I saved it.
And, the last is obviously the WIP.

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