The Dealroom by FluffRig

The Dealroom


24 October 2015 at 05:44:36 MDT

"Okay, now that we're in my dealing room, what is your offer?"
"I-I was wondering if we could split--"
Guy catches me petting Di'angelo
"--ting you-your--"
pets Dietricha
"My company? That's a new one."
"Y-Yes. I see you're... uh... really fond of dogs..."
"You're wrong."
"I'm not fond of dogs. I adore dogs. No, not even that. I LOVE dogs."
pets both Di' and Di Bear
"ahem Right."
Di glares at him
"'re not going to sic him on me, are you?"
"Dietricha here? I don't know; am I?"
under breath "...oh, it's a girl..." normal "N-now about the business propos--"
"What about it?"
repeatedly darting his eyes between me and Di "D-don't you think that we s-should work together? In the end, it'll... be... b-better for the bo..."
Di quietly growls
"Yeah? Out with it, man."
"It-it'll be better for the both of us to team u--"
"So, you can take all of my side when you get the chance, right?"
"Yeah, no, I heard this before. You want us to partner only so you can control over my half of the share, as I do with yours, and despite my wealth and power, you'll find some kind of loophole to sneak your way over and leave me out in the cold. Try your marketing technique with Donald Trump, because it ain't gonna work with me. ...after you finish your stint at the hospital, though."
"What stint at--"
the 5 Guard Dobermans come out from behind me
"Go get your new chew toy." smiles evilly
they growl
Guy cowers in fear
"chuckles mischievously Oh right... they only go on a certain command..."
"No, please don't!"
"You have a 10 second headstart. I suggest you run for your life."
Guy runs off
"...though, it'll be futile."
gives the Guard a look of something along the line of "You know what I want you do, right?", then looks forward with an unamused expression
they give me a simultaneous bark of acknowledgment
"Sic 'im."
they go after him
sounds of fabric tearing and faint screams can be heard in the distance
"So, how would you guys like some dinner?"
Di' and Di Bear pant happily in reply
smiling "That's what I thought."

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